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Our in-depth articles are archived in a series of categories for easy access. Select the category to the left to display only the articles related to that category.

JavaScript - Detour from Response Dialogs

Kas Thomas

Demonstrates the use of the JavaScript response dialog for function testing.

Developer   April 01, 2001

Dialogs from JavaScript in a PDF Form - User interaction

Kas Thomas

When it's time to pop the question (in a JavaScript response dialog), Kas shows you how.

Developer   April 01, 2001

JavaScript - Debugging Colors

Kas Thomas

Kas talks about using the undocumented JavaScript function popupmenu to return a Color (really an array of floating point values) rather than a String.

Developer   April 01, 2001

JavaScript - Runtime argument lists for popup menus

Kas Thomas

Kas tells you about the undocumented popUpMenu() function, which creates a popup-menu list of choices based on the argument list supplied. Take a peek, if you dare.

Developer   April 01, 2001

Automating Workflows - Improve Cycle Time & Increase Profitability

David Zwang

In his article "Automating Workflows," David Zwang explores the what, how and why of process automation, including a look at some basic automation tools and offering insights on ways to facilitate new workflows.

Creative & Print   March 05, 2001

PDF Tool Talk with Stephan Jaeggi

Bernd Zipper of Germany chats with Stephan Jaeggi of Switzerland about his long experience working with PDF in Prepress, and in particular about the "opportunities and dangers" Jaeggi sees for those who attempt to build a home-grown PDF workflow. His advice: "You don't have to switch to a PDF workflow all at once ... take it step by step. Run the PDF workflow in parallel with your existing PostScript workflow."

  March 05, 2001

Forms - Something to Bear in Mind

Kas Thomas

Kas briefly points out the various usages of JavaScript in PDF applications.

Developer   February 14, 2001

Forms - Hot Help Made Easy

Kas Thomas

Anything that provides contextual help to a form user at runtime is a big win for all concerned. Find out how to set and change Tool Tips on-the-fly.

Developer   February 12, 2001

PDF's Brittleness: A Lament PDF - An optimal solution

Kas Thomas

PDF is one of the most brittle and unforgiving formats I've ever worked with, in the sense that if you introduce even one stray byte into the middle of a file, you stand a 99% chance of wrecking the reading frame for the whole file (kind of like a frameshift error in DNA giving rise to "nonsense proteins"), totally breaking the world.

Developer   February 10, 2001

Forms - Using event.change

Kas Thomas

A custom keystroke filter to emulate one of those Department-of-Motor-Vehicle sort of forms where you have a little square box for every letter of your name, and you can fit only one character to a box.

Developer   February 04, 2001

External Code for PDF Forms: The Secret Revealed

Kas Thomas

Kas has been trying to find a way to store functions as persistent globals, so that he can come back to them, from ANY future PDF form that a reader downloads.

Developer   February 01, 2001

JavaScript - Unduplicating a List of Names

Kas Thomas

Kas discusses the Associative array concept in JavaScript and how it can be utilised to remove duplicate entries in a list.

Developer   February 01, 2001

Sorting Tip - Performing numeric and alphabetic sorting

Kas Thomas

If you've ever wanted to slap yourself for doing something the stupid way, then you'll enjoy Kas' latest foray into the world of numerical and alphabetic sorting techniques. Take a peek.

Developer   February 01, 2001

Testing for Object Types in JavaScript

Kas Thomas

Kas reveals a method of determining object types programmatically. How DO you tell whether the function was passed an Array versus a String?

Developer   February 01, 2001

Acrobat PDF Forms: A Step-by-step Introduction

Ted Padova

Ted Padova, author of the Acrobat PDF Bible, provides a detailed (17 parts) step-by-step guide on creating and using Acrobat PDF Forms. Many of the resources and examples cited in his article are also available for download.

Developer   February 01, 2001

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.