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Duff Johnson

Independent Consultant and PDF Association Vice-Chairman

Duff Johnson

Since 2011, Duff has worked in the ECM industry specializing in PDF technology since 1995. An industry leader, Duff co-chairs the international committee that manages ISO 32000, the specification for the PDF file format.


A transatlantic background, a taste for the technical and three years in political consulting somehow brought Duff Johnson to the conclusion in 1995 that political campaigns needed the ability to rapidly search through electronic or scanned documents. He set out to offer the service. That business didn't work out too well, but along the way, Duff discovered that there was a market for the capabilities of Adobe's Adobe Acrobat and Reader software to create, distribute and view PDF files.

Industry Standards

"If PDF didn't exist, someone would have to invent it."

Duff believes that the key function of PDF -- to serve as electronic paper, a record of a particular document's state at a given moment in time -- is key to modern business infrastructure.

Duff believes that the key function of PDF -- to serve as electronic paper -- is an essential component of foreseeable information-age business infrastructure. Duff is known to his colleagues as a "PDF purist" for his representation of end-user interests at the standards table.

To encourage the acceptance, adoption and extension of PDF technology, Duff serves the industry in a number of capacities relating to the development of International Standards for PDF.

Chair of AIIM's PDF/Universal Accessibility initiative since 2005, Duff now serves as Chair of the U.S. Committee for ISO/AWI 14289 (PDF/UA), Vice Chair of the U.S. Committee for ISO 32000 (PDF Reference) and as U.S. Spokesperson for both the ISO 32000 and ISO/AWI 14289 committees.

In addition to his roles in standards development Duff serves as Vice Chair of the PDF Association. The PDF Association exists to provide software vendors and enterprise implementers with information and resources on the various International Standards for PDF to help them make the most of their investment in PDF technology.

For his service to the industry in support of PDF standards development Duff was presented with AIIM's Distinguished Service Award in 2010.

Document Solutions, Inc. (DSI) 1996-2008

The essence of Duff's original service-bureau organization was to use Adobe's Acrobat software to do what DSI's customers wanted, but didn't themselves know how to do. When Adobe added new features to PDF and to Acrobat, DSI would add new services to help end-users use PDF to solve their business and communications problems. Some examples:

  • In 1996, DSI created a sophisticated user-interface for CD-ROM based collections of PDFs
  • In 1997, DSI leveraged the unique capabilities of PDF to combine lossless black-and-white scanned pages with lossy JPEG color images. "MultiResolution PDF" was very popular with publishers, and DSI went on to convert millions of pages of academic journals and magazines to PDF using this technique.
  • In 1998, shortly after Adobe's initial release of PDF forms technology, DSI added form-fields to over 30,000 PDF insurance forms for server-based filling and delivery.
  • In 2001, DSI was the first organization in the world to tag PDF files for accessibility purposes, and offer Section 508 compliance services for PDF content.

Squeezed between the ever-increasing capabilities of Acrobat software and the burgeoning expectations of end-users, DSI has busied itself with filling the gaps between software and customer since 1996.

Articles, Blogs, Forum Posts, Seminars...

In addition to his work on PDF Standards, Duff is one of the most respected writers in the PDF technology space, with dozens of feature articles on a wide variety of subjects relating to the use (and misuse) of PDF technology and electronic documents in general. His articles, blog posts, software reviews, forums advice and other public writings offer a staunchly independent perspective and a fierce loyalty to the concepts behind the technology rather than any particular purveyor.

Duff's articles have been featured on the Best of Planet PDF volumes 1 and 2. A regular panelist and speaker at industry events, Duff has presented at AIIM, Seybold, AGI, PDF Conference, PDF Central, BFMA and other conferences and trade-shows.


Duff Johnson is based in Boston, Massachusetts. When he's not thinking, speaking or writing about PDF technology, Duff may be found SCUBA diving in chilly New England waters, and occasionally, more exotic locations.

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