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UNICODE to ANSI converter

February 01, 2000


Roy from Brook House Publishing has kindly submitted a VB procedure for converting UNICODE to ANSI. "I wrote it for parsing UNICODE strings in PDF. A bit specialised maybe, but useful nonetheless. Well it was for me anyway:)"

This code sample is posted here for the general benefit of the PDF development community. Attribution and usage guidelines are as noted in the code source; please respect the wishes of the author when using this code.

'©2000 Roy Walter, Brook House Ltd 
'Please email comments to walt@brookhouse.co.uk 
'* Useful routine for converting UNICODE strings to 'readable' ANSI 
'* It was designed for decoding UNICODE strings in PDF files 
'* You can use it and modify it but you can't sell it 
'* If you redistribute do not remove this line and the lines above 
Sub UnicodeToAnsi()  

Dim hx, myArray 
Dim c$, ansiStr$, uniStr$ 
Dim arrSize%, i%, loops%, n%  

       'example only 
       uniStr$ = "" 
       If InStr(uniStr$, "feff") = 0 Then Exit Sub    'it's not unicode! 

       If Left(uniStr$, 1) = "<" Then uniStr$ = Mid(uniStr$, 2)
       If Right(uniStr$, 1) = ">" Then
                uniStr$ = Left(uniStr$, Len(uniStr$) - 1)
       End If

       i% = Len(uniStr$)
       arrSize% = i% / 4
       ReDim myArray(arrSize%)
       For i% = 1 To Len(uniStr$) Step 4
                c$ = Mid$(uniStr$, i, 4)
                If c$ <> "feff" Then
                        hx = "&H" & 

                        n% = Int(hx)
                        myArray(loops%) = 

                        loops% = loops% + 

                End If
       For i% = 0 To UBound(myArray) - 1
                ansiStr$ = ansStr$ & Chr(myArray(i%))
       MsgBox ansiStr$
End Sub
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