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Archive: Collaboration & Exchange

PDF Collaboration: WebDAV In Action - Installation and Setup of WebDAV

Bernd Zipper

In general, a WebDAV server has modest hardware requirements. A Pentium or PowerPC-based system with at least 128 MB RAM and 4GB disk space is sufficient for the Acrobat workflow we tested. WebDAV can be installed on most modern server operating systems, including Windows NT Server, Windows 2000 Professional, OS X and Linux. An optimum configuration was achieved, in our opinion, was achieved by using Red Hat Linux, Apache and the WebDAV Extension.

Developer   July 03, 2001

PDF Collaboration: WebDAV In Action - The HTML Communications Standard

Bernd Zipper

Before we can share PDF files on the Web, we must first find a way to get them there. Despite promises in numerous marketing brochures, putting data online is not often an easy matter. Absent any support from CGI scripts, the online data must usually be uploaded to the Web server using an FTP application; the normal browser will not suffice.

Developer   July 03, 2001

Adobe CEO Chizen hopes to build Acrobat PDF legacy

Kurt Foss

Bruce Chizen, President and CEO of Adobe Systems, recently discussed with Planet PDF a range of related, Acrobat-centric topics. In the interview, he talks about the growing importance of Acrobat within the company's product line, the launch of Acrobat 5.0, his own Acrobat-dependent legacy, Adobe's new "Network Publishing" vision, its approach to ebooks, an upcoming release of a PDF Forms Fill-in product and the future release of a single, dual-purpose Reader.

Enterprise & Government   June 04, 2001

Automating Workflows - Improve Cycle Time & Increase Profitability

David Zwang

In his article "Automating Workflows," David Zwang explores the what, how and why of process automation, including a look at some basic automation tools and offering insights on ways to facilitate new workflows.

Creative & Print   March 05, 2001

Adobe Acrobat's Display "Qualities"

Shlomo Perets

Shlomo Perets inspects Adobe Acrobat's capabilities specific to on-screen reading, offers explanations and illustrations of several commonly cited shortcomings and poses questions about possible improvements in future versions.

Creative & Print   December 06, 2000

Using PDFs on Corporate CD-ROMs

C. Scott Miller

C. Scott Miller shares his thoughts and experiences on an expanding demand for cross-media documentation that is driving new interest in PDF, part of his recent PDF Day presentation. It includes an overview of a fundraising project, combining multimedia with PDF documentation on a CD-ROM, that his company helped produce for Wells Fargo Bank.

Creative & Print   September 29, 2000

Listen to Your PDFs

Bryan Guignard

Bryan Guignard isn't yet talking to his PDF files, but he's spent a good deal of time listening to them lately. He's impressed with the Text-to-Speech technology, as he explains in his article, and sees opportunities beyond just an accessibility solution.

Enterprise & Government   August 23, 2000

PDF 101 - Adding form fields to PDF files

Carl Young

Carl Young's PDF 101 articles -- intended as an introduction to using Acrobat/PDF -- explore the basics of adding fields to make your PDF Forms interactive.

Enterprise & Government   August 10, 2000

XML and PDF: Of applications and philosophy

Gordon Kent

As you consider how to maintain the integrity of data for future use, the best format is a structured format and there is no better format than XML, Gordon Kent writes in his latest article. Alternatively, you may have requirements to maintain the branding image or look and feel of your documents; here PDF is an excellent choice. How can you get the maximum value from what both XML and PDF offer?

Enterprise & Government   July 27, 2000

Using Digital Signatures with Acrobat

Karl De Abrew

With the recent signing of a new digital signatures law by U.S. President Bill Clinton, we're re-posting a "Pulp Free" column first written by Planet PDF's Karl De Abrew for Adobe.com -- a look at using using digital signatures in PDF documents.

Enterprise & Government   July 06, 2000

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.