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Ernest Svenson clerked for a Federal Judge after graduating from law school, and credits this and other early experience experiences with his current understanding of decision-making, business and politics (i.e. "law"). Since then, he's shown an aptitude for adaptation that has seen him found the site (with co-conspirator Dave Fishel) and write for to assist the less tech-savvy members of the legal profession.

The aim, of course, is evolution and change. According to his online biography, Svenson is "...a lawyer who likes change..." also noting that he "...may have chosen the wrong profession." In attempting to reconcile an ever-changing electronic document landscape with a profession based on precedent, Svenson has his work cut out for him.

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Bates-stamping over several sessions

Bates-stamping is important if you want to keep track of documents you produce. If you don't have all of the documents ready at the same time, you'll need to conduct several production runs. In this article,'s Ernest Svenson discusses the related issues and suggests one way to accomplish Bates-stamping over multiple sessions.

Enterprise & Government   September 11, 2011

Possible alternative to Acrobat for Mac users

Learning how to manipulate PDFs is critical if you want to efficiently capture and process digital information. Acrobat is the most obvious tool for the job, but the story is a bit more complicated for Mac users. If you don't need all of its features, Acrobat Pro is somewhat pricey, and Acrobat Standard is unavailable for Mac systems.'s Ernest Svenson makes a case for his preferred Mac-based Acrobat alternative.

Enterprise & Government   September 05, 2011

Best Acrobat keyboard shortcuts -- a handy list

Acrobat is a powerful program with a lot of features. Unfortunately, this can mean that it can also take a little while to find the features that you want via the classic mouse-based approach. To help users get the most out of Acrobat,'s Ernest Svenson has made a list of his favorite keyboard shortcuts -- downloadable as a PDF, of course.

Enterprise & Government   June 16, 2011

Problem when printing PDF and page comes out grey?

After a question from one of his readers,'s Ernest Svenson seeks to resolve what seems to be a common problem with printing PDF documents and having them improperly come out gray. He explores the issue in this article.

Enterprise & Government   March 13, 2011

Shortcut for fast PDF page navigation

Of all the shortcuts you need to know, being able to quickly jump to a particular page in a PDF is most important. Let's say you have a 43 page PDF and you're reviewing it with someone by phone. They ask you to jump to page 30, and you're on page 1. How quickly can you jump to page 30?

Enterprise & Government   February 28, 2011

Two really useful shortcuts in Acrobat

Spending the time to learn shortcuts will help you get the most out of any software, and that's especially true of Acrobat. Here's a quick tip from's Ernest Svenson that makes use of two important shortcuts.

Enterprise & Government   February 08, 2011

Federal courts move to require PDF/A for e-filing

Federal courts are moving towards adopting PDF/A as the standard format for electronic filing, which is prompting many attorneys to say, "What is a PDF/A?"'s Ernest Svenson explains in this piece on this trend.

Enterprise & Government   December 14, 2010

How to (successfully) switch to a paperless practice

There are various possible reasons for choosing not to go paperless. Nevertheless, technical and financial difficulties with making the switch are not among them, argues's Ernest Svenson. He goes on to outline some simple, inexpensive steps that can be taken to facilitate the change.

Enterprise & Government   May 13, 2010

What's your preference, sir?

A common complaint is that software doesn't behave like it should. For example, word-processing packages might make unsolicited spelling suggestions when the program doesn't recognise a word, which can be frustrating for those writing jargon-heavy text (e.g., for legal documents). In this article,'s Ernest Svenson notes that the solution, in many cases, might be to configure the relevant program's preferences correctly.

Enterprise & Government   April 29, 2010

The best move you can make toward being paperless

People are always talking about 'going paperless', but what is the best way to go about it? In this piece,'s Ernest Svenson suggests what he thinks is the single best way to move forward from paper-based to paperless document processes.

Enterprise & Government   April 22, 2010
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Five visions of a PDF Day

In the world of PDFs or as we like to say Planet (of) PDF, a year isn't a real PDF year without an intense few days of industry knowledge sharing.

May 15, 2018
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