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Topic: AVGrafSelectGetBoundingRect return bad or my bad?, 2 Attachments
Conf: (P-PDF) Developers, Msg: 39213
From: jfreels
Date: 4/24/2002 10:59 PM

Win2k on Intel, MSVisual C++ 6, Acrobat 4 SDK, Acrobat 4 and 5

I am trying to use AVGrafSelectGetBoundingRect to retrieve the rect of the highlighted text. The command is very strait forward, but somehow it is returning unwanted results. Please look at the attached images for a visual of exactly what is going wrong.

if(ASAtomFromString("Text") == AVDocGetSelectionType(avDoc)){
  grafSel = (AVGrafSelect)AVDocGetSelection(avDoc);
  AVGrafSelectGetBoundingRect(grafSel, &bbox);
  AVPageViewRectToDevice(pageView, &bbox, &myRect);
  AVPageViewDrawRectOutline(pageView, &myRect, 5, NULL, 0);

Thanks in advance!


I do a search for TechnologiesAnd this is what gets outlined?!?!?!