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Dave Wraight

Planet PDF Contributing Editor

Dave Wraight

Dave Wraight has been actively involved with PDF since version 1.0 and today heads PDF software and resource company AcroTips. For the past seven years he has developed PDF solutions and software for clients, as well writing and editing technical works on PDF ranging from tips to books. His development experience, which extends to most modern programming languages (C#, Java, VB, ASP, PHP, Perl, VBA and Javascript), has enabled him to communicate complex ideas in simple terms. Over that time Dave has written more than 70 Acrobat Tips, 10 in-depth articles, he has been technical editor for two PDF-focused books and he has developed numerous free PDF related tools. You can often find Dave answering questions in the Planet PDF Forum or maintaining his personal Web site, AcroTips.

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What is Acrobat JavaScript?

Acrobat JavaScript is a programming language that is contained inside Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Professional. Its sole purpose in life is to allow the developer to write scripts (programming code) that automates tasks that would otherwise be time consuming and mind numbing...

Developer   October 28, 2004

Where Should I use Acrobat JavaScript?

As alluded to in the previous article 'What is Acrobat JavaScript?' it turns out Acrobat JavaScript (AcroJS) can be used in many places inside both the PDF document and through Acrobat the application.

Developer   October 28, 2004

Acrobat in the Browser

Using some simple JavaScript, it's possible to determine a whole range of version information from the PDF Viewing Component inside a Web Browser. If you need to, say, determine which version of the Acrobat Browser Plugin your web visitors were using, Dave Wraight explains how.

Developer   September 01, 2004

REVIEW: 'Getting Professional Results From Your PDFs'

What would the IT industry be without user documentation and tech books? Dave Wraight takes a look at one such text: Carl Young's latest book, "Adobe Acrobat 6.0: Getting Professional Results From Your PDFs".

Enterprise & Government   August 04, 2004

Getting Started - Developing for PDF

When you first decide to develop a solution around Acrobat/PDF you need to know what's out there, who's developing what and more importantly you need to think like a PDF Programmer.

In this article we explore the resources available to you, regardless if you are developing your own solution from scratch, piecing together multiple third party solutions or even just automating Acrobat to solve a particular workflow issue.

Developer   July 01, 2004

Developing with Acrobat Javascript

Adobe have integrated a fully fledged scripting language inside Acrobat - Javascript (ECMA Script). This provides document authors, developers and system integrators with the ability to automate and maintain their PDF documents from within Acrobat.

However when we talk about Javascript inside Acrobat we need to think slightly out of the box to get a proper handle on the capabilities and limitations, we explore how to think 'AcroJS' in this article.

Developer   July 01, 2004

Developing with PDF Forms

PDF Forms have great potential, everything from dynamic database driven content to simply capturing data from end users.

When we think about online forms we generally think of HTML based forms, in this article we explore some of the key differences between HTML and PDF Forms and also the limitations of HTML as a means for online forms. We also explain what it takes to develop Forms in PDF and also the related solutions and technologies already in abundance that can make your life easier.

Developer   July 01, 2004

Developing with Inter-Application Communication (IAC)

IAC in a nutshell is a method for programmatically taking control over another application and automating its toolset. The other application in this case is Acrobat (Std/Pro) and the program that's taking control is your application which could be written in Delphi, Visual Basic (including VBA) or C++.

We look in detail at how to build solutions using Acrobat's built-in Inter-Application Communication toolset. In no time we can be productive and be writing solutions to automate our daily Acrobat/PDF workflows.

Developer   July 01, 2004

Creating a Thumbnail Gallery

In this Acrobat Tip, Dave Wraight explains how to generate a thumbnail gallery using only Acrobat.

Enterprise & Government   June 14, 2004

Drag and Drop Web Capture

In this tip, Dave Wraight explains the simplest way to capture web pages with Acrobat.

Enterprise & Government   June 04, 2004
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