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IAC - Automating batch Word DOC conversion to PDF using 'Acrobat Distiller' printer

VB code that will allow you to create PDF documents in batch using Acrobat 4's "Acrobat Distiller" printer.

Developer   May 12, 2000

JavaScript - E-mailing PDF files

Interfacing with e-mail from a PDF is a useful way of transporting both PDF and FDF files. This sample document shows how to do it via a URL and three different methods via JavaScript (mail message, mail document, mail FDF). The JavaScript methods are NOT present in Acrobat Reader.

Developer   May 12, 2000

JavaScript - Instant Printing From a PopUpMenu

Dave Wraight

The following JavaScript code can be added to a button, bookmark or even link. When the user activates the button / bookmark / link a popup menu will be displayed on screen listing the page numbers (in page blocks of 20).

Developer   April 15, 2000

Undocumented PDF JavaScript Function

Kas Thomas

Seems there is at least one undocumented (but live and ready to use) function lurking under PDF JavaScript's hood, that nobody outside of Adobe knows about.

Developer   April 11, 2000

Internet Publishing & PDF

Gordon Kent

Gordon Kent, author of "Internet Publishing With Acrobat", talks to Planet PDF about his book, Acrobat 4.0 and publishing on the Web.

Developer   April 10, 2000

Practical Smart PDF - When they ask: 'Why PDF?,' Show Them!

Max Wyss and Makiko Itoh

An article co-produced by Max Wyss and Makiko Itoh. Based in Switzerland, this dynamic Acrobat/PDF duo has produced some of the most complex, interactive PDF-based forms we've seen. In their opening tag-team contribution, they explain -- and show -- why they've chosen PDF as their "tool of choice for a diverse array of solutions."

Enterprise & Government   April 09, 2000

Online PDFs - What You Get Might Not Be What You See

Shlomo Perets

Shlomo Perets explores a few of Acrobat's little mysteries -- in particular, why some PDF files created for online use may not be a true duplicate of the original. In his article he explores why some document attributes may vary from expectations, depending on specific Acrobat versions, authoring applications and printer drivers used, and explains the potential implications.

Creative & Print   April 08, 2000

Transitions Made Easy

Bryan Guignard

Sure, some of us know that you can set a few transition effects to display when a PDF is viewed in full screen. But did you know that there are many more ways that are not nearly as well documented for adding effects? We explore the methods you can use to add permanent transition effects to PDF documents/slide shows.

Developer   March 23, 2000

Free PDF Workflow Brochures

All four of Stephan Jaeggi's popular PDF Workflow whitepapers are available as free downloads on Planet PDF. Topics include: An introduction to PDF technology; Economic and organizational aspects of PDF; The creation of PDF documents; and, Processing and outputting PDF files.

Creative & Print   March 23, 2000

A look at CD based publishing

Kas Thomas

Performance can suffer rather alarmingly when you try to do outlandish, computation-intensive things in an interpreted language. Find out exactly how JavaScript is executed and how you be sure that you're not putting the stops on your code.

Developer   March 16, 2000

IAC - Measuring page sizes of PDFs

Dave Wraight

The following routine will cycle through each page in a PDF file and extract the Page Size in Centimetres and also Inches.

Developer   March 14, 2000

JavaScript - runtimeHighlight property

This following sample uses the undocumented and unsupported runtimeHighlight property for the Acrobat JavaScript app object to provide an outline around form fields at runtime.

Developer   February 19, 2000

Linking Up with FDF

George Johnson

If you're Acrobat-savvy enough to realize that "FDF" is not a typographical error, then you know that the "Form Data Format" is a way to transfer data to and from PDF-based forms. But you may not realize some of the other ways you can utilize FDF. That's OK, because University of Washington research engineer George Johnson knows -- and he's sharing some examples in his Planet PDF article Linking Up with FDF."

Developer   February 18, 2000

JavaScript - Displaying the Date

How to display the date using JavaScript.

Developer   February 16, 2000

Plug-in - Developing a plug-in that acts as an Automation Server

This is a Win32 project done with VC++ 5.0 that implements an Acrobat plug-in that demonstrates how to turn it into an Automation (formerly known as "OLE Automation") server.

Developer   February 11, 2000

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