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Cordova, Xamarin and PDF

Karl De Abrew

PDF is platform independent, and a well-worn veteran in the world of document exchange. That said, the delivery, display and usage environment has changed somewhat over the past 5 years. Fancy applications that perform all those useful tasks either on desktop, or on a website, are now being overrun by dedicated mobile apps (yes, drop the '-lications' to stay cool). For PDF developers, if you're looking to go out and play with the big boys and girls, i.e. moving onto the mobile devices, not just in the cloud, then why not play around with a PDF SDK, Xamarin and Cordova. With a fairly minimal amount of work, a few PDF files, and a big return.

Developer   December 01, 2017

Back to the past, 15 years ago! Open Publish 2002

Karl De Abrew

Looking back to 2002, it's amazing how much of the prediction became a reality. Take a read and see what you think!

Developer   September 14, 2017

PDF SDK & PDF Developer Libraries

Rowan Hanna

Numerous third-parties produce libraries that can be used to create PDF. This page collects some of the better known PDF developer offerings.

Developer   September 14, 2017

PDF Master: Bruno Lowagie

Dan Shea

To commemorate 20+ years of PDF, Planet PDF has conducted a new series of interviews with PDF masters, movers and shakers in the PDF universe. In this instalment, iText's Bruno Lowagie talks about key changes in the PDF landscape, including recognition as a standard, the status of XFA, and and the impact of the rise of mobile computing.

Developer   September 15, 2014

PDF Master: Mark Stephens

Dan Shea

To take stock, reflect and commemorate more than 20 years of PDF, Planet PDF has conducted a new series of interviews with PDF masters, movers and shakers in the PDF universe. To kick off the new series, IDRsolutions CEO Mark Stephens talks about PDF development and the implications of the rise of mobile technology.

Developer   August 10, 2014

Adobe says "No" to XFA support in Adobe Reader Mobile

Dan Shea

Due to their self-contained nature, page fidelity, and sophisticated forms technology, PDF forms seem ideally suited for mobile devices. Nevertheless, Adobe has stated categorically that Adobe Reader Mobile will not add support for XFA-based PDF forms. In this article, Planet PDF considers the implications of Adobe's position for forms creators and users.

Enterprise & Government   June 24, 2014

How will Acrobat's new sandbox play with my workflow?

Dan Shea

Following the addition of sandbox technology to Adobe's flagship product, people (including we at Planet PDF) have been keen to nail down the practical implications of the move. Sure, it makes PDF viewing safer, but how will it affect my elegant PDF document workflow? In this article, Dan Shea takes a look at some of the finer points of "Protected View", Acrobat's new bodyguard.

Enterprise & Government   June 30, 2011

EDITORIAL: Should malformed PDF files be automatically repaired?

Rowan Hanna

PDF files come in all shapes and sizes. They vary from relatively simple to mind-numbingly complex. PDFs can also differ in their degree of conformance to the PDF specification -- the bad ones are often called malformed PDFs. In this article, Rowan Hanna discusses the pros and cons of Adobe Acrobat automatically repairing these malformed PDF files.

Developer   March 21, 2011

PDFs and their content - Part 1

Jim King

In this two part series, Jim King, a PDF Architect and Senior Principle Scientist at Adobe, discusses the editablility and resuse of content found in PDF files and highlights the fact that despite some people's misperceptions, PDF content is only frozen if you choose it to be.

Developer   January 12, 2011

How Reader Extensions should be sold

Duff Johnson

Reader Extensions allows the free Adobe Reader to perform functions otherwise only available in Adobe's Acrobat desktop software. Unfortunately, the current pricing model has been a barrier to the adoption of Reader Extensions by small-to-medium organizations. In this article, Duff Johnson suggests ways that Adobe could better position this useful functionality to get more "bang for its buck."

Enterprise & Government   July 09, 2009

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