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(P-PDF) Paper to PDF

Covers all issues related to the conversion of paper documents to PDF

Conference Statistics: 800 Topics; 2154 Messages

Acrobat Capture vs TextBridge, FineReader (2)
Re: Separator pages for scanning (2)
Acrobat Distiller cannot distill the file (4)
Exposing search layer in Searchable Image (12)
Best Scanning software (3)
Cyrillic fonts in bookmarks (3)
I need to convert pdf to a word or rtf file. (5)
Capture Server could not process page(s)' Error (1)
hardcopy brochure to pdf file (3)
conversion of Word background colours to PDF (2)
appearance of links (1)
How do you merge ms access to a PDF? (5)
No Topic (5)
pictures convert from word doc to pdf (7)
Inversion of grayscale TIF? (1)
PDF2K1EAST> Capture plug-in(s) (4)
PDF2K1EAST> Scanning (2)
PDF2K1EAST> Lack of information (5)
PDF2K1EAST> Compatibility (2)
installing messenger tips (2)
Paper Capture on Acrobat 5.0 Macintosh? (1)
PDF convert tekst into blocks? (1)
Quark PDF Import (4)
PDF and editing (2)
PDF & Scanned Pages (6)
Word DOC to PDF: can you hyperlink the index? (1)
Trouble printing with Win2k & HP Laserjet 5L (1)
Adobe Capture, OCR and Preserving the Search (2)
Scanner (2)
How do I use Command lines with Acrobat 5? (2)
How to use Command lines on Windows (2)
Capture 3.03 update (may) be here (4)
also create PDF-file for each job that is printed (1)
Duplex Scanners... (3)
Word to PDF with Visual Basic (6)
Optimizing OCR Process - GUIDANCE PLEASE!!! (4)
Converting Image PDF to Image plus text (7)
PDF to paper Printing.... (2)
Adobe Acrobat Capture V 1.0 (3)
Clearing the Documents Listing in Capture 3.0.1 (2)
No Topic (5)
Capture 3.0.2 tagged export feature (3)
Open Publish 2001> Color Management in Capture (1)
Open Publish 2001> Catalog component improvement (1)
capture help (2)
Textbridge PDF Img+Text bad readable in AcrReader5 (2)
Which is faster: Capture plug-in 4.0 or 5.0? (2)
Acrobat 4.0 question (4)
Inconsistent appearance after capture (3)
TXT to PDF on Unix platform (2)
Uploading modified PDF to server (1)
Populating non editable PDF template (1)
Uploading modified PDF to server (1)
Tag PDF Agent for Capture STILL not available UK (1)
Blank pages and capture (1)
Low-Midlevel scanning front end for Grayscale? (2)
Multiple page printing in Excel to PDF (1)
Secure the PDF files (8)
Archiving magazines with Acrobat (11)
importing multiple TIFFS into 1 PDF, Acro 5 (4)
Text Reflow in Microsoft Word Headaches (3)
Paper Capture and Easter Europ fonts coding (3)
Larger file size if printed from NT or 2000 (13)
Converting Ms Word to PDF Using PDF maker 5.0 (4)
eps to pdf??? (3)
Scanning Medical Records (2)
Creating a Database from Directory of PDF Files (3)
Date stamp on PDF from Pagemaker? (1)
Scan clean-up using acrobat 5.00 (2)
Batch processing (2)
Acro Capture at High Volume (Hrdwre recommended?) (3)
UK Pound sign problem, Capture 3 (1)
Identification of Image mode in multi-page pdf (5)
Unable to edit PDF in Photoshop (1)
Acrobat Capture, Right for me? (2)
Adobe KB needs improving (3)
Capture 3.0 Accessibility Service (2)
Contract Work needed... (2)
Looking for .doc to .ps to .pdf written procedure. (3)
No Topic (1)
Looking for procedure for .doc to .ps to .pdf conv (1)
I've got a major project with problems. Help ! (2)
Paper Capture: Single vs Multi-page PDF (1)
Scanning Paper Forms (3)
graphics for pdf (1)
No Topic (4)
Mass Batching and Stamping Solution (2)
Best way to send a form via email? (2)
Scanning to PDF, using search (3)
Using Acrobat Capture 3.0 Personal Edition (2)
Manual creation of Searchable Image search layer (4)
Paper Capture Error (1)
Auto Indexing from Capture 3.0 (2)
Adobe Brand (1)
Distiller doesn't print the file, hangs up etc. (2)
There will be a Capture v4 (1)
Can't convert TIFF to PDF with captureAutomation ? (2)
Corrupted bookmarks when merging PDFs (2)
Capture pdf image only files (4)
Capture vs. KOFAX (4)
Seybold NY 2002> Raster/Vector PDF (1)
add margin (6)
Converting/processing PDFs to greyscale (or B&W) (1)
PDF-IT by Doculex (3)
Converting to PDF options in Capture (4)
Fast web view vs. regular (3)
PDF version 1.2 vs 1.4 (4)
Hidden Text (2)
Plug-in or Tool kit for noise removal in searchable pdf file (3)
Printing different Paper Sizes from Acrobat 4.0 (3)
Security and Passwords (5)
convertion (7)
Suggestions for Paper to PDF? (2)
Mac based PDF splitting in batch (2)
convert ms word 2002 to pdf 4.5 for our book, if c (2)
Maximum number of pages (4)
Automatically delete the log files (1)
Failure occured in creating placeholder page (1)
WOW! - Capture update (3.0.4) on (1)
No Topic (5)
No Topic (3)
AccessReport to PDF (1)
Extracting Pages in Batch (2)
Converting Image PDFs to searchable PDFs (1)
Next v. of Capture - recognise signs please! (1)
creating Post script (5)
Acrobat Distiller 5 Cannot convert MS word 2000 (11)
No Topic (7)
PDF2002Seoul> TIFF vs PDF (3)
PDF2002Seoul> Compression (4)
PDF2002Seoul> Scanned PDF Legal? (3)
Adobe Capture forum open (1)
Capture 3.0 OLE problem (1)
llRTF2PDF command line utility (2)
No Topic (5)
Kofax Adrenaline + Capture (2)
Convert .doc having links to .pdf files (1)
Superior tool ... (1)
Auto creation of bookmarks (2)
Arts PDF Tools (4)
Printing Big5 character (2)
Capture 2.0 - won't read scanner. (3)
No Topic (2)
Help:Technical Question (1)
large document not scanning properly with ver. 2.0 (3)
scanning into PDF (2)
Captured in Normal want to change to Hidden (2)
bonds with relative route (1)
links with relative path (1)
Batch page count, catergorizing by colour depth (4)
Accessing a section of PDF (4)
Super/Sub script characters in bookmark titles (1)
paper to pdf directly (2)
web delivery (1)
Workflow limits (1)
Problems with Distiller (relocating files) (2)
How to edit a paper to pdf capture page? (9)
scanpdf to textpdf (4)
(P-PDF) Paper to PDF (2)
3.0.1 notes (1)
A new 'paper capture' plug-in (1)
Accept all suspect in Capture (1)
Acess and Acrobat Reader (1)
Acrobat (1)
Acrobat 4.0 and Fit to Page Problem (2)
Acrobat Capture Automation (3)
Acrobat Capture vs TextBridge, FineReader (3)
Acrobat Distiller 4.05 and Office 2000 (3)
Acrobat Distiller cannot distill the file (7)
acrobat forms (1)
Activate scan, conversion to pdf from browser (2)
Actual use of pdf forms used in real life (2)
Adding a footer to PDFs made from tiff scans (3)
Adding hidden text (2)
Adobe Acrobat Capture 3.0 has just been released (6)
Adobe Capture (1)
Advice on Conversion/Preparation Cost (2)
Alternative to Pagegenie for tif2pdf workflow. (1)
Alternatives to Acrobat Capture (3)
Archive PDF to Domino.Doc (1)
Automatic creation of PDF files from scanner input (1)
Automating Acobat Capture (2)
Automating Capture (3)
Batch Printing Annotations (1)
Bates-stamping PDF documents (1)
Best Method for Archieving Documents (1)
Best Scanning software (3)
Best solution (3)
Border on Page = Large Capt3.00 PDF? (2)
Capture 2.0 Skewed Image Problems (3)
Capture 3 and HTML (1)
Capture 3.0 and Win platform (1)
Capture 3.0 Capture Image Properties (1)
capture 3.0, 600 dpi image problem (3)
Capture 3.01 = Duff still? (2)
Capture 3.01 update in UK? (1)
Capture 3.03 in pipeline (1)
Capture and Fujitsu scanner freeze (2)
Capture having problems with page size (1)
Capture Problem (2)
Capture re-orders my pages (1)
Capture won't read numbers (1)
Capturing pdf files (1)
Catalog (3)
catalog max files (2)
Character substitutions in bookmarks (1)
Collating order in 'Combine PDFs': bug or ??? (3)
Compressing file size for scans into pdfs (5)
Controlling how Acrobat Reader displays FDF in IE (2)
Conversion from PDF to Quark (2)
Conversion to PDF version 1.1 (1)
convert the Double Byte Character in PDF to HTML (1)
Convert Txt and Tif to PDf (1)
Converting 50 page paper manual to pdf (1)
Converting a PDF file with text to a TIF file (1)
Couple of errors Capt3 docu + prog (1)
Coverting 50 page paper manual to pdf (3)
Create PDF from VM platform? (1)
Creating a PDF from a Quark document? (2)
Creating Bookmark when combining files (1)
delete page (2)
Downsample Problem with Capture (1)
Dynamic generation PDF with Chinese Big5 (5)
Error in opening PDF Files (2)
error message after file creation (1)
Error when printing to acrobat PDFWriter (3)
Euro sign not recognised in Catpure 3.01? (1)
Export to PDF Properties / Downsampling (1)
Exposing search layer in Searchable Image (1)
Floating navigation toolbar (1)
Forget Capture 3.01 - it looks like 3.02 (2)
From Press optimized to WEB ? (4)
Funny behaviour of Capture 3.0 (1)
funny spaces in some printed output (was: No Topic) (1)
FYI> Paper Capture plug-in goes online in Acrobat 5.0 (1)
Generating TOC and author index (1)
Help editing multiple hidden text behind image (1)
Hidden text (2)
how many people have Acrobat Reader (1)
How to Convert PDF document to Excel (5)
How to?: 32-bit Screen Captures to print clearly? (3)
HP Digital Sender for PDFs? (2)
I need to convert pdf to a word or rtf file. (2)
importing comma deliminated file into pdf doc info (2)
Is DOS printing to PDF possible? (2)
java script (5)
LARGE project help required (1)
Latest version of Capture? (1)
Limit on number of TIF's (1)
Line drops when using Capture in Acrobat 4.0 (1)
Manuals-Importing & Exporting data (1)
Margin Limitation (1)
Max Pages Acrobat Capture can process at once? (4)
Missing Letter (2)
Multi-document PDF Export from Quark (1)
Multiple 'sign=offs' on a document (1)
No Topic (2)
Non-contact scanning for input to Acro Capture (3)
Optimizing (and optimal) scanners other than 620s? (1)
Pages Disappearing?? (3)
Pages out of order (2)
paper to editable pdf question (2)
Paper to PDF - File is TOO LARGE (1)
Paper to PDF conference declared open! (1)
Passing variable to adobe reader (1)
pdf alignment (4)
pdf file size with tifs (3)
pdf rotation discrepancy (2)
PDF-TIF differences in Capture workflow (1)
PDF2K> Magazines (1)
PDF2K> Software/Hardware combinations (2)
Photo 'punch-out' tool for TIFFs? (2)
Planet PDF Forum email temporarily down (1)
Print to PDF on a small scale (3)
Prioritising workflows (1)
problem scanning in Acrobat 4.0 (3)
Publishing (1)
Quit in Reader 4.05 (2)
Re: (P-PDF) Paper to PDF (1)
Re: Accept all suspect in Capture (1)
RE: Acess and Acrobat Reader (14)
Re: Acrobat (1)
Re: acrobat forms (2)
RE: Adding a footer to PDFs made from tiff scans (2)
Re: Alternatives to Acrobat Capture (1)
Re: Automating Acobat Capture (1)
Re: Batch Printing Annotations (1)
Re: Bates-stamping PDF documents (1)
Re: Best Method for Archieving Documents (1)
Re: Best Scanning software (1)
Re: Capture 2.0 Skewed Image Problems (3)
Re: Capture 3.0 and Win platform (1)
Re: Capture 3.0 Capture Image Properties (1)
Re: capture 3.0, 600 dpi image problem (3)
Re: Capture having problems with page size (1)
Re: Capture re-orders my pages (4)
Re: Capture won't read numbers (4)
Re: Capturing pdf files (1)
Re: Character substitutions in bookmarks (3)
Re: Compressing file size for scans into pdfs (6)
Re: Conversion to PDF version 1.1 (1)
Re: Convert Txt and Tif to PDf (1)
Re: Converting 50 page paper manual to pdf (1)
Re: Converting a PDF file with text to a TIF file (1)
Re: Coverting 50 page paper manual to pdf (1)
Re: delete page (1)
Re: Downsample Problem with Capture (1)
Re: Error when printing to acrobat PDFWriter (3)
Re: Floating navigation toolbar (1)
Re: Forget Capture 3.01 - it looks like 3.02 (7)
Re: From Press optimized to WEB ? (2)
Re: Help editing multiple hidden text behind image (1)
Re: Hidden text (1)
Re: how many people have Acrobat Reader (3)
Re: How to?: 32-bit Screen Captures to print clearly? (1)
Re: Limit on number of TIF's (2)
Re: Line drops when using Capture in Acrobat 4.0 (1)
RE: Manuals-Importing & Exporting data (1)
Re: Manuals-Importing & Exporting data (1)
Re: Margin Limitation (1)
Re: Max Pages Acrobat Capture can process at once? (2)
Re: Multi-document PDF Export from Quark (1)
Re: Optimizing (and optimal) scanners other than 620s? (1)
Re: Pages out of order (2)
RE: Paper to PDF - File is TOO LARGE (1)
Re: Paper to PDF - File is TOO LARGE (1)
Re: pdf file size with tifs (4)
Re: PDF-TIF differences in Capture workflow (2)
Re: Photo 'punch-out' tool for TIFFs? (2)
Re: Prioritising workflows (3)
Re: Quit in Reader 4.05 (1)
Re: Resource Forks? (6)
Re: Scanned Docs increases PDF file size? How I reduce (2)
Re: Scanned image file size (1)
Re: Scanner suggestions for use with Capture (1)
Re: Scanning (7)
Re: Searching PDF's (1)
Re: Separator pages for scanning (1)
Re: Service to convert paper to PDF (2)
Re: Word highlighting problem with Capture output (1)
Re: Workflow for this project (1)
Resource Forks? (4)
Scanned Docs increases PDF file size? How I reduce (5)
Scanned image file size (2)
Scanned page size with HP6350 (1)
Scanner suggestions for use with Capture (2)
Scanning (3)
scanning by photoshop (4)
Searching PDF's (3)
Send PDF Form via E-mail (2)
Separator pages for scanning (2)
Service to convert paper to PDF (1)
smart documents (1)
SPECIAL NEWS: Adobe Acrobat 5.0 (1)
Tactics for handling elipses (2)
test (1)
Transferring my book to the internet in PDF format (3)
UK Capture 3 available? (2)
Which Acrobat version to purchase? (2)
Word highlighting problem with Capture output (5)
Workflow for this project (1)
Searchable scans without 'ransom note' effect (7)
index and hidden text (1)
indexing and hidden text - capture v 2.0 (8)
A PDF read SDK (1)
Image to Word doc to PDF Normal? (6)
Convert multiple PDFs into a single PS (4)
Adobe skipping pages - Help! (3)
Seperate a Image+Text PDF (2)
paper to webform, to pdf forms. (4)
Generating PDF with FOP (2)
cordweiner smith (2)
convert html file to pdf (2)
scanning to PDF (2)
Speeding up Scanning to PDF and Paper capture.. (2)
Paper handling - PDF to digital copier (2)
Distiller Server (3)
Capture Cluster Multiple stations on 1 hub (1)
word to pdf quaction? (2)
word to pdf quaction? (1)
merge PDFs (2)
tiff to web ready pdf (4)
Auto-Bookmark from external file (2)
Api or exe convert ms word to pdf without Acrobat (2)
No Topic (1)
PDF together with digital signatures (1)
Paper -> PDF -> Paper (4)
CPA firms (1)
PDF RotataPage? (3)
Future of Acrobat Capture? (1)
Sack Adobe Marketing dept, and replace? (1)
WOW - Just spotted this - PRICE DIVE!!! (2)
capturing pdf documents (2)
Capture Agent now in UK (1)
JBIG2 compression - slight speed issue? (2)
Scan Newspaper to Searchable PDF (2)
PDF to XHTML (6)
Dll for converting pdf to html (2)
PDF form file security (1)
Magazines to Compact PDFs? (4)
We don't want to be paperless. (5)
Printing problems in scanned to PDF using Acrobat (1)
Scanned Docs->PDF Tranparent White Background? (1)
Missing text in pdf (1)
size does matter! (2)
scanning document to PDF (6)
Titles in a PDF file (4)
settings & Capture (3)
High Volume TIFF to Searchable Image PDF (6)
capture 3.0 (1)
Word to PDF (maybe via PS ?) (3)
scanned documents won't open (1)
subscribe (1)
Gif Image To PDF (2)
Converting from traditional paper proofing (1)
page image over OCR'ed text' functionality (1)
Rotating a scanned document (2)
Scan into existing PDF file? (2)
Help with scanning to pdf's (2)
EFOVIEW announced new service features (2)
Excel macro to generating pdf (2)
PDF Conf> cleaning up noise (4)
Converting scans to legible pdf's (2)
Printing (2)
Can pdf documents be drag-and-drop ed from Acrobat (writer)? (3)
subtract 2 (1.234,56) form fields (1)
Convert document to PDF (3)
Submitting a Whole PDF File (6)
oops (1)
How to create small file size PDF (3)
Problems when scanning from Acrobat using AGFA Snapscan (2)
Both fast scan & OCR software (1)
No Topic (4)
Redusing PDF file size (6)
Large PDf file Sizes (1)
Large PDF Files al of a sudden (1)
display facing pages in the viewer (4)
How to stop Book Workflow? (4)
Newbie ... Mutiple Excel Sheets to one PDF (3)
Dynamically converting PostScript file to PDF (2)
Paper Capture / Page Size (1)
Converting PDF back to Microsoft Powerpoint (2)
convert to txt. (5)
Length Limit on URL Link? (1)
Paper to FDF (2)
SQL Server Data converted to PDF (1)
filesize WAY too big? (9)
word to pdf 300dpi picture disappearing (1)
Create pdfs and Merge all into one pdf (2)
Newspaper 'cutout' effect? (2)
OpenVMS Files to PDF (1)
PDF Layout for TXT Printing Programm (2)
Scanning (2)
Scanning document and write a pdf file with Visual Basic .NET (2)
PDF editing without Acrobat? (2)
converting word links using distiller (2)
Pagination of front matter and back matter (2)
Large Format Scanner (1)
Adobe Capture 3.0.4 update error? (1)
Magazine Publishing in PDF???? (3)
how to split acrobat file multipages? (4)
Changing File Save As Destination (1)
Paper Capture (3)
Set equal margins around scanned pages (1)
EndNote/Reference Manager Cite While You Write (1)
Simple Searchable PDF (2)
Method to get TIF to PDF (paper to PDF no OCR) (6)
Need to make interactive form with uniform boxes (4)
Scanned file is too large (2)
Creating a pdf with pdfwriter and word - automation (3)
Capture 3.0 PE HUNG (Warnings) errors (2)
doc to pdf (2)
Multiply cad drawing conversion (3)
Files view at 57.8% (1)
conversion of Visio graphics in a Word file to pdf (2)
Tips for managing file sizes for Annual reports (2)
Read only files (2)
On the Fly watermark (2)
Converting paper forms that employ a lot of check boxes to PDF (1)
populate PDF on Linux Server (3)
How to make GREYISH PDF into CRISP BLACK AND WHITE for printing? (2)
Scan and index at same time (1)
Looking for marketing partners (1)
Database plugin for acrobat libray (2)
Retaining Hidden Text When Distilling (13)
Creating a document managment system (3)
Convert DOC to PDF (2)
Creating Multiple PDF docs from a single scan (2)
HTML-Tables --> PDF conversion with THEAD support? (7)
batch import Document Summary Fields (2)
tiff scans are too big (2)
PDF files from ACAD (2)
Adobe Capture Page Numbers (2)
Adobe Activex (2)
Adobe Activex (1)
Minimizing PDF Size (2)
Olde Acrobat Capture? (3)
Plug in needed (4)
Acrobat Capture (Wanted) (6)
A question about Acrobat Capture (2)
What flatbed sheetfed scanner do you use? (4)
Swiftwriter (1)
Suggested Guide in Scan documents onto CD? (1)
Acrobat Capture 3.0 Too Slow (6)
Crystal Report Bookmarks (1)
Acrobat Capture 3.0.5 Updates Available for Download (2)
Character displayed wit embedded Truetype (4)
Paper to PDF and OCR Searchable Text (3)
Is there any better way of doing this w/o duplex scanner? (4)
Plugin For ISIS scanner import (1)
Compile existing PDF's (2)
Working off site (1)
OffendingCommand in PS-file (8)
bmp to pdf - printing (2)
disabling save as (4)
How to Convert MS Access reports to PDF (2)
Email Attachments (2)
hyperlinks & TOC from .doc to .pdf (2)
word to pdf (2)
word to pdf (2)
pdf to dwg (5)
Searchable Image and 508 compliance (2)
Cau (2)
Scan Multiple Pages into Only ONE PDF file (3)
Error running paper capture in Acrobat professional 6.0 (8)
scan (1)
Acrobat Scanner Settings Used in HP Software (2)
PDF to Word (5)
can I import an index? (1)
OCR on PDF (5)
embedded image lost (3)
Acro 6 Capture calling Adobe? (6)
Capture Best Practices? (6)
Retaining 'live' Hyperlinks when document is converted to pdf (5)
OCR - Searchable or Editable? (3)
creating an OCR search index (4)
Can Capture convey pdf Info and/or version to output files? (2)
Urgent someone let me know (5)
Undefined Error (7)
External OCR Engine (4)
Varying page sizes, Capture 3 (1)
they are doing it (1)
Adobe Capture Cluster Edition or another solution? (3)
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Paper Capture (2)
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Acrobat Capture Workflow (1)
warning (2)
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Giant File size when image on text (2)
Are OCR'd PDFs pucked up by Google? (4)
Highlighting in scanned pdf? (3)
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Paper to E-mail (9)
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White Out with 6.0 pro (2)
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Watching a folder, then triggering Batch Processing (6)
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Capture without compression (1)
MicroSizing PDF Better than DjVu ! (1)
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Creating text behind image (2)
Partial Conversion (4)
page disappearing when on web (1)
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Editing text in a searchable image (2)
Having my own Form Tool (2)
Hyperlink from Excel into PDF file (3)
MicroPDF (1)
add pages to pdf file (4)
Need a better OCR (3)
Keycaps Characters (1)
Convering Word's newspaper columns to PDF (5)
scanner (1)
Estimating PDF File Size (5)
Adobe Capture updates (1)
Newbie question about multiple page scanning (2)
HP Digital Senders (2)
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Adobe does not recognize HP Officejet G85 (1)
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No Topic (1)
Prevent excel page break reset (1)
programs to create searchable pdf image Documents (3)
Chinese font can't see clear on the screen (1)
Massive Paper to PDF project, questions, please help! (11)
Tif to PDF random symbol changes (2)
Time-worn Big-File Issue (2)
help correction pdf text (1)
Problem with converting Lotus speadsheet to PDF (3)
Converting a grayscale pdf scanned paper to black and white one (4)
Large, TOO LARGE! (16)
How to create bookmarks on the fly? Seperator sheet? (2)
Problems with colors (1)
Scanning multiple pages to PDF (1)
Rotate some degree (12)
Deskew and despeckle and clean margins (1)
Statistics on scanned images to PDFS??? (2)
Disappearing File (1)
Erasing Stamps (1)
scanning supplier invoices (6)
Question about full text indexing (3)
No Topic (1)
cleaning scanned images (6)
Newbie...Scanned Images? (1)
Touch up scanned pdf (3)
making relative path for 1.pdf to 2.pdf link (1)
OCR/Embeded Fonts lost (3)
Capture 3.0 Extra Unwanted Objects (2)
Remove image from image under text? (5)
Please recommend ADF scanner for purchase (15)
Scann multiple pagers into a small size pdf file (5)
my logo images when pdfing are reversing (1)
Tips for converting a book to PDF? (10)
Scanner hesitation using Acrobat 7 Standard (4)
Searchable PDF Creation Problem (4)
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Help Savy Users - MS Word Links to PDF and finally burned to a CD (3)
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