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Our in-depth articles are archived in a series of categories for easy access. Select the category to the left to display only the articles related to that category.

PDF Anatomy 101

Bryan Guignard

This article examines what a PDF document is made up of. Comprised of document objects, page objects and content objects, it explains how these objects relate to form the PDFs you make and use.

Developer   October 31, 1999

PDF templates - the invisible paper

Karl De Abrew

Bryan Guignard takes a pragmatic approach to his column with his PDF Templates kit. This kit consists of two files. The Template Interface, and a second PDF file which is a sample of invisible PDF paper along with the PostScript code snippet used to create it.

Developer   October 19, 1999

All about compression in Distiller

Aandi Inston

So what is compression and which settings are the best? In this special, in-depth column, Aandi looks at what the compression types and settings in Acrobat Distiller mean, and what settings suit particular sorts of images.

Enterprise & Government   October 08, 1999

Acrobat Reader dysfunctionality

Bryan Guignard

Perhaps the most obvious limitation is Reader's inability to save modifications to a PDF file. Rest assured, this is the way it's supposed to be. Bryan Guignard explains what situations are appropriate for Reader, and when you'll need the full product.

Enterprise & Government   October 06, 1999

Moving live business process to the Web

Tony McKinley

Tony McKinley looks at how businesses cope with the running their business at Internet speed. Adobe Acrobat provides the architecture of a multiple enterprise software environments WITHIN the document. Electronic Document Management Systems, Search-ability of PDF Content, and Collaboration.

Enterprise & Government   October 06, 1999

How to populate a PDF file's form with data from a web server

Gordon Kent

Gordon Kent explores PDF forms, with working examples and step-by-step descriptions of how to populate a PDF file's form fields with data processed by a webserver. One example uses Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) to populate a PDF form, and the other uses the ActiveX version of the FDF toolkit to populate a PDF form with data submitted from an HTML form.

Developer   July 13, 1999

Win32 API - Minimizing Acrobat Exchange

How to minimise Acrobat Exchange.

Developer   July 10, 1999

PostScript - Using PostScript to concatenate PostScript and EPS file

Aandi Inston

This piece of PostScript can be used with any version of Adobe Acrobat Distiller to allow a sequence of PostScript or EPS files to be concatenated together into a single PDF file.

Developer   June 18, 1999

Processing Acrobat Form Data: As Easy As HTML

Gordon Kent

Getting started with using Acrobat Forms. Gordon Kent explores how you go about setting up PDF forms on your web site: easy ways to get data from your online Acrobat forms into a web-served database, resent as email or other common applications.

Developer   June 10, 1999

IAC - How to remove a single bookmark from a folder of PDFs using VB6

A simple program that allows you to remove a single bookmark from a folder of PDFs.

Developer   May 30, 1999

IAC - Number of Pages in a PDF

Dave Wraight

If you have ever needed to know the number of pages in a PDF, then PageCounter will do the trick.

Developer   May 23, 1999

IAC - How to convert all the PPTs in a folder to PDF

How to convert all the PPTs in a folder to PDF.

Developer   May 22, 1999

IAC - Printing using Acrobat Reader

How to print a PDF using the free Acrobat Reader.

Developer   May 22, 1999

Applying a menu bar to all page of a PDF

We show you how to apply a menubar to all pages of a PDF using a PDF template and JavaScript. The example includes a button that takes the user to the first page of a document as well as a print button.

Developer   May 20, 1999

Binding a variable

How to get a script to bind a variable to the field on that page only, when you don't know the exact field name in advance.

Developer   May 04, 1999

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.