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Archive: Acrobat 6.0

Reducing PDF File Size (Optimizing PDFs)

Dan Shea

PDF is a powerful technology that can produce large, unwieldy files. Ideally, each PDF should be optimized for its intended purpose, audience and delivery method. This article talks about optimization and shows how to slim down over-sized PDF files using Acrobat.

Enterprise & Government   April 07, 2014

SEO For PDF: Preparing PDF for Search Engines

Jeremy Koadlow

Preparing PDF documents for search engines is something that is important to know not only for storing files but also for allowing others to find them and making them contribute positively on any sites that they are found. There is a checklist that has been created through a number of different sources which will give you a robust if not definitive guide on PDF SEO optimization.

Enterprise & Government   April 05, 2013

Is PDF an open standard?

Duff Johnson

On May 13, the founders of Adobe Systems stepped up to the microphone to deliver a response to Steve Jobs' open letter about Flash. They say Adobe has acted on open standards while Apple offers mere words. In this article, Appligent Document Solutions CEO Duff Johnson provides some background that places their claims in context.

Enterprise & Government   June 10, 2010

PDF Developer Libraries

Nettie Hartsock

Please click here to read about PDF Developer Libraries.

Developer   April 10, 2008

EDITORIAL: Adobe Reader rollercoaster slows to a halt

Dan Shea

After such headlines as "Adobe flaw may be 'worst' bug of 2007", one could perhaps be forgiven for feeling a little nervous. As it turns out however, this latest flaw now seems more like a falling acorn than a piece of sky. Dan Shea examines the latest PDF-related security scare.

Enterprise & Government   January 11, 2007

REVIEW: PitStop Professional 7

Julie Shaffer

Speaker, author and educator Julie Shaffer puts in her (expert) 2 cents on the new release of Enfocus's flagship preflight, editing and automation plug-in for Acrobat, Enfocus PitStop Professional.

Creative & Print   August 02, 2006

The Trouble with Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office 2007

Richard Crocker

The interesting if not troubling thing I've found after using the Microsoft Office 2007 beta is that Adobe Acrobat's PDF creation tools are now well and truly hidden away and hard to find. This creates multiple problems for Adobe: less people will successfully create PDFs, and more people will be asking, "Where did my 'Create PDF' button go?" Adobe needs to develop a solution for previous versions of Acrobat before the new Microsoft Office is launched.

Enterprise & Government   June 14, 2006

OCR, PDFs, and bates-numbered documents

Ernest Svenson

Finding the interplay of PDF creation, Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and bates numbering a little confusing? PDFforLawyers.com's Ernest Svenson explains in this piece on just that topic.

Enterprise & Government   June 01, 2006

PDF security: eEnvelopes and security policies

Dan Shea

Part two in a series on PDF security, this article covers the important issue of which parts of the document need to be encrypted, the concept of 'eEnvelopes' and provides a little information about security policies. The latest installment attempts to take some more of the pain out of devising document security strategies.

Enterprise & Government   August 24, 2005

Electronic Signatures - they do exist don't they?

David Fishel

Some form of electronic signature has existed for quite some time. Almost all US states and a large number of countries have enacted or are considering some form of electronic signature legislation. If that's the case, why aren't there more of them in use? PDFforLawyers.com's Dave Fishel explains in this piece on electronic signatures.

Enterprise & Government   July 06, 2005

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

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