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Time for an Acrobat JavaScript Test

Kas Thomas

Kas Thomas offers a chance to test your knowledge of Acrobat JavaScript with a new 20-question quiz; answers and explanations provided.

Developer   January 07, 2002

Acrobat/PDF: Thoughts on the First Decade

Karl De Abrew

Karl De Abrew, Planet PDF CEO, reflects on the near-decade since Acrobat v.1.0 was hatched (1993), noting several key stages in its development and toward the ever-growing acceptance and use of PDF, to Acrobat's current status as a major breadwinner for Adobe Systems. This commentary was first published in a Seybold Seminars newsletter.

Enterprise & Government   January 04, 2002

Test your knowledge of standard JavaScript core-language functionality

Kas Thomas

Test your knowledge of standard JavaScript core-language functionality by taking this 20-question quiz developed by expert user, author and developer Kas Thomas; answers and explanations provided.

Developer   January 01, 2002

A look at CD based publishing

C. Scott Miller

Noted Acrobat PDF authority and consultant C. Scott Miller, author of the well-known PDF Research Companion Web site, takes the "Learning Acrobat 5" CD-ROM-based instructional tool from Lynda.com for a spin.

Creative & Print   December 19, 2001

The Ghost of PDFWriter Past

Bryan Guignard

Bryan Guignard notes that PDFWriter is no longer part of the basic installation with Acrobat 5, and explains why that's a good thing for PDF users and PDF.

Developer   December 18, 2001

PDF Best Practices #3: Learn to Link

Shlomo Perets

In the third in his series of short, focused articles designed to help users create optimal PDF files and understand the various factors involved in doing so, Shlomo Perets of MicroType explains the hows and whys of developing an effective, efficient linking strategy.

Creative & Print   December 12, 2001

Intro to Acrobat 5 Batch Processing

Dr. D. P. Story

If you're an Acrobat 5 owner who has not yet discovered -- or at least explored -- the product's greatly enhanced batch processing capabilities, you're not getting your money's worth from the program. To show you just a taste of what you've been missing, Prof. D. P. Story offers an introduction to 'Batch' -- Acrobat 5 batch processing and scripting. He also offers tips on how to expand what you can do by easily creating your own custom sequences.

Developer   October 20, 2001

Make It Easy on Yourself

Kas Thomas

One of the things that makes JavaScript such a powerful, easy-to-use language is its relaxed data-typing. But sometimes, you NEED a number to be a number. New Planet PDF columinist Kas Thomas gives you the insight into a host of JavaScript tricks to perform variable type conversions.

Developer   September 20, 2001

Best Practices #2: Creating Effective Acrobat Bookmarks

Shlomo Perets

Acrobat's bookmarks can be a particularly efficient navigation mechanism that provides easy access to common locations and actions. With nesting and expand and collapse capability, bookmarks create a constant conceptual display of the document's structure. Add easy navigation to all important items in your PDFs.

Enterprise & Government   August 27, 2001

Tips for Writing Reliable Code

Kas Thomas

Kas Thomas shares a few work habits and practices that will help you write better code--assuming, of course, that you already know at least the basics of programming!

Developer   August 23, 2001

Best Practices #1: Reducing the size of your PDFs

Shlomo Perets

There's a persistent myth that PDF files by their very nature are large in size; the fact is that in the majority of cases where file size is a legitimate issue, the result is due to poor authoring techniques, a lack of sufficient user knowledge about pitfalls and/or about what steps can be taken. Shlomo offers some valuable pointers.

Enterprise & Government   August 07, 2001

Save Yourself Some Typing with 'With'

Kas Thomas

One trick I've learned (the hard way) for reducing the number of bugs in my JavaScript is to make use of any and all tools and techniques for cutting down on the amount of typing I have to do. Kas unveils new 'secret weapon' against typos.

Developer   August 05, 2001

Image Mapping in PDF - Create a JavaScript Color Picker

Kas Thomas

Kas presents an exercise on how to set up an image map in a PDF file and couple it to a Perl script running on a server, creating an RGB color picker as an example.

Developer   August 05, 2001

Using Colors in Acrobat JavaScript

Kas Thomas

Kas offers a crash course in manipulating color in PDF files.

Developer   August 05, 2001

The Trouble with 'this'

Kas Thomas

Kas is always looking for ways to improve his -- and your -- script-writing skills and practices. He's got another shortcut that will cut down on your keystroking, and thus lessen the chance for the dreaded Script Typo.

Developer   July 20, 2001

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