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Topic: Append PDF to PDF code C#
Conf: (P-PDF) Developers, Msg: 84747
From: vipix
Date: 3/22/2003 03:04 AM

This is for C# developers that need help appending PDFs.

First add Reference to Acrobat

then add this code to your event...

Type AcroApp = Type.GetTypeFromCLSID(new System.Guid("{85DE1C45-2C66-101B-B02E-04021C009402}"));
Type AcrobatType = Type.GetTypeFromCLSID(new System.Guid("{72498821-3203-101B-B02E-04021C009402}"));
Type AcroPD = Type.GetTypeFromCLSID(new System.Guid("{FF76CB60-2EC8-101B-B02E-04021C009402}"));

Acrobat.CAcroApp oApp = (Acrobat.CAcroApp) Activator.CreateInstance(AcroApp);
Acrobat.CAcroAVDoc avdoc= (Acrobat.CAcroAVDoc) Activator.CreateInstance(AcrobatType);
Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc adoc = (Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc) Activator.CreateInstance(AcroPD);
Acrobat.CAcroAVDoc avdoc2= (Acrobat.CAcroAVDoc) Activator.CreateInstance(AcrobatType);
Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc adoc2 = (Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc) Activator.CreateInstance(AcroPD);


//Opens PDF
string the_Path = Application.StartupPath+"\\Temp_Docs\\new_Docs.pdf";
avdoc.Open(the_Path,"Cover Page");//first pdf
avdoc2.Open(txtPath.Text,"your pdf");//second pdf the one you want to append.
adoc =(Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc)avdoc.GetPDDoc();
adoc2 = (Acrobat.CAcroPDDoc)avdoc2.GetPDDoc();
int pages = adoc2.GetNumPages();
int insert = adoc.InsertPages(0,adoc2,0,pages,0);//this is the meat do not change this line

This code opens the first PDF and appends the second one to it.

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