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Archive: Doc-Management & Workflow

PDFs and their content - Part 2

Jim King

In the final part of this two part series, Jim King, a PDF Architect and Senior Principle Scientist at Adobe, takes a closer look at PDF forms as he discusses the editablility and resuse of content found in PDF files and highlights the fact that despite some people's misperceptions, PDF content is only frozen if you choose it to be.

Developer   January 22, 2011

The PDF prescription for health care cost control

Duff Johnson

Healthcare costs in the US have significantly outpaced inflation for several decades. Leaving aside the political questions of how care is financed or delivered, everyone agrees that controlling administrative costs is essential to bringing healthcare expenditures in-line. To treat this problem, Appligent Document Solutions CEO Duff Johnson has a prescription for the healthcare industry: PDF.

Enterprise & Government   August 20, 2009

How Reader Extensions should be sold

Duff Johnson

Reader Extensions allows the free Adobe Reader to perform functions otherwise only available in Adobe's Acrobat desktop software. Unfortunately, the current pricing model has been a barrier to the adoption of Reader Extensions by small-to-medium organizations. In this article, Duff Johnson suggests ways that Adobe could better position this useful functionality to get more "bang for its buck."

Enterprise & Government   July 09, 2009

PDF: The sustainable document technology

Karl De Abrew

What do you think of when you hear the phrase, "green technologies"? Perhaps solar panels, electric cars and carbon-neutral wind generators? In this article, Planet PDF Founder and Debenu CEO Karl De Abrew outlines ways to make offices more eco-friendly using PDF technology.

Enterprise & Government   May 28, 2009

The limitations of Acrobat 9 Pro for document collaboration

John Mohan

PDF-based document collaboration can be a great boon to many workflows, saving time and money. When things go wrong, though, it can cause a lot of headaches. With that in mind, it's important to get the set-up right from the start. In this in-depth article, Rosebud PLM's John Mohan outlines key limitations of Acrobat 9's built-in document collaboration options.

Enterprise & Government   May 14, 2009

PDF/A Update: Exclusive interview with Dr. Hans Bärfuss, CEO, PDF Tools AG

Nettie Hartsock

At Planet PDF, one of our goals is to always update our readers on all the latest and greatest affecting the PDF arena and its users. So we thought it might be good to get an exclusive interview about developments in the PDF/A standard for long-term archival with Dr. Hans Bärfuss, CEO, PDF Tools AG. Planet PDF's Nettie Hartsock reports.

Enterprise & Government   October 30, 2008

How Encryption Works

Michael Cartwright

When you set up password security for a PDF document you are first asked to select an encryption level for the PDF file. If you're a computer geek you may immediately understand what this means, but if you're not you may be puzzled. What does encryption mean and how does it affect your security choices?

Enterprise & Government   October 03, 2008

Make PDF Files Web-Friendly

Michael Cartwright

Is PDF really "unfit for human consumption" (as Jakob Nielsen says) or just misunderstood? Actually, PDFs can definitely be Web-friendly if they are handled with care. We'll teach you how to present PDFs on the Web in a way that minimizes usability problems and unpleasant surprises.

Enterprise & Government   October 01, 2008

Using Metadata to Enhance your PDF Files

Michael Cartwright

Metadata is data about a key piece of information such as an electronic document or file. For example, consider a video of a soccer match. The metadata would be the part of that video file that says "this is a video of a soccer match" or "this video is called World Cup Playoffs" or "this video is 5,353 kilobytes in size." Programs, images, documents, 3D engineering models, databases, and even entire electronic libraries each can contain metadata which help to bring them further definition, identity, and searchability. We take a look at metadata for PDF and how it you can use it to improve the files you publish.

Enterprise & Government   September 30, 2008

PDF vs Word (DOC): When to Use Each

Michael Cartwright

PDF and Microsoft Word DOC formats are two universally accepted document formats. Each has strengths and weaknesses. So which is the best for your documents? The answer is: It depends. Michael Cartwright takes a look at each of these two popular formats and discusses when it's appropriate to use each.

Enterprise & Government   September 26, 2008

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