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Archive: Editing & Publishing

What's going on with the PDF/X standards in 2003?

Martin Bailey

In late May, the most recent revisions of the PDF/X standards -- prepress-oriented subsets of PDF -- were approved, and new tools for authoring and verifying the newly named PDF/X-1a:2001 & PDF/X-3:2002 are expected to become available soon. Martin Bailey of Global Graphics, chair of the PDF/X standards committee, provides this timely update.

Creative & Print   June 09, 2003

PDF Best Practices #7: Graphics

Shlomo Perets

In the latest in his ongoing series of 'PDF Best Practices' articles, Shlomo Perets of MicroType.com explores and explains issues related to the use of graphics in PDF files -- a matter of compromises and trade-offs.

Creative & Print   June 03, 2003

A first look at Adobe Reader 6

Dan Shea

With the news of Adobe Reader 6.0 still hot off the presses, Planet PDF takes a first look at the new application. Along with providing some first impressions, we'll also offer some insights into the changes and updates that current users can expect.

Enterprise & Government   May 27, 2003

Dov Isaacs: Adobe's Troubleshooting Wiz & Disciple of Discipline

Kurt Foss

Earlier this month we had the chance to catch up with Dov Isaacs of Adobe Systems to talk about his 'day job' as "Principal Scientist, Workflow and Interoperability," as well as about his highly commendable efforts online as a tireless troubleshooter for end-user problems and issues related to the company's software products.

Enterprise & Government   April 28, 2003

Adobe's Sarah Rosenbaum: From Acrobat 1.0 to Acrobat 6.0

Kurt Foss

One of three original members of the initial Acrobat team at Adobe Systems and now Director of Acrobat Product Marketing, Sarah Rosenbaum has left her mark on Acrobat versions 1.0 to 6.0. Likewise, Acrobat and PDF have left their impressions on her. In an interview with Planet PDF, she says the worldwide "awareness and proliferation is so mind-boggling."

Enterprise & Government   April 07, 2003

PDF Master: John Warnock talks with Planet PDF

Karl De Abrew

Today Karl talks with John Warnock, co-founder of Adobe Systems, retired CEO and current Chairman of the Board -- and perhaps most significantly in this venue, the mastermind behind Adobe Acrobat and the Portable Document Format (PDF). In his 1991 "Camelot" report, later published on Planet PDF, Warnock publicly detailed for the first time the foundation for and concept of PDF. The rest, as they say, is history -- and a rich one it is.

Enterprise & Government   April 07, 2003

PDF Master: David Zwang talks with Planet PDF

Karl De Abrew

Planet PDF talks with David Zwang, a highly regarded systems and process analyst with Zwang and Company, long-time moderator for the PDF-oriented sessions at the Seybold Seminars' conferences and other similar industry events, a contributing editor on Acrobat and PDF for The Seybold Report and a contributing writer for several other industry publications.

Creative & Print   March 24, 2003

PDF - The Universal Publishing Format

David Zwang

In this re-published perspective, David Zwang explains why he believes the Portable Document Format (PDF) has become a universal format for publishing.

Creative & Print   March 24, 2003

PDF Master: Hans Hartman talks with Planet PDF

Karl De Abrew

Today Karl talks with Hans Hartman, chair of last year's Seybold PDF Summit events in New York and San Francisco, which included the "PDF Shootout" independent vendor comparisons and the Seybold survey on PDF usage.

Creative & Print   March 18, 2003

PDF Master: Pattie Belle Hastings talks with Planet PDF

Karl De Abrew

Planet PDF talks with Pattie Belle Hastings, co-author of the "Adobe Acrobat 5 Master Class" book, published by Peachpit Press. A keen proponent for PDFs that are designed for on-screen viewing -- taking full advantage of Acrobat's interactive and multimedia capabilities -- she is an Associate Professor of Interactive Design at Quinnipiac University in Connecticut, and an accomplished artist and graphic designer.

Creative & Print   March 05, 2003

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