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(P-PDF) What's Wrong with my PDF?

Having problems with a PDF document? Here's the place to new place to post it.

Conference Statistics: 685 Topics; 1951 Messages

Disappearing Text (2)
Only last page displayed (1)
Pixelated images with quark ps file to distiller (1)
decode flatedecoded images (3)
Check Box (1)
Postscript Color all Wrong (2)
7.0 Tabbing Order (1)
Interactive Form Fields - HELPPPP!!! (3)
Word Boorkmarks not converting properly in PDF (1)
Can't merge files (insertpages) - same subset font names (8)
I see garbage instead of text (5)
Inline Image problem (8)
Unreadable text (5)
blank web page (5)
Header/Footer Page Numbers Missing (6)
Linking to Destinations Works Intermittently (1)
Faint lines (2)
bookmark problems (1)
Cant search or copy text from my PDF.file (11)
Getting PDF Error: "Ths document cannot be opened (20) (3)
Photoshop to Quark to PDF poor resolution (7)
Usage period of this PDF doc expired? (4)
In Acrobat 6 Solid Lines are chnaged to Hyphenated lines (2)
How to hide calculated $0 values (5)
NDM Transfer making PDF unopenable (3)
Control size of text boxes (1)
Control size of text boxes (1)
Simple PDF loads to blanks screen (3)
help adding total dates (1)
how to calculate dates (7)
Selecting & Copying Tables (4)
Printing PDF only blank page (2)
Unicode Problems in PDF (2)
A few different problems (4)
how to? dynamic interactive pre-populated (2)
Damaged File Error (9)
Counting Words in PDF (5)
Fails to complete print job (2)
Scanned PDF increase size when printing (3)
Wrong operand type & GIS. . . help! (2)
Damaged PDF with Form Fields (2)
insufficient data for an image (1)
Pictures are not displayed in my PDF (2)
System fonts? (2)
font encoding: identity-H (CID) (3)
Layers with Fields (1)
this.spawnPageFromTemplate in Adobe Reader (2)
Graphics disappearing when printing (1)
Scary font replaces normal ones. (1)
Form Text Field Properties-text from Word not adjustable (1)
Garbage text in PDF from Quark (1)
Drop shadows become black boxes (5)
File created in Acrobat 7.0 (3)
Avoiding Xml form (2)
WORD documents dont PDF accurately (16)
Error message %PDF- (1)
Referencing Dynamic Subform Fields (1)
help with pdf file extensions (2)
Show comments by Type Dont work on PC (1)
Red line appears next to graphic when convert from Word to PDF (4)
press PDfs to screen PDFs (2)
transparency (alpha) in pdf (7)
MS Word to PDF - Techniques to small pdf file size (5)
Quark PDF has problems with EPS (2)
Adobe Printer problem (4)
SOS!MSTT31 font problem! (1)
Pencil and Line Tools Fade After Comment Added (1)
add image to web pdf gives blank page (2)
pdf has text I cannot (2)
Corrupt pages in PDF (1)
PDF result is black/white - original is color (2)
Autocad dwg to pdf increases file size (1)
Acrobat could not load the search index (1)
Why Does my letter "L" look bold in my PDF (7)
Removing of Indexed Color (8)
pdf to pdf links went wrong when placed on my server (2)
Adobe Plug-In Needed for Direct Mail/Printing Industry (1)
PDF document not calculating all fields (1)
PDF document not calculating all fields (4)
help with pdf to go(data viz v8) (1)
wasnt correctly decoded (2)
Interactive pdf document is corrupting. (4)
URGENT: dot gain on my pdf file (2)
PDF display strange fonts but print correctly (2)
PDF opens in preview on MAC (2)
Fonts Turn to Gibberish When Copying from Adobe Reader into Word (7)
Big file size when printing (as image) (9)
full screen mode problems (1)
opened in different version (4)
Revisions exceeding 100? (3)
Word 2003 leaves a 1% gray Screen in PDF (1)
Hyperlinks to EndNote references (6)
Times New Roman CE (4)
Pitstop and PDF (2)
PDF button problems (1)
PDF text edit / size problem (3)
Including an EPS in PDF (3)
Error message (3)
Unix shell to kick off SQR creating multiple PDF files (1)
Insufficient data for an image (2)
UTF8String in PDF (5)
PDF won't print (font problem) (3)
Cannot Extract the embedded font (4)
pdf with password (2)
insufficient data for an image (1)
Partial PDF download (7)
Word docs with hyperlinks that change destination when converted (3)
Characters not on baseline (1)
// corrupt font?? // (3)
Problem with form fields (6)
Can't create PDF docs (2)
Mac/PC PDF catlog creation prob (1)
Wrong Color Output from Acrobat 7.05 (5)
Document not formatting correctly (4)
Word converting to pdf (2)
When printing pdfs images turn into grey horizontal lines (3)
Viewing PDF on one machine produces encoding error? (3)
Problems Printing PDF's (4)
PDF Unicode Problem. (9)
pdf Error message - 'font has a bad cm coding' (2)
Insufficient data for an image' using Redax plug-in (2)
token error message (4)
Cannot open a PDF I secured with FileOpen PP (1)
Some colour elements print in b&w (4)
Document Properties Overwritten (3)
Pdf export errors (5)
Acrobat fail to open this file (5)
Problems with PDFMaker and Word2003 (2)
Garbled Text (7)
removing links from Acrobat 7 (2)
PDF file created on Crystal Server - HELP (3)
Printing with comments results in no text on pages (1)
Cannot read current PDF in Browser (2)
The font 'Tahoma' contains a bad /BBox (11)
Changing Colors in a PDF for printing (3)
PDF workflow advice needed (1)
Unrecognized Token or Embedded Font errors (5)
No Topic (1)
bitmap problems when converting from publisher to PDF (7)
export of text from PDF (2)
how do you flatten transparencies in acrobat? (2)
Corrupt Doc' When Trying To Open? (1)
weird text (1)
PDF Mailto Forms: Fields not registering as filled in (1)
Outlook to pdf zipfile problem (1)
How to customize the view of a PDF document (1)
Distiller Error (4)
Placing PDF in Quark 6...looks like you know what (2)
Alignment problems while converting a word to pdf (11)
Re: Alignment problems while converting a word to pdf (1)
Web Capture PDF Will Not Print in Color (2)
HTML>PDF and text is wrong size? Help! (2)
Word to PDF (2)
Watermark distorts other type (1)
Gibberish Fonts on PDF print out...HELP! (6)
Missing Images (2)
Pagemaker newsletter won't convert to pdf (2)
Tab Order: Doesn't stick (3)
Converting Multiple files to PDF in 7.0 (2)
How do I embed changes to PDF? (3)
Font issues with PDF placed in InDesign (2)
Hypertext links wont work in PDF (1)
Content disappearing (3)
Gibberish instead of text (6)
Changing viewing size of PDF (3)
Version 1.5 File (2)
Linked PDFs won't open (4)
.pdf file gibberish on some computers, fine on others (5)
screwed fonts (2)
Transparency problem in my PDFA file (7)
Insufficent Data for an image (2)
Hyperlinks When Converting From PPT To PDF (1)
A Distiller v7 (professional) bug? (3)
converting MS word 2003 to PDF (8)
Search Problem (1)
Form field font color (7)
Adobe PDF Error Message - HELP! (3)
PDF error (4)
Garbage text when copying (3)
PDF and attachments (6)
adobe printer (!) (1)
Acrobat & Paper Layout (2)
Ticks being lost - any ideas please? (3)
Acrobat Error: Image in form, Type 3 font, or Pattern is too big (1)
pdf to ms word (1)
Help! Why does my slide show open in Preview instead of Full-Screen Mode? (1)
Digital Signatures - Alert Object label badly formatted (1)
Interactive forms and security (8)
Damaged but Repairable File (4)
My pdf destination links don't work on the web. (1)
Converting from Publisher 2003 -> Acrobat 7 standard (1)
bookmarks disappear after running distiller (2)
Deleting page causes error (1)
Cannot FTP .PDF files (3)
Subsetted font Problem (1)
Poor Quality SWF in PDF (1)
how to lock pdf files (7)
Acrobat 6.0 - Unable to Reduce File Size (5)
PDF Destinations - Acrobat 7.0 & IE 6.0 (3)
50MB PDF & Reduce File Size is disabled (12)
Command-line utility to convert PPT to PDF preserving hyperlinks (7)
Acrobat Distiller 7.0 help! (2)
zoom to 75%? (1)
Creating and filling in interactive form fields (2)
Acrobat 7.0 - Hyperlinks (1)
Font sizes in PDF generated from HTML (1)
Problem printing PDF File (9)
Font changes from alpha to numeric. (1)
Can't acess Pages Tab (2)
pdf printing black (2)
Document could not be saved (110) (3)
Saving the Postscript output failed' message (5)
document title properties (2)
Document titles and subject in properties (4)
Black lines (1)
Cannot Create a PDF (1)
Looks great but doesn't print great - publisher (3)
Online PDF (4)
e-Book giving me a headache (4)
Strange characters in combo box default value (1)
Redax plug-in cannot find text in document (2)
Printing a PDF prints instead! (5)
Unable to convert publisher to pdf and save it to the network (3)
After OCR in Acrobat 7.0.8 and save, some text is garbled (3)
Letters are placed over each other (5)
Peculiar link problem in PDF. (2)
Embedded TT font display/print issue - 6.0 Professional (1)
Certian PDF files not readable on computers (7)
sharepoint and pdf tip (1)
Nav Bar Problems (5)
How Do I Turn 'Comments' Off? (2)
Releasing a pdf (2)
Read out loud not working? (1)
Errors (2)
Email Links in Acrobat 6.0 (2)
Disappearing Text (1)
Compare Feature falls short (2)
Can't download (only) PDFs (1)
Dead links (URLs) in PDF doc (5)
Unreadable Text (2)
Drawing error in Acrobat 7 (2)
Help with Touch-Up Tool? (2)
Can't open my pdf (10)
Page View Settings (2)
Scanning Leaves Blank Black spots (3)
Adding Links to a pdf file (2)
PDF not displayed in browser (6)
Unrecognizeable Version when importing into Quark (2)
AcroPDF.dll (2)
Elongated .jpgs (1)
Want to remove graffiti writing area when viewing pdf files (9)
Another blank page PDF issue with Acrobat (5)
Photos good in Word, not in PDF (2)
PDF Won't Print In Color (2)
find font type (font name )in pdf (4)
4 miscellaneous changes in a signed document (1)
Splitting Blank page removal (1)
Extremely slow printing in Adobe Reader 6/7 (3)
Postscript and Pdf to text Problem (8)
Issues Opening PDF from Microsoft Outlook (3)
absolute path in link (2)
PDF to Postscript Error (1)
Can't reinstall Acrobat 5 in XP with SP2 (1)
Re: Can't Imbed Type 1 Font - Press REJECTED ! (1)
Downloaded Files have annoying grids (3)
Roll Overs stop working (1)
Error in lines/strokes (3)
Email Address with Underscores (5)
array length is out of range message (2)
Error opeing converted pdf file (2)
Can't use Highlighter Tool (3)
Email individual PDF page?? (1)
No Topic (4)
merging the byte arrays (3)
FDF Not populating form... (1)
Merging two PDF's as byte arrays (3)
PDF/X1:2001 ERROR (9)
Out Of Memory Only Affects Ver. 6 (1)
Invalid Function Resource HUH? (3)
strange color problem when viewed in preview (1)
web pages opening inside pdf file (3)
All files from the Patent Office are broken (9)
two images (2)
Disappearing Lines Printing Access Reports to PDF (1)
No Topic (1)
HELP - check box to hide/unhide field (2)
automatic zoom in with hand tool (2)
page layout in word not converting properly (3)
Text overlap in Acrobat 4 (1)
Printing issues with Acrobat 8 (1)
Multiple Page Sequences and Print Behaviour (3)
corrupted text in text box (1)
Error opening PDF file. (6)
Moving of texts does not include links (2)
problem with simple calculation (10)
PDF with Invisible Signature Not Printing in Acrobat/Reader 7 (2)
Grey background on white images (4)
The Value entered does not match the format of the field (1)
Adding metadata to form made with Designer (2)
Internet Explorer pop out when check on mailto address (2)
creating a pdf file using drag and drop (2)
creating a pdf file using drag and drop (1)
Search not working in PDF on CD-Rom (5)
PLEASE help, some symbol printed as foreign characters, (2)
Font not found (2)
PDF'd solid lines in word coming out as dashes, but only randomly (2)
pdf won't convert to jpeg - why?!?!?!?!?!?! (3)
problem in reducing the fontsize of a particular textfield (1)
Paper of Record (2)
BLANK file when opening JPEG images (5)
.pdf occurred to excel. Dates & Numeric data don't compute (2)
No Topic (1)
black stripes and boxes (1)
how to open a local link from PDF... (1)
Scrambled output (1)
custom encoding problem (2)
Is it possible to create a pdf that cannot be saved? (3)
error with open file links (2)
Writing a PDF (1)
print text box (2)
PDF format having some error- Please help (3)
Embedding SVG (8)
Simple PDF syntax problem (2)
Comments: Make Current Properties Default (1)
Photoshop PDF boldfaces where it shouldn't (1)
Photoshop PDF boldfaces where it shouldn't (3)
PDF prints the first two pages as blank when viewed in browser (2)
Populate form from MS Access db ...frustration (1)
Copy text from a PDF to word. Just get Symbols (5)
Incrementally Updated PDF (7)
Problems with PDF Form (7)
Maintaining button "go to page" setting (3)
Comment and Markup Toolbar (4)
Help needed (1)
Dashed Lines (2)
Error message (1)
No Topic (1)
exported crystal 8.5 report error (1)
Strange artefacting at edge of TIFF logos from InDesign CS2 (2)
PDF 1.3 does not open in new Readers (3)
Publisher to Print PDF Problem (1)
cannot open pdf links (1)
Application Error message on AcroRd32.exe. (1)
Background of Jpg Picture turning black (1)
Edit PDF file Issue. (1)
Pdf file and rotating (3)
PDF file prints slow or crashes Acrobat Reader (1)
PDF Version 6 cannot be linked in Acrobat Version 7?! (2)
Crystal Reports PDF Appearing Corrupt (1)
word 2007 to pdf - border line weight wrong (1)
word 2007 to pdf - border line weight wrong (3)
Text Letters are disappearing when I add Pages (2)
Problem with Blank Pages in Large Documents (1)
PDFTK Watermark Printing problem (1)
Language issues with OCR (7)
Corrupted/Streaked images (4)
PDF print problem - Help Please (1)
Cannot save form information! (2)
Can't save Text in PDF Form (14)
PDF ok in Adobe but crashes in Firefox & IE browsers!? (1)
Can not save changes to form (1)
PDF Error...I am going crazy! (2)
Overflow text to a template-generated page (1)
RE-Saving PDF File locally (1)
Submit by Email trouble (2)
InPageError (11)
Problem when printing PDF but not onscreen (1)
Problem with my PDF (3)
Advanced - Catalog - New Index ....problems (7)
Fast Web View varies from PC to PC (2)
Tables extracting as images (5)
problem extracting text from PDF (1)
Links break in LiveLink (2)
Font compatablility (3)
One line of text not there (1)
Corrupted PDF is killing me (5)
Magnification Problem (5)
Printing from Word to PDF gives Grey Images (2)
No Topic (1)
Acrobat Distiller printer error message (1)
Acrobat Distiller printer driver error message (5)
Font Kerning Problems when ripped (1)
Will adobe acrobat 4.0 work in XP? (1)
Can't search inside or copy from PDF (7)
Acrobat crashes when creating pdf from multiple files (1)
Acrobat crashes when creating pdf from multiple files (2)
Missing Flash in PDF files.... (1)
One Solution for Unsearchable PDFs (1)
Text too thick (2)
How to Delete a Page in PDF (Programmatically) ? (1)
PDF File size growing exponentially for no reason (1)
PDF crash OS X 'Preview (1)
PDF file received by email is blank (9)
Colors not being converted from Publisher 2003 (2)
syntaxerror; offendingcommand „% (1)
converting read only file to pdf from download file (1)
OCR with Adobe Capture Trashes Image (3)
OCR with Adobe Capture Trashes Image (1)
New pdf files appended to old files (6)
zoom focus , between coninueous pages (1)
Overlapping Background (11)
line is not visible in my image (1)
How can I make an image visible after execute a button (mouseup action)? (1)
prevent save option in PDF (3)
PDF 'un-searchable' in Acrobat 6/7 (2)
Disappearing EPS files in PDF's created on an Intel Mac (1)
mail merge error (1)
Locked PDF (2)
PDF crash (5)
Problem with Acrobat 'Save as' to Word (1)
Quark problems - please help!? (1)
Changing fonts to Cyrillic - sometimes workin / sometimes not (1)
grid pattern when I create a PDF (1)
An unknow filter (error 9) (1)
everything is printing grey (1)
Missing background from word doc convertion to PDF (1)
Link annotations aren't working (3)
Can't see content (5)
How do I reduce size (2)
Field values show missing decimal (2)
OLEDB database (1)
How to remove profane name on PDF doc? (1)
Wrong-displayed buttons in Acrobat 5 (1)
Pdf format problem (4)
Tray selection commands in PDF (2)
what's wrong ?!? (1)
Default value turns to garbage (1)
MS Word footers often fail to convert (2)
How to find & replace (6)
Editing problem with Adobe Designer 7.0 (2)
Gradients breaking into black lines (1)
Re: Gradients breaking into black lines (1)
Cannot edit embedded fonts created on my own system (1)
parse image error (1)
Field converting '$' to u0024 (1)
referencing radio button groups with the same name in js (1)
problem reading this docment (14) (1)
Project to PDF taking forever! (1)
PDF file damaged and cannot be opened (1)
PDF opens at 146% (3)
PDF text not searchable (garbled text when copy/paste) (2)
Help - PDF problems from Illustrator 10 (2)
outlined text distorted (5)
Problem viewing pdf file (1)
What is wrong with my PDF (1)
Normal text turns out randomly bold in PDF (1)
Acrobat 8.1 Bug? Disappearing Text (1)
URGENT! - Destinations - HTML to PDF (2)
Extracting text from PDF problem (2)
Unreadable PDF Text (2)
Why I can not 'Save as text... (2)
PDF ERRORS only after download (4)
Pitstop / Distiller fail to Flag PDF's (6)
Form Calculations Error (14)
Acrobat capture problem (5)
PDF text looks weird (8)
Level 3 Headings not active links in PDF (2)
converting from ps => pdf: line numbers broken (2)
Rendering characters (1)
PDF with images stored in DB won't open (7)
LiveCycle Designer formula does not work (1)
Link functionality in browser (2)
doc to pdf - Graphics are distorted? (1)
PDF file corruption (3)
Incremental update on PDF 1.5 xref stream? (2)
Acrobat 7 Pro fails to print to pdf after install/uninstall of (1)
PDF Print Issue (PostScript related?) (1)
Help!!!! PDF 2 Issues (1)
scan grayscale to PDF (7)
Lvl 3 PS produces non-searchable PDF in Acrobat 7/8 (6)
Editing PDF (4)
Table display problem - select horizontal lines not displaying (1)
Nitro pdf does not work (3)
please help me (1)
Text box content doesn't show (2)
Pdf created in Quark, unable to open (1)
Adobe Acrobat Capture 3.0 Personal Dongle (1)
overlapping text when creating a PDF in acrobat 8 from indesign (1)
Adobe crashes when opened from excel (1)
Adobe crashes when opened from excel (1)
Adobe crashes when opened from excel (1)
PDF function:Open a web link in MAC (1)
Fillable PDF & Linux (3)
Unrecognised token (5)
Can't read my PDF (1)
Blank pdf after scanning with adobe but works with other readers (2)
XObject of type Image blanks my document (2)
Word Splits PDF (1)
PDF Converting Problem (1)
Modify what shows in the titlebar (9)
Appearance of apostophes, hyphens etc in pdf (5)
Scanned Document Displays as Gray (1)
different colours depending on used profile? (7)
Convert pdf to other format (1)
Adobe PDF files wont print (1)
PDF unwillingly generated with protection (2)
Corruption of pdfs created by scanners after web upload (1)
"Unknown Failure" when enabling usage rights (1)
No Topic (2)
File is corrupted message (11)
Search inside pdf files several words (3)
Data typed into Interactive PDF by client won't print (1)
Data typed into Interactive PDF, File 2 of 3 (2)
Data typed into Interactive PDF, File 3 of 3 (1)
The same files does/does not open (4)
Bitmaps are not compressed (1)
How to change setting to launch PDF in Reader rather than Browser (1)
Distiller Issue (1)
File is corrupted (Updated, repost) (3)
Linking Problem (1)
Printing pdf (2)
PDF File Size (4)
No Topic (1)
Can't view mutimedia swf :( (1)
Transparency not 100% (1)
Crop Page TOO BIG (5)
Endnote links don't work in my PDF (1)
Nitro Pro pdf problems (4)
Links in my pdf wont work (2)
FontCapture:AcroRD32.exe error when searching (1)
border around placed bitmap (4)
Word table borders (1)
picture extends frame in InDesign (1)
No Topic (1)
Graphics Missing When Converted From Word (1)
help first time trying to make a PDF (1)
help first time trying to make a PDF (1)
Copying page error (2)
OCR lightens text and misses lines (2)
Occasional corruption when viewing in Firefox (1)
pdf no open (1)
file I/O error (2)
Adobe 5 file association (1)
Corrupted jpgs (8)
PDF issue in Solaris (4)
SOS: All PDF images look good... Except for ONE (7)
weird pdf problem (2)
PDF notes crashing Acrobat 7 (1)
Acrobat and LiveCycle Reading Language Problem (4)
Colors change after 'Reduce filesize' command (1)
PDF print to file from Autocad (2)
Unable to find 'Adobe PDF' resource file (2)
Time calculation (1)
No Topic (2)
Linking to Web pages won't work (2)
Saving PDF Reduces File Size but I want Uncompressed File! (14)
No Topic (4)
concat pdf with form fields (2)
Excel fill pattern degrades when converted to PDF (1)
Properties Data Missing After Uploading on .ftp (4)
Watermarks - is this why my PDF won't print? (1)
Watermarks - is this why my PDF won't print? (2)
Watermarks - is this why my PDF won't print? (2)
Getting an error when combining files in vs 8.1.2 (2)
I Need help (5)
WebLinks problem in powerpoint to pdf conversion (2)
PDFs From Quark Files (1)
Access Report Conversion To PDF (1)
Looks great on my system... (2)
FORM and national fonts (2)
pdf professional 5.1 nuance (2)
File Bloat PowerPoint to PDF (2)
text cursor (1)
embedded font problem (3)
Pub 03 to PDF8 error makes hyperlink not work (1)
Thin white line around some PNG images (1)
Cannot extract the embedded font (3)
Nitro PDF thumbnail picture association (3)
All the Ls are bold (4)
Want to add underlines to current links in a .pdf. (2)
Identity-H encoding problem (2)
Highlight fields not available (3)
Images missing in PDF (4)
Acrobat Reader chokes (9)
RE: Acrobat Reader chokes (1)
Is the devil messing up this pdf? (4)
Acrobat 5.0 print to distiller error (1)
Single pixel white lines when saving pdf from Illustrator - is th (1)
No Topic (1)
No Topic (1)
No Topic (1)
PowerPoint object lose borders in Distiller 7.0 (1)
How do you print annotation comments from a Locked PDF? (2)
Could not find XObject named... (3)
Signing PDF's With Nitro PDF Pro (2)
Black boxes in PDF from Pagemaker (2)
Image Distortion (1)
ToUnicode section for SBCS and TrueType font (8)
CutePDF Form Filler + PDF web forms (8)
Align Crooked Scanned Text In PDF (2)
Linearize Breaks Bookmarks (7)
Images that don't loose quality @ >100% (3)
Drastic pdf drop in quality of scanned book after using acrobat o (1)
Can't use TouchUp Text tool on PDF's (1)
No Topic (4)
Font spacing is messed up in certain PDF files. (2)
Font spacing is messed up in certain PDF files. (1)
Reading Options Language (4)
PDF mail transmitions. Why I can receive large files but cannot s (1)
Blueprint Drawing to Pdf - then to Dxf (6)
Never seen this before (1)
Missing text throughout PDF File (1)
insert image blur headache (5)
hyperlinks don't work in Preview (1)
Colored Blocks instead of Pictures (1)
Squares displayed in text - Missing Font? (1)
Links changed from Word to PDF (1)
Intermittent Error: File is damaged and cannot be repaired (1)
security warning (1)
PDF not displaying all content (4)
Issues Viewing PDF Documents (1)
Cannot open PFD file (2)
post scripting an ID document (2)
PDF size (4)
PDF to Word? (4)
Hyperlinks creating new pages.... (2)
Working with PDFs (2)
Cant open PDF from commandline (7)
RichMedia Flash crashing on MacOSX (5)
NitroPDF Pro bugs continue (4)
Fonts outlined with Grey lines? (6)
On screen RGB PDF from InDesign inconsistent colors (11)
How do I get rid of purple Form band at top of interactive PDF (4)
can't delet custom stamp (1)
Field content disappears (1)
Users reporting garbled text in PDF flyer (10)
Default Value doesn't show up (1)
Embedded True Type font not displaying (5)
Annotation content changes when validating a signature (1)
Damaged File Error (8)
PDF Turns Blue When Edited (1)
problem in opening pdf file. (2)
File Size - Scanned PDF vs Print-to-PDF PDF (3)
Cannot open password protected PDF with Acrobat Reader (3)
Stripping PDF Content (3)
Calculations not working (7)
PDF error (2)
JPEG in pdf...Experiment..pls tell me what i miss here. (4)
Nitro PDF Professional (2)
jsp PDFBox Insufficient data for an image (1)
link problem in pdf (4)
images fragmented, metadata unavailalble (1)
included graphic affects text rendering (4)
Word to PDF (5)
Execute Menu Item Displays Nothing (1)
Problem with XMP data (5)
How to tell what's in a PDF file? (5)
Disappering text in merged PDF (1)
Query: fully embedding fonts (10)
Problem exporting .pdf to ANY OTHER FORMAT - is it me?! (2)
Embedded Fonts (Embedded Subset) (5)
Decimals (3)
Foxit open correctly my pdf but Acrobat doesn't work (4)
Text merged together after Optimizing (6)
connect to network? (5)
Required Field was Empty on Export (4)
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Five visions of a PDF Day

In the world of PDFs or as we like to say Planet (of) PDF, a year isn't a real PDF year without an intense few days of industry knowledge sharing.

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The ultimate plug-in for Adobe Acrobat. Advanced splitting, merging, stamping, bookmarking, and link control. Take Acrobat to the next level.


Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.