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Shlomo Perets


Shlomo's company Microtype specializes in training for FrameMaker, FrameMaker+SGML and advanced Acrobat applications, FrameMaker-to-Acrobat integration, template development, technical writing and consulting.

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PDF Best Practices #7: Graphics

In the latest in his ongoing series of 'PDF Best Practices' articles, Shlomo Perets of explores and explains issues related to the use of graphics in PDF files -- a matter of compromises and trade-offs.

Creative & Print   June 03, 2003

PDF Best Practices #5: Acrobat Find & Search

In the latest in his ongoing series of columns on "PDF Best Practices," Shlomo Perets of Microtype examines the Find and Search capabilities of Adobe Acrobat, noting important factors in how well -- even if -- they will work, depending on various factors.

Enterprise & Government   April 22, 2002

PDF Best Practices #3: Learn to Link

In the third in his series of short, focused articles designed to help users create optimal PDF files and understand the various factors involved in doing so, Shlomo Perets of MicroType explains the hows and whys of developing an effective, efficient linking strategy.

Creative & Print   December 12, 2001

Best Practices #2: Creating Effective Acrobat Bookmarks

Acrobat's bookmarks can be a particularly efficient navigation mechanism that provides easy access to common locations and actions. With nesting and expand and collapse capability, bookmarks create a constant conceptual display of the document's structure. Add easy navigation to all important items in your PDFs.

Enterprise & Government   August 27, 2001

Best Practices #1: Reducing the size of your PDFs

There's a persistent myth that PDF files by their very nature are large in size; the fact is that in the majority of cases where file size is a legitimate issue, the result is due to poor authoring techniques, a lack of sufficient user knowledge about pitfalls and/or about what steps can be taken. Shlomo offers some valuable pointers.

Enterprise & Government   August 07, 2001

Adobe Acrobat's Display "Qualities"

Shlomo Perets inspects Adobe Acrobat's capabilities specific to on-screen reading, offers explanations and illustrations of several commonly cited shortcomings and poses questions about possible improvements in future versions.

Creative & Print   December 06, 2000

Online PDFs - What You Get Might Not Be What You See

Shlomo Perets explores a few of Acrobat's little mysteries -- in particular, why some PDF files created for online use may not be a true duplicate of the original. In his article he explores why some document attributes may vary from expectations, depending on specific Acrobat versions, authoring applications and printer drivers used, and explains the potential implications.

Creative & Print   April 08, 2000
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Back to the past, 15 years ago! Open Publish 2002

Looking back to 2002, it's amazing how much of the prediction became a reality. Take a read and see what you think!

September 14, 2017
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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

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