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Topic: DocGoToNameDest not working
Conf: (P-PDF) Developers, Msg: 72123
From: paraggadgil
Date: 9/11/2002 02:12 AM

I need to open a pdf document directly at a bookmark location.
I tried using DocGoToNameDest as following c++ code, but it doesn't seem to be working.
Is there anything wrong with this code? or is there any other way of doing it?

Thanks in advance

long lRetCode;
HKEY hkey;
DWORD pathBuf[MAX_PATH + 1];
DWORD size = MAX_PATH + 1;
char *HelpFilename = "E:\\temp\\test.pdf";
char *NameDest = "Chapter 4 INFOConnect PEP";
int pagenum = 20;


// Determine if a PDF viewer is installed.
if (lRetCode == ERROR_SUCCESS) {

// Get the path to the viewer executable and launch it.
lRetCode = RegQueryValueEx (hkey, "", 0, 0, (unsigned char *)pathBuf, &size);
RegCloseKey (hkey);

STARTUPINFO startupInfo;
memset (&startupInfo, 0, sizeof(STARTUPINFO));
startupInfo.cb = sizeof(STARTUPINFO);

memset (&processInfo, 0, sizeof(PROCESS_INFORMATION));

// Launch the viewer.
CreateProcess ((const char *)pathBuf, NULL, NULL, NULL, false, NORMAL_PRIORITY_CLASS,
NULL, NULL, &startupInfo, &processInfo);

// Give application some launch time. A better approach is used in
// BuildIndexDde.cpp.
Sleep (8000);

} else {

// Advertise the problem and bail.
MessageBox (NULL,"No PDF Viewer installed. Aborting...", "DdeOpen - Error",MB_OK);
return -1;

char ddeCmdBuf[64];
UINT retVal;
DWORD id = 0;

// Start the DDE work now that the viewer is launched.
memset (ddeCmdBuf, 0, sizeof(ddeCmdBuf));
sprintf(ddeCmdBuf, "[DocOpen(\"%s\")]",HelpFilename);

retVal = DdeInitialize (&id, &DDE_ProcessMessage, APPCMD_CLIENTONLY, 0);
if (DMLERR_NO_ERROR == retVal) {

DWORD dwResult;
HCONV hConversation = NULL;
HSZ hszServerName, hszTopicName;

// Initialize DDE conversation with server.
hszServerName = DdeCreateStringHandle (id, ACRO_DDESERVER, 0);
hszTopicName = DdeCreateStringHandle (id, ACRO_DDETOPIC, 0);
hConversation = DdeConnect (id, hszServerName, hszTopicName, NULL);

retVal = DdeGetLastError (id);
if (DMLERR_NO_ERROR != retVal)
MessageBox (NULL, "Could not connect to server.", "DdeOpen - Error", MB_OK);
else {
// Execute the DDE Command.
DdeClientTransaction ((unsigned char *)ddeCmdBuf, (DWORD)strlen(ddeCmdBuf), (HCONV)hConversation,
memset (ddeCmdBuf, 0, sizeof(ddeCmdBuf));
sprintf(ddeCmdBuf, "[DocGoToNameDest(\"%s\",\"%s\")]",HelpFilename,NameDest);
DdeClientTransaction ((unsigned char *)ddeCmdBuf, (DWORD)strlen(ddeCmdBuf), (HCONV)hConversation,

UINT result = DdeGetLastError(id);

DdeDisconnect (hConversation);

// Release resources.
DdeFreeStringHandle (id, hszServerName);
DdeFreeStringHandle (id, hszTopicName);
DdeUninitialize (id);

} else
MessageBox (NULL, "Failed to initialize DDE.", "DdeOpen - Error", MB_OK);

return 0;

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