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David Fishel


In 1991, David joined the United States Department of Justice as an Honors Attorney in the Environmental Enforcement Section of the Environment and Natural Resources Division. While at DOJ, he engaged in large-scale, scorched earth civil litigation across the spectrum of environmental statutes. Since all of these cases seemed to involve mountains of paper, he became interested in finding ways to get machines to do more of the work, and subsequently became something of a crash-test dummy for a variety of litigation technology initiatives.

David received two DOJ Special Achievement Awards for litigation, got involved in designing litigation systems, and eventually was lured into the world of technology startups. In 2000, he started SeamlessWeb Systems, a consulting practice specializing in applying technology to litigation and legal systems.

In 2002, David joined the newly formed Office of Market Oversight and Investigations at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. His duties include investigations and enforcement in various energy markets, none of which he can talk about.

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