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Topic: .txt file to pdf with pdf page breaks inserted
Conf: (P-PDF) Developers, Msg: 51076
From: help
Date: 5/29/2002 04:42 PM

I have one .txt file consisting of 11000 records. They are each tagged with coding that indicates the beginning of each record. Is there a way that I can automatically convert to pdf with pdf page breaks between each record? I have included an example of one record from the .txt file below. I want to be able to make each record its own pdf file.

*RECORD* *FIELD* NO 100050 *FIELD* TI 100050 AARSKOG SYNDROME *FIELD* TX Grier et al. (1983) reported father and 2 sons with typical Aarskog syndrome, including short stature, hypertelorism, and shawl scrotum. They tabulated the findings in 82 previous cases. X-linked recessive inheritance has been repeatedly suggested (see 305400). The family reported by Welch (1974) had affected males in 3 consecutive generations. Thus, there is either genetic heterogeneity or this is an autosomal dominant with strong sex-influence and possibly ascertainment bias resulting from use of the shawl scrotum as a main criterion. Stretchable skin was present in the cases of Grier et al. (1983). Teebi et al. (1993) reported the case of an affected mother and 4 sons (including a pair of monozygotic twins) by 2 different husbands. They suggested that the manifestations were as severe in the mother as in the sons and that this suggested autosomal dominant inheritance. Actually, the mother seemed less severely affected, compatible with X-linked inheritance. *FIELD* RF 1. Grier, R. E.; Farrington, F. H.; Kendig, R.; Mamunes, P.: Autosomal dominant inheritance of the Aarskog syndrome. Am. J. Med. Genet. 15: 39-46, 1983. 2. Teebi, A. S.; Rucquoi, J. K.; Meyn, M. S.: Aarskog syndrome: report of a family with review and discussion of nosology. Am. J. Med. Genet. 46: 501-509, 1993. 3. Welch, J. P.: Elucidation of a 'new' pleiotropic connective tissue disorder. Birth Defects Orig. Art. Ser. X(10): 138-146, 1974. *FIELD* CS Growth: Mild to moderate short stature Head: Normocephaly Hair: Widow's peak Facies: Maxillary hypoplasia; Broad nasal bridge; Anteverted nostrils; Long philtrum; Broad upper lip; Curved linear dimple below the lower lip Eyes: Hypertelorism; Ptosis; Down-slanted palpebral fissures; Ophthalmoplegia; Strabismus; Hyperopic astigmatism; Large cornea Ears: Floppy ears; Lop-ears Mouth: Cleft lip/palate GU: Shawl scrotum; Saddle-bag scrotum; Cryptorchidism Limbs: Brachydactyly; Digital contractures; Clinodactyly; Mild syndactyly; Transverse palmar crease; Lymphedema of the feet Joints: Ligamentous laxity; Osteochondritis dissecans; Proximal finger joint hyperextensibility; Flexed distal finger joints; Genu recurvatum; Flat feet Skin: Stretchable skin Spine: Cervical spine hypermobility; Odontoid anomaly Heme: Macrocytic anemia; Hemochromatosis GI: Hepatomegaly; Portal cirrhosis; Imperforate anus; Rectoperineal fistula Pulmonary: Interstitial pulmonary disease Thorax: Sternal deformity Inheritance: Sex-influenced autosomal dominant form; also X-linked form *FIELD* CD Victor A. McKusick: 6/4/1986 *FIELD* ED alopez: 06/03/1997 mimadm: 3/11/1994 carol: 7/7/1993 supermim: 3/16/1992 supermim: 3/20/1990 ddp: 10/26/1989 marie: 3/25/1988

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