TOC: PDF Print Production Guide, 2nd Edition

November 09, 2004


Browse the Table of Contents for the "PDF Print Production Guide, Second Edition," by Joseph Marin and Julie Shaffer of GATF. The updated book covers PDF and production workflow solutions, Acrobat 6, Mac OS X, print-related PDF plug-ins, and an introduction to PDF forms. You can also download a free excerpt from Chapter 6 -- "In the Trenches" [PDF: 949kb], featuring an illustrated tip on how to change the colors within a duotone.

  • Chapter 1: Basics of PDF
    • What Is PDF
    • Why PDF?
    • Meet the Family
    • PDF Structure
    • The RIPing Process
    • PDF Versions
    • PDF and Standards: PDF/X
    • A New Standard: PDF/X
    • Look Inside a PDF File
  • Chapter 2: PDF Creation
    • Creating PDF for Print Production
    • Creating PDF via PostScript
    • Before PDF: File Preparation and Preflight
    • Creating the PostScript File
    • Setting Up Acrobat Distiller:
      • The General Tab
      • Compression Fonts
      • Color Advanced
      • PDF/X
    • Creating PDF Files for Digital Printing
    • Creating PDF Files for Screen (Soft Proofing)
    • Creating PDFs from QuarkXPress 6.0
    • Creating PDFs from Microsoft Office
    • PDF Direct from an Application: PDF Library
    • Creating PDFs from Adobe InDesign CS (3.x)
  • Chapter 3: PDF and Mac OS X
    • Fonts in OS X
    • Printing in Mac OS X
    • Adding Adobe PDF to the Printer List if Deleted
    • Installing PDF Files in OS X
    • Creating a Virtual Printer
    • Saving a Document as PostScript
    • Save As PDF
    • Preview
    • File Naming in OS X
    • Linking File Names to Applications
  • Chapter 4: PDF Production Tools
    • PDF in Prepress
    • Preflighting, Editing, and Output Using Acrobat 6 Pro Tools
    • Acrobat 6 Soft Proofing
    • Acrobat Preflighting Tools
    • Acrobat Editing Tools
    • Third-Party PDF Preflighting and Editing Solutions
    • PDF Trapping Solutions
    • PDF Imposition Solutions
    • Color Separation and Output
    • Standalone Tools for PDF Manipulation
  • Chapter 5: Automating PDF
    • Automating PDF Creation and Editing
    • PDF Creation: Watched Folders / Creating Watched Folders
    • PDF Creation and Error Prevention: Creo Synapse Prepare / PDF Creation and Web-based Delivery
    • Automating PDF Preflighting and Editing
  • Chapter 6: In the Trenches
    • In the Trenches: Working with PDF Files
    • Challenges in PDF for Print Production:
      • Transparency
      • Trapping
      • Layers
      • DCS
    • Common Problems:
      • Problem: Missing Bleeds
      • Problem: Hairline Rules
      • Problem: Spot Color Not Specified CMYK
      • Problem: Missing Spot Color
      • Problem: RGB Text or Graphics (When the Original Was Not RGB)
      • Problem: Font Not Embedded
      • Problem: Converting an Image to a Duotone
      • Problem: Change the Colors within a Duotone
      • Problem: Editing an Entire Paragraph I
      • Problem: Editing an Entire Paragraph II
      • Problem: Editing an Entire Paragraph III
      • Problem: Converting Multiple PostScript Files to a Single PDF Document
      • Problem: Images Draw Slowly in PDF
      • Solution: Creating a PDF/X-1a-compliant PDF File
      • Solution: Create Composite, Trapped PDF files from InDesign CS
      • Solution: Create Traps in a PDF File Using Enfocus PitStop Pro
      • Problem: PDF File from Illustrator Is Wrong Size
  • Chapter 7: PDF Forms
    • Getting Started with Adobe PDF Forms
    • Determining the Data to Be Collected
    • Design the Document
      • Convert the Document to PDF
      • Add Form Fields
      • Adding Form Fields for Name and Address
      • Adding a Form Field for Zip Code
      • Adding a Form Field for States
      • Adding Check Boxes
      • Creating a List Box Field
      • Creating Radio Buttons
      • Adding a Calculation Form Field
      • Submitting a Form
      • Clearing Form Data
  • Chapter 8: References
    • Questions and Answers
    • PDF Resources
    • Common File Extensions
    • Glossary
    • Index

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