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Archive: Doc-Management & Workflow

diron Head Talks PDF, Standards and Automation

Dan Shea

Inspired by his family's scientific background, Thomas Roedding began developing software at 15, and by 1991, had already founded his own company. Thirteen years down the track, Planet PDF gets the workflow automation specialist's take on PDF's present and near future.

Enterprise & Government   November 11, 2004

PDF and Prepress According to Roelof

Dan Shea

Planet PDF's Dan Shea recently caught up with Independent System Integrators CEO Roelof Janssen in person to establish his views on Acrobat 6 Professional, the state of PDF prepress and the future.

Creative & Print   August 23, 2004

PDF Master: ISI head discusses the Paperless Office

Dan Shea

Taking a break from applause-filled product demonstrations, Image Solutions, Inc. CEO Jinsoo Kim takes some time out to talk PDF.

Enterprise & Government   June 09, 2004

PDF Master: PDF/X, Acrobat 6, and the future

Dan Shea

Chair of the CGATS and ISO taskforces along with being CEO of CIP4, PDF luminary Martin Bailey takes some time out to talk PDF.

Creative & Print   May 25, 2004

PDF Master: The world according to Zipper

Dan Shea

Celebrated author and speaker, ZIPCON Media and pdfnews.de head Bernd Zipper, takes some time out of his busy schedule to talk PDF.

Creative & Print   May 13, 2004

Introducing SOAP

Dave Wraight

SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol has become a standard mechanism in the world of Web Services. In this piece, Dave Wraight takes a closer look at the use of SOAP with Acrobat.

Developer   March 18, 2004

Ted Padova discusses new Acrobat 6 book, PDF usage

Kurt Foss

Prolific author Ted Padova talks about his latest educational resource for Acrobat 6 users, as well as his own PDF use in a book production workflow and for commercial printing.

Creative & Print   March 01, 2004

PitStop Professional 6: Preflighting with Panache

Susan Glinert

In this review, CreativePro.com contributing Editor Susan Glinert takes an in-depth look at PDF preflighting with powerful prepress plug-in Enfocus PitStop Professional.

Creative & Print   January 20, 2004

Under the Desktop: JDF and Other Musings

David Morgenstern

At September's Seybold expo in San Francisco, David Morgenstern looked at several technologies, including digital job ticketing. These tickets and now even content management are being added to file transfer services aimed at creative pros.

Creative & Print   November 19, 2003

Acrobat 6 Pro -- a new forms layout tool?

Bryan Guignard

In his latest article Bryan Guignard takes a look at the prospect of and demonstrates using Acrobat 6 Pro for producing complex form layouts, calling it "as capable ... as other dedicated form design packages."

Developer   November 06, 2003

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.