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(P-PDF) Mac Issues

Issues and interoperability concerns relating to Acrobat on the Mac platform only

Conference Statistics: 342 Topics; 960 Messages

Welcome (1)
I hate to feel like an after-thought (35)
the list thus far (11)
UPDATED: Art Pollard of Lextek talks about Search in Acrobat 6 (1)
OS X Forms without Browser Plugin? (2)
Acrobat Elements for Mac? (5)
AppleScript and International characters (6)
FDF Data not display in Adobe Plugin in IE (1)
Submit Form Button on mac (10)
PAID support at ADOBE does NOT guarantee a fix (2)
Saving US patents in a database (1)
Why I had no Word buttons (1)
Problems with 6.0 Pro Distiller (11)
Unable to read link in MAC 0S 9.2.2 (1)
Acrobat 6.0 Standard and PageMaker 7.0.1 (11)
Internal error occurred (3)
Rename PDF (2)
Problems printing Excel Active Chart Area (1)
Links not being created (5)
Problems with Acrobat PDF Printer (2)
From Windows to Mac (2)
Creating pdf from ps file (2)
Batch Print Multiple Copies in Mac Acrobat 5 (2)
How do you uninstall Acrobat Reader 5.1 from a Mac? (2)
Problem with FDF on Mac (4)
PDF unlocking (7)
Which protocols are supported by Acrobat? (11)
Hyperlink Problems -MS Word =>PDF (1)
Setting Tab Order for Forms in version 6 (3)
print problem after some form fields filled (1)
Split PDF doc's on Mac OSX Server (2)
unicode in bookmarks, prior to Acro 6 (3)
mac os x cataloging and management (5)
Palm Optimization (1)
Acrobat 3 vs Acrobat 5 (3)
Sporadic distiller errors (3)
No Topic (3)
Taking Control of Mac OS X 10.3 with PDF-based Guide (1)
PDF printer and OS X10.3 (4)
Virtual postscript printer in win 2000 (6)
Mac OS 9.2 asks user to Insert Disc when running IE or using e-mail (2)
SendMail (4)
Opening PDF in MAC (3)
Oddball error code - yet file seems okay? (5)
highlighting text in pdf (8)
Adobe PDF Printer and MacOSX 10.3 (Panther) (6)
Shortcut for new destination of a bookmark (2)
distiller 3 help me!!! (6)
printing PDF from classic (1)
printing PDF from classic (3)
PS is relocated but PDF is missing in Acrobat Pro 6 (12)
Destinations and the Mac (1)
HELP!!! PDFs from Quark lose images (5)
OSX Download plugin for ext. files (2)
Watched folders in Acrobat 6 won't work (4)
Reviewing documents in Acrobat 6.0 Standard (1)
Mac browser plugin support with 6.0.1? (2)
Create PDF from multiple files page ordering (2)
OSX and Pitstop 5 (4)
Complete Acrobat Help (lessness) (5)
Help with log message ... what does it mean?? (3)
Preflight Help? (2)
Quark pdf picture box problem (2)
Acrobat 6.0 Pro udate to 6.0.1 problem (6)
Blank PDF OSX 10.3 Mac IE 5.0 (15)
PDF from Word not working (2)
can't make pdfs from pagemaker (2)
Bookmarks from word on a Mac (2)
Color loss in newly generated PDFs (2)
No Topic (1)
No Topic (1)
Mac and Digital Right Management (2)
Can't open Acrobat Reader (4)
windows indesign acrobat 6pdf to mac problem (5)
PDF Creation Problem (4)
Level 1 vs. Level 2 separating in Quark [Was Re: windows indesign acrobat 6pdf to mac problem] (3)
Acrobat 6 & Apple Safari (3)
os x rescales documents (7)
Acrobat Reader 5 and Mac OSX (2)
installation prob-variform l ite (2)
Acrobat 6.0/4.0 and Mac-Windows problems. (3)
Blank PDF (1)
Distiller Profile (CannotEmbedFontPolicy) (1)
Help!! OSX10.3.3/Quark6.1/Acrobat6.01 PDF problems (3)
Quark 6.0 quits when importing PDFs (6)
emailing pdfs (5)
Creative Batch Processing (1)
ps and eps files are deleted (2)
Quark6 in Panther and printing PDFs (8)
help pdf expert (1)
list box font looks awful when clicking (1)
no acrobat, no honey (5)
5 to 5.05 Upgrade-no Distiller now? (1)
pdf/Netscape problemo (2)
PS to PDF inconsistent Cropping (5)
internal error message (1)
Applescripting Merge in 5.0 (2)
Unable to create PDF in Quark 6.1 (3)
PS to distiller on Panther (5)
preflight problems on Acrobat 6 (1)
Fonts do not embed, no error message (3)
Flushing job / no pdf produced (3)
Distiller crashes at 99% done (2)
Printing PDFs to staple-bound booklets (1)
Default PDF Viewer / OSX (3)
Does the tab order fix really work? (3)
Quark 4 will not "Distill Immediately" (12)
Acrobat 6 crashes on launch (6)
flash program not opening PDFs (2)
XObject Image - Not display correct (2)
Downloading files while presenting (1)
Downloading files while presenting (1)
Changing Print Default Margins - Full Bleed (1)
Can't edit original (1)
PDF image quality problem (4)
Distiller 5.0 problem (5)
One-Step PDF (2)
TouchUp Object Tool (where is it?) (3)
Applescript Acrobat 5.0 Save As (2)
Writing PDFs from OSX (2)
Problem with distiller 5.0 job options (2)
keep getting "Create Adobe PDF's" (1)
3 button mouse (1)
Slow printing with Acrobat 6. (2)
PostScript error (3)
color space operator errors when using touchup tool (4)
Help! RGB instead of CMYK (2)
need help (image compr. etc) (1)
Forum emails (1)
Watched folder and ps file but no PDF. (2)
PDF from Quark 6.1 (2)
_Rom ProblemsSearchable CD (3)
PDF to TIFF / EPS (2)
PDFViewer error (1)
Print a range of pages via button/link??? (2)
Print a range of pages via button/link??? (1)
duplicating desktop icons (1)
Create PDF from Word X Error (1)
Distiller 5 quits itself (1)
Distiller won't distill - HELP!  (4)
Saving guides when you close an Acrobat project? (1)
rearrange /reorder/reflow pdf pages as per bookmarking navigatio (1)
Mac Classic/OSX-pdf not in chooser (2)
FDF Submit on the MAC (3)
Revising a form (2)
Help Illustr 10 file with dopshadows/transparencys (7)
Acrobat 5 crashes right at end of distilling... (3)
Touchup Object Tool (1)
Acrobat 3.01 on MacOS 9.2.2 (8)
missing images when printing (1)
Mac to Windows Losses (3)
Distiller 6 only processes 1 page (5)
PDF Optimizer crashes under OSX (4)
Distiller 6 only makes 1 page PDF (1)
Fast web viewing of PDF files in the browser in the MAC (4)
PDF non download (1)
Where can I download acrobat 4 pdf? I hate current! (1)
Bookmark Problems (1)
slow pdf rendering (6)
Developing Acrobat 7 plug-ins on Mac OS X (1)
In what folder are stamps placed (3)
Fonts and Comments (2)
Acrobat 5.0.5 (1)
How to edit a PDF file (2)
Converting Pagemaker to PDF on Mac OSX (1)
Unable to launce Acrobat (4)
Running Distiller via Command line (2)
Mac OS 10.3.7 Pagemaker 7.0.1 (2)
Mac OS X Version 10.3.7 & PageMaker 7.0.1 & PDF (5)
Forms and 'rights-enabled' PDFs (10)
Using Distiller settings from acrobat 4.0 in OS9 in Acrobat 6.0 i (1)
Unable to access text (2)
Printing Problem (1)
page action (mac to pc) doesn't work (5)
Printing to an Acrobat PDF printer (1)
Emailing Order Form pdf from user (2)
PDF from Mac to PC (2)
Page Separation (3)
Word to PDF on Mac (3)
Old, OLD Mac & Postscript files (3)
Quark 6.5 mac PDF Export (2)
Indesign Print Problem (4)
Printer (2)
Distiller 7 can't edit (1)
adding distiller to printer list (1)
Interactive PDF losing file association when downloaded (2)
Watched folder in 7 on the mac (6)
Mac OSX Tiger (3)
Can't open Illustrator CS created PDF 7 files back in Illustrator (2)
Printing problem with Acrobat 6 (1)
Links in PDFs converted from Word 2004 docs (2)
Problem Reading Documents (1)
Acrobat Distiller 6.0.1 for iMac G4, O.S. 10.3.9 (2)
Problem printing PDF generated by Mac on PC (1)
Word to PDF (2)
Cannot create PDF from multiple quark 6.5 files OSX (1)
PDF display problem with OSX Server/Apache (1)
ADBC (2)
Mac PDF to PC problems... (3)
Distiller 3.02 can't find fonts, won't distill (3)
Weird font (?) behavior (1)
European Union document (constitution) unreadable in Preview, readable in Acrobat Reader (2)
Acrobat is calling QuickTime instead of FlashPlayer on Mac (5)
Acrobat 7 Pro Keyboard Shortcuts (Mac) (1)
Need Help!How make a japanese pdf file? (6)
An PDF editing program for the Mac? (3)
HELP! Mac to PC Issues (2)
Digital Signatures (2)
Distiller problems (3)
Creating an email link in Adobe Acrobat (3)
Random three digit file name when LPR printing to Unix watch folder (1)
EPS problem in Acrobat 5 (1)
EPS problem in Acrobat 5 (6)
Help required with bizarre Javascript Editor problem (6)
WebDav commenting in Acrobat 6 (1)
Reader 5.0 INDEX not compatible with Reader 6.0 & Vice-Versa (2)
grey page in acrobat (1)
email with pdf file attachment (2)
Can't use ColumbusBoldItalic in pdf? (1)
Extending Office 2004 PDFMaker capabilities? (2)
Automator Actions for Acrobat 7 (3)
Adobe Acrobat 6.0 was unable to install and must quit' (6)
PDF OK on PC not on Mac (1)
Save PDF Form Information In Reader? (6)
safari broswer pdf viewer opens secured pdf without required password (2)
unable to search after doing OCR (2)
adding crop marks and bleed (3)
problems creating pdf from quark 6.5 using acrobat 7.0 (1)
Not able to print to an imagerunner 6020 from Acrobat (3)
Conversion from Word to PDF (5)
Trouble editing batch sequences sometimes. (2)
Spotlight & Acrobat 7 Standard (2)
trouble with batch (2)
Characters dropping of in a PDF (1)
In case you missed it... upgrades Acro Pro 7.0.5 & Reader 7.0.3 (1)
Save as EPS - with an Applescript-droplet? (2)
PDFLib failed to initialize (1)
running mulitple versions of Acrobat Reader on OSX (2)
Page sizes different on Mac than on PC using FOP (3)
Problems with text on macs (2)
Disable Hyperlink Popups? (1)
Reader 7 - search is SLOOOOOW ! (1)
OpenType fonts - embed in pdf ? (1)
Unicode Font embedding with Acrobat 7 (2)
Collecting form Data (1)
Printing multiple worksheets to PDF - Excel 2004 (1)
Warped images printing to HP 3550 (1)
New Intel based Macs (3)
ERROR A drawing error occured. which may be due to out of memory (1)
links in PDF made on PC don't work on mac (1)
server 2003 problem (2)
PDF Bookmark links to other PDFs work in PC... not in Mac! (1)
Quark 6 and Mac OSX tiger (2)
look at this sceenshot... (2)
Acrobat 5.0 index made on pc not usable with Mac os 10.x using Reader 7.0 (2)
Text-searchable pdf with a Fujitsu ScanSnap (5)
Edit Image not working (2)
Word Doc export to PDF results in multiple files (1)
Font problem (1)
Linking Problem (1)
exporting pdfs from mac quark 6.5 (5)
Pictures display in negative in OSX Preview, Normal in Acrobat 7 (4)
Applying Digital Signatures (2)
Scanning with Acrobat 7.0 Pro (1)
Slowness with Preview (large documents) (1)
Batch Converter App For HTML To PDF? (2)
Adobe GoLive (2)
Script On Open Form (2)
Adobe file not opening from .mac site (2)
Multiple tiffs/jpegs to pdf/ (3)
PDF in indesign CS2 (2)
Announced Acrobat 8 Family (7)
Created pdf w/ Designer 7 on PC, prob w/ Acro 6 Pro on the Mac (1)
How do I make a document level javascript in Acrobat 7? (2)
No pdf tool bar in Word & Multiple file creation not working. (2)
View LPI in PDF files (7)
pdf says printed on Mac, but nothing in printer (2)
Covert Mac Paperport docs to PDF - Paperport DoesNot Support MAC (1)
Mac to Windows transfer issue? (1)
pdffactory/fineprint equivalent for mac os x? (1)
Streamlining the Scanning of Books via Acrobat/Mac OS X (3)
Save as eps as default (1)
empty PDF' message Intel Mac (1)
Last Page Prints Mirrored (1)
Lightweight Mac Highlight/annotate tool (2)
Extremely poor quality, missing gridlines ... ? (5)
Need help with converting scripts made in windows to mac (1)
*****PDF to Word doc**** (4)
I can't edit obects in my PDF (2)
PDF Merging based on criteria (2)
text boxes (1)
Can forms be created using a Mac and Acrobat 8? (2)
PDF crash OS X 'Preview (1)
HELP: Red+Green Border showing up in AcrobatReader (5)
PDF from QuarkXPress with Garbled Text on Windows 2000 (4)
Opening PDF embedded in Word document (3)
Acrobat 7.0 Watched Folder in Quark 6.5? (1)
PDF - searchable in windows, not in Mac (2)
how to create hot folder to create pdf from quark (1)
Acrobat PC v5 - Mac Incompatibility (Highlighting) (3)
Multiple Pages in One Pdf file Adobe Reader (4)
Watermark Prints On a MAC when it shouldn't (3)
Acrobat Plugin Enabled on WebBrowser (8)
Acrobat PDFs don't display in Preview (1)
Distiller Version 5 Embedded Fonts (2)
Plug In to edit trim and crop box (7)
I need adbobe reader for OS 9 (12)
grayscale images output as CMYK (2)
saveAs(cPath) issue - (Mac issue?) (1)
Autofill PDF (3)
Mac and Word-created doc different behavior (1)
PS errors; Offending COmmand Image (2)
OCR Help (1)
Log in (1)
ADM and Portability (5)
form filled data not showing in pre sent email (1)
Making arbitrary lines on a PDF, using a Mac? (1)
Getting errors printing to PDF with Acrobat 8 in Leopard (1)
some characters not recognized (1)
email address (2)
Fonts in Preview (3)
To print a document from command line (1)
Checking the IP address of other PC and Mac Stations? (2)
Checking the IP address of other PC and Mac Stations? (3)
Adobe Acrobat Pro Extended (3)
Disable TimesNewRomanPSMT ? (4)
bookmarks converted to asian characters? (1)
PDF Document - how to write on it. (2)
Is there any way to open Garageband files from a link in Acrobat Pro 8 on a Mac? (2)
Can Not Scan Second Side using Acrobat 9 Pro (1)
Apple's Preview and hyperlinks (3)
Form fields off in different viewers (1)
Distiller Stops (1)
Quark 7.0 document converted to PDF is screened (5)
Default Screen Settings (2)
Mac PDF files not readable on PC (1)
Print As Image to Print ALL PDF files?!?! (1)
Acrobat 8.1.6 error when saving (1)
Creating One PDF from Multiple word documents (1)
Creating PDF in word Renames documents and sends it to the desktop!?!!? (1)
embedding midi/audio files (1)

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