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Archive: Development

JavaScript - Displaying the Date

How to display the date using JavaScript.

Developer   February 16, 2000

Plug-in - Developing a plug-in that acts as an Automation Server

This is a Win32 project done with VC++ 5.0 that implements an Acrobat plug-in that demonstrates how to turn it into an Automation (formerly known as "OLE Automation") server.

Developer   February 11, 2000

JavaScript - Dynamic updates with comboboxes

Here is an example of changing a second combobox in response to a first combobox's selection change.

Developer   February 10, 2000

JavaScript - Generating a unique serial number

The following sample illustrates how to generate a unique serial number for a document. This uses a hash function which is generally useful for JavaScript hackers.

Developer   February 10, 2000

JavaScript - Binding a variable to the field on a page

How to get a script to bind a variable to the field on that page only, when you don't know the exact field name in advance.

Developer   February 08, 2000

UNICODE to ANSI converter

A VB procedure for converting UNICODE to ANSI submitted by Roy from Brook House Publishing.

Developer   February 01, 2000

JavaScript - spawnPageFromTemplate method for templates

An example that proves templates are possible. It uses the JavaScript spawnPageFromTemplate method.

Developer   January 22, 2000

JavaScript - Displaying an alert dialog on the screen

Enables you to display an alert dialog on the screen. The minimum required parameter is a string containing the message to be displayed. Optionally, an icon type can be specified by using the nIcon parameter. This example uses a button group type.

Developer   January 20, 2000

JavaScript - Using Arrays

This code shows mathematical calculations, show and hide of fields, and alerts. Carl Orthlieb has lent a hand to clean it up.

Developer   January 19, 2000

JavaScript - How to display a popup menu

The following sample illustrates how to display a popup-menu. This uses the app.PopUpMenu method.

Developer   January 19, 2000

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