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Our in-depth articles are archived in a series of categories for easy access. Select the category to the left to display only the articles related to that category.

Popup Menu Programming in Acrobat JavaScript

Thom Parker

The popup menu is one the most useful and easy to use User Interface Items available to the Acrobat JavaScript programmer. Unlike many of the other UI options it can be used in Folder level scripts as well as at the Document level and lower. In this piece, Thom Parker explains how to use this item.

Developer   October 21, 2004

Navigating the Internal Structure of a PDF Document

Thom Parker

"A PDF Document is a many layered thing." So says Thom Parker, who in this article tries to make sense of the structures and objects that compose a PDF Document with a view to fostering a better understanding of the PDF Specification.

Developer   October 07, 2004

PDFaloud Creator Speaks Up About PDF

Dan Shea

Martin McKay has worked all his adult life in assistive technology. His company, Texthelp, has been helping to make the most popular document formats accessible to people who cannot read. This ultimately resulted in a strong focus on PDF, so Planet PDF caught up with him to get his take on PDF's present and future with respect to assistive technologies.

Enterprise & Government   September 17, 2004

Adding JavaScript References to the Acrobat Pro 6 Help Menu

Douglas J. Alford

With the release of Acrobat Professional 6, the JavaScript Reference (known formerly as the JavaScript Object Specification) disappeared from its home on the Help menu. In this article, Doug Alford explains how to add it and other documents to Acrobat's Help menu.

Developer   September 15, 2004

PDF Master: Thomas Merz's Take on PDF and Acrobat

Dan Shea

PDFlib GmbH founder and head Thomas Merz is a long-time expert in the areas of PostScript and PDF. Planet PDF recently caught up with the seasoned speaker and author to talk about PDF, the path that's taken him to this point, and what the future holds for the format.

Developer   September 08, 2004

Acrobat in the Browser

Dave Wraight

Using some simple JavaScript, it's possible to determine a whole range of version information from the PDF Viewing Component inside a Web Browser. If you need to, say, determine which version of the Acrobat Browser Plugin your web visitors were using, Dave Wraight explains how.

Developer   September 01, 2004

PDF and Prepress According to Roelof

Dan Shea

Planet PDF's Dan Shea recently caught up with Independent System Integrators CEO Roelof Janssen in person to establish his views on Acrobat 6 Professional, the state of PDF prepress and the future.

Creative & Print   August 23, 2004

REVIEW: 'Getting Professional Results From Your PDFs'

Dave Wraight

What would the IT industry be without user documentation and tech books? Dave Wraight takes a look at one such text: Carl Young's latest book, "Adobe Acrobat 6.0: Getting Professional Results From Your PDFs".

Enterprise & Government   August 04, 2004

Softproofing with Acrobat 6 Professional's Preflight Tools

John Clifford

Part two of two in John Clifford's "PDF and Soft Proofing" series. Acrobat 6 Professional has a number of preflight tools that come in very handy during the softproofing phase of your print workflow. John Clifford outlines how to take advantage of these tools during the softproofing phase.

Creative & Print   July 27, 2004

Traditional Proofreading in PDF

John Clifford

Part one of two in John Clifford's "PDF and Soft Proofing" series. Acrobat 6's enhanced feature set allows for traditional proofreading marks to be used in "soft" PDF proofs. John Clifford explains how to make the best use of Acrobat to save paper without alienating your proofreaders.

Creative & Print   July 21, 2004

How to Create Slide Shows and Self-running Kiosks in Acrobat

Wendy Halderman and Ted Padova

In this tutorial, Ted Padova and Wendy Halderman explain how to best use the features of Acrobat 6 Professional to create a self-running multi-media kiosk for use with displays such as tradeshow exhibits.

Creative & Print   July 08, 2004

Making Accessibility a Reality at the IRS

Maureen P. Goulder

Maureen P. Goulder of the IRS outlines some of the steps taken to implement PDF accessibility at one of the World's most active PDF forms processors -- the US Internal Revenue Service.

Enterprise & Government   June 17, 2004

PDF Master: Graphic arts guru talks PDF and peacekeeping

Dan Shea

Taking a break from keeping designers and printers on speaking terms, Practicalia principal Claudia McCue takes some time out to talk PDF.

Creative & Print   June 16, 2004

PDF Master: ISI head discusses the Paperless Office

Dan Shea

Taking a break from applause-filled product demonstrations, Image Solutions, Inc. CEO Jinsoo Kim takes some time out to talk PDF.

Enterprise & Government   June 09, 2004

PDF Master: Enigmatic forum sage reveals secret origins...

Technical writer and Planet PDF Forum sage Doug Alford takes some time out to talk PDF.

Enterprise & Government   June 01, 2004

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.