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Custom Objects in PDF JavaScript

Kas Thomas shows how to extend any of JavaScript's built-in objects and to define your own custom objects. He provides several cut-and-paste examples.

Developer   August 23, 2000

Listen to Your PDFs

Bryan Guignard

Bryan Guignard isn't yet talking to his PDF files, but he's spent a good deal of time listening to them lately. He's impressed with the Text-to-Speech technology, as he explains in his article, and sees opportunities beyond just an accessibility solution.

Enterprise & Government   August 23, 2000

PDF 101 - Adding form fields to PDF files

Carl Young

Carl Young's PDF 101 articles -- intended as an introduction to using Acrobat/PDF -- explore the basics of adding fields to make your PDF Forms interactive.

Enterprise & Government   August 10, 2000

XML and PDF: Of applications and philosophy

Gordon Kent

As you consider how to maintain the integrity of data for future use, the best format is a structured format and there is no better format than XML, Gordon Kent writes in his latest article. Alternatively, you may have requirements to maintain the branding image or look and feel of your documents; here PDF is an excellent choice. How can you get the maximum value from what both XML and PDF offer?

Enterprise & Government   July 27, 2000

PDF eBooks are Here to Stay

Karl De Abrew

With Stephen King sending a second round of shock waves through the book publishing industry this week, we're re-purposing a column written initially for Adobe.com by Planet PDF's Karl De Abrew that reflects on King's first venture into the world of eBooks and PDF -- the record-setting release of "Riding the Bullet" a few months ago.

Enterprise & Government   July 27, 2000

Using Digital Signatures with Acrobat

Karl De Abrew

With the recent signing of a new digital signatures law by U.S. President Bill Clinton, we're re-posting a "Pulp Free" column first written by Planet PDF's Karl De Abrew for Adobe.com -- a look at using using digital signatures in PDF documents.

Enterprise & Government   July 06, 2000

Using Digital Signatures with Microsoft Outlook

Karl De Abrew

In a related "Pulp Free" column by De Abrew for Adobe.com, he offers guidance on using digital certificates and digital signatures with Microsoft Outlook email.

Enterprise & Government   July 06, 2000

PDF - Is the Standard in Need of a Standard?

According to The Pfeiffer Report, a single PDF standard is no longer viable, given the range of diverse applications for which the technology is suited. It's time "for each market segment to push the implementation or version which makes sense," resulting in several solution-specific standards, the report concludes.

Creative & Print   June 23, 2000

JavaScript - Introduction to Development with Examples

Adobe Acrobat allows you to utilise JavaScript within Acrobat Forms by defining an object model on top of JavaScript 1.2.

Developer   June 23, 2000

JavaScript - Clean Up Your Popups

Kas Thomas

Perhaps you're already aware that in Acrobat 4.0 (and 4.05) there's an undocumented JavaScript method called popUpMenu(), a way to attach custom popup menus to mouse-down events in form fields. (If not, you know now!) But ScriptMeister Kas knows from recent experience that it's important to "Clean Up You Popups," as he details in his latest column.

Developer   June 17, 2000

Introducing the Smart PDF Workflow

Max Wyss and Makiko Itoh

A paper and Smart PDF solution can be more streamlined than one based on paper and HTML, according to our contributors, a tagteam of Acrobat/PDF gurus based in Switzerland. They also suggest in their "Practical Smart PDF" articles that a hybrid solution is often the best approach.

Enterprise & Government   June 03, 2000

Plug-in - Developing a plug-in to count all bookmarks

A simple plug-in example to count all the bookmarks in the active document. You can download the full source and a Reader enabled plug-in version.

Developer   May 27, 2000

IAC - How to convert Excel Chart to PDF using PDFWriter

A VB program that automatically converts Excel Charts to PDF Format.

Developer   May 22, 2000

IAC - Adding link annotation to a page

How to add a link annotation to the current page in Acrobat.

Developer   May 20, 2000

IAC - Merge PDF Files

Dave Wraight

The code and executable are not complete but developers may find parts of it useful.

Developer   May 16, 2000

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.