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JavaScript Quick Tip of the Day

Kas Thomas

Kas illustrates the "arity" function that is used for counting arguments in JavaScript.

Developer   February 01, 2001

Forms - More About JavaScript Types

Kas Thomas

Data types are implicit and (to a degree) contextual in JavaScript, which makes life easy on the programmer, for the most part. But there are times when it is helpful or even essential to know whether two variables are of the same type.

Developer   February 01, 2001

Forms - The Importance of Initial Conditions

Kas Thomas

It's usually a good idea to initialize variables with sane values as soon as they are created (and sanity-check incoming argument values before using them). Intialize your form fields to rational values. Don't just leave them blank or zero. If you do, you don't know what kind of nonsense might happen.

Developer   January 20, 2001

'PDF for Graphic Arts: Who Benefits?'

Bob Greene

The Answer? Bob Greene of Lantana Software has it, and is sharing it in an article that highlights a number of the advantages and benefits, as he sees it, of Acrobat/PDF for people working in various publishing- and/or printing-oriented endeavors.

Creative & Print   January 11, 2001

Doc discovery more difficult in Acrobat 5.0.5

Kas Thomas

Kas Thomas opines why the unexplained 'crippling' of the activeDocs property for Acrobat JavaScript with Adobe Systems' recently updated 5.0.5 version is a setback for developers.

Developer   January 02, 2001

OPINION: Electronic books: The final analysis

Karl De Abrew

In this somewhat tongue-in-cheek opinion piece, Planet PDF founder Karl De Abrew offers his take on the value and future of electronic books.

Enterprise & Government   December 31, 2000

PDFmark - Generating named destinations

Bryan Guignard

Here is a ready pdfmark file for generating named destinations. All the instructions are in the file. There is Postscript code that can accomplish this task, but the pdfmark file has the advantage of letting you specify non sequential named destinations, as well as only creating named destinations for the pages you specify.

Developer   December 20, 2000

Adobe Acrobat's Display "Qualities"

Shlomo Perets

Shlomo Perets inspects Adobe Acrobat's capabilities specific to on-screen reading, offers explanations and illustrations of several commonly cited shortcomings and poses questions about possible improvements in future versions.

Creative & Print   December 06, 2000

Associative arrays and JavaScript - Part 5

Kas Thomas

Kas Thomas explores the world of associative arrays and JavaScript.

Developer   November 01, 2000

Thoughts on Adobe Acrobat Plug-in Development

Kas Thomas

In this piece in our Developers section, Kas Thomas shares some thoughts and experiences about Adobe Acrobat plug-in development, the Acrobat SDK and a variety of other related topics on his mind.

Developer   October 17, 2000

Pondering Acrobat's Future

Kas Thomas

Kas Thomas reflects on where he thinks Acrobat and PDF are headed, and on where they fit in the greater communications technology picture. Agree or disagree? Post your thoughts on the future of PDF in the Planet PDF Forum!

Enterprise & Government   October 03, 2000

PDF101 - An Introduction to Using Adobe Acrobat/PDF

Carl Young

Carl Young of DigiPub Solutions Corp. and the PDF 2000 II Conference shares some tips on creating PDFs that make optimal use of Acrobat's feature set -- suggesting that users develop a checklist that can guide consistent production of PDFs.

Enterprise & Government   October 03, 2000

Using PDFs on Corporate CD-ROMs

C. Scott Miller

C. Scott Miller shares his thoughts and experiences on an expanding demand for cross-media documentation that is driving new interest in PDF, part of his recent PDF Day presentation. It includes an overview of a fundraising project, combining multimedia with PDF documentation on a CD-ROM, that his company helped produce for Wells Fargo Bank.

Creative & Print   September 29, 2000

Add fill-in fields to static PDF forms

PDF forms are turning up at an increasing number of Web sites, but many represent the most basic conversion. Rather than allowing their forms to be filled in on line, many sites post static versions that must be downloaded, printed and filled in by hand. If you own the full version of Adobe Acrobat, you may be able to add fill-in fields to some forms so they can at least be completed electronically.

Enterprise & Government   September 27, 2000

IAC - PDF Print All

PDF Print All was constructed to eliminate the problem of multiple document printing in Adobe Acrobat.

Developer   September 20, 2000

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.