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Acrobat 6 Pro -- a new forms layout tool?

Bryan Guignard

In his latest article Bryan Guignard takes a look at the prospect of and demonstrates using Acrobat 6 Pro for producing complex form layouts, calling it "as capable ... as other dedicated form design packages."

Developer   November 06, 2003

Web Hosting PDFs

Karl De Abrew

Planet PDF's Karl De Abrew and Dan Shea explore the concept of PDF Forms as the User Interface for real-world applications on the Web. This article includes a walk-through of a system incorporating the infamous FDFGateway script.

Developer   October 15, 2003

Using Acrobat Standard 6.0 in a Document Review Cycle

As part of our current collaborative promotion with Peachpit Press and Adobe press of the recently released "Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard Classroom in a Book," we're publishing a six-part sample lesson on how to use Acrobat and PDF for document review. Included for download are several files referenced in the exercises.

Enterprise & Government   September 08, 2003

Jakob Nielsen's PDF Phobia is seemingly incurable

Kurt Foss

The noted usability guru strays outside his area of expertise once again in a new "Alertbox" column denigrating any uses of PDF other than printing. We can't help but wonder -- due to the silliness of some of his comments and suggestions -- whether he's being serious. We're afraid he is. Nonetheless, to show our respect, we've christened a special Google Advanced Search setting in his honor.

Enterprise & Government   July 28, 2003

PDF: Fit for Human Consumption if designed properly

Kurt Foss

Jakob Nielsen hit a nerve with some PDF enthusiasts when he recently wrote in his monthly usability column that, in terms of suitability for use on the Web, the format is allegedly "unfit for human consumption." We're publishing a rebuttal that another satisfied user recently sent to Nielsen -- and also shared with us. In addition, Steve Borsch provides several samples of PDFs designed to be read and navigated online.

Enterprise & Government   July 27, 2003

Adobe's Robert McDaniels responds (again) to Nielsen criticisms of PDF

Kurt Foss

As he did two years when Jakob Nielsen published his first Alertbox column alleging that PDFs were unsuitable for Web use, Adobe Robert McDaniels offers a thoughtful rebuttal to last week's Alertbox column in which Nielsen opines that PDFs are supposedly "unfit for human consumption."

Enterprise & Government   July 21, 2003

PDF author creates spoof of Nielsen's misguided 'Alertbox'

Douglas J. Alford

After reading the sometimes laughable criticisms of PDF made in a recent "Alertbox" column by noted usability guru Jakob Nielsen, Doug Alford of Techneglas came up with a humorous spoof. We're delighted to share his "CARS: Unfit for Human Transportation" take-off on Nielsen's ill-informed "PDF: Unfit for Human Consumption" column.

Enterprise & Government   July 17, 2003

Adobe's Bob Wulff knows Acrobat and PDF -- inside and out

Kurt Foss

Adobe Acrobat and PDF officially turned 10 years of age this past Sunday, June 15 -- Father's Day, quite appropriately. Former Adobe CEO and co-founder John Warnock is widely and rightly credited as being the 'father of Acrobat and PDF.' In the years since the technology was publicly launched in mid-1993, the software and format have had a number of other mentors and guiding spirits who have continued to nurture and build on the original concept. One of those is Bob Wulff, who was lured by Warnock in a hallway encounter in 1990 to lend some technical assistance to the fledgling project 'for a couple weeks.' More than a dozen years later, Wulff has become not only one of the firm believers, but also one of the main keepers of the faith. We talked with him early this week to discuss the recent technological milestone and his role in it.

Enterprise & Government   June 19, 2003

Adobe's Jim King talks about first Acrobat and PDF decade

Kurt Foss

This Thursday morning at the Seybold PDF Summit in Amsterdam, Adobe's James C. King will deliver a keynote that reflects on the "twists and turns that Acrobat and PDF have taken" during the past decade. We caught up with King shortly before he caught a flight to Europe to talk about his upcoming talk, about some of his past presentations on related themes -- including a still-relevant 1998 primer on 'what's inside a PDF' -- and about his work as A Principal Scientist for Adobe Systems. Planet PDF is a co-sponsor of the Seybold PDF Summit.

Enterprise & Government   June 10, 2003

What's going on with the PDF/X standards in 2003?

Martin Bailey

In late May, the most recent revisions of the PDF/X standards -- prepress-oriented subsets of PDF -- were approved, and new tools for authoring and verifying the newly named PDF/X-1a:2001 & PDF/X-3:2002 are expected to become available soon. Martin Bailey of Global Graphics, chair of the PDF/X standards committee, provides this timely update.

Creative & Print   June 09, 2003

PDF Best Practices #7: Graphics

Shlomo Perets

In the latest in his ongoing series of 'PDF Best Practices' articles, Shlomo Perets of MicroType.com explores and explains issues related to the use of graphics in PDF files -- a matter of compromises and trade-offs.

Creative & Print   June 03, 2003

A first look at Adobe Reader 6

Dan Shea

With the news of Adobe Reader 6.0 still hot off the presses, Planet PDF takes a first look at the new application. Along with providing some first impressions, we'll also offer some insights into the changes and updates that current users can expect.

Enterprise & Government   May 27, 2003

FDFGateway - A simple forms data redirector

We've developed a very simple Active Server Pages (ASP) script which allows you to do no-nonsense Forms Data Format (FDF) collection via e-mail. Best of all, this simple script will work with Acrobat Reader.

Developer   May 01, 2003

Dov Isaacs: Adobe's Troubleshooting Wiz & Disciple of Discipline

Kurt Foss

Earlier this month we had the chance to catch up with Dov Isaacs of Adobe Systems to talk about his 'day job' as "Principal Scientist, Workflow and Interoperability," as well as about his highly commendable efforts online as a tireless troubleshooter for end-user problems and issues related to the company's software products.

Enterprise & Government   April 28, 2003

Adobe's Sarah Rosenbaum: From Acrobat 1.0 to Acrobat 6.0

Kurt Foss

One of three original members of the initial Acrobat team at Adobe Systems and now Director of Acrobat Product Marketing, Sarah Rosenbaum has left her mark on Acrobat versions 1.0 to 6.0. Likewise, Acrobat and PDF have left their impressions on her. In an interview with Planet PDF, she says the worldwide "awareness and proliferation is so mind-boggling."

Enterprise & Government   April 07, 2003

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