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Archive: Editing & Publishing

The disadvantages of locked PDFs

Ernest Svenson

One thing that makes the PDF format suited to storing and exchanging digital documents is that PDF documents can be secured against unauthorized access. Applying document security can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help, however. PDFforLawyers.com's Ernest Svenson explains.

Enterprise & Government   March 04, 2010

iPhone 3Gs as a portable scanner that creates PDFs

Ernest Svenson

The wide range of available iPhone apps allows them to have a staggering variety of uses. Given the right app, an iPhone 3GS can even act as an effective portable scanner. PDFforLawyers.com's Ernest Svenson explains.

Enterprise & Government   February 11, 2010

The Tablet: What it means for publishing

Duff Johnson

The recent launch of the iPad, Apple's tablet device, has set the Net buzzing. The release has Appligent Document Solutions CEO Duff Johnson thinking about the future of personal computing and what he calls "the tablet economy" -- a computing ecosystem centered around tablet-based devices. Duff outlines his predictions and offers some guidance for content publishers in this feature article.

Enterprise & Government   January 27, 2010

PDF content tracking: Could it save the publishing industry?

Don Fluckinger

Despite tough economic times, Adobe Systems plans to spend almost $2 billion USD buying Omniture, a web-metrics tracking company. In this feature, Don Fluckinger argues that Adobe's history of canny acquisitions and the potential upside of PDF content tracking mean that the move could take commercial PDF publishing to the next level.

Enterprise & Government   October 22, 2009

How Reader Extensions should be sold

Duff Johnson

Reader Extensions allows the free Adobe Reader to perform functions otherwise only available in Adobe's Acrobat desktop software. Unfortunately, the current pricing model has been a barrier to the adoption of Reader Extensions by small-to-medium organizations. In this article, Duff Johnson suggests ways that Adobe could better position this useful functionality to get more "bang for its buck."

Enterprise & Government   July 09, 2009

PDF: The sustainable document technology

Karl De Abrew

What do you think of when you hear the phrase, "green technologies"? Perhaps solar panels, electric cars and carbon-neutral wind generators? In this article, Planet PDF Founder and Debenu CEO Karl De Abrew outlines ways to make offices more eco-friendly using PDF technology.

Enterprise & Government   May 28, 2009

The limitations of Acrobat 9 Pro for document collaboration

John Mohan

PDF-based document collaboration can be a great boon to many workflows, saving time and money. When things go wrong, though, it can cause a lot of headaches. With that in mind, it's important to get the set-up right from the start. In this in-depth article, Rosebud PLM's John Mohan outlines key limitations of Acrobat 9's built-in document collaboration options.

Enterprise & Government   May 14, 2009

PDF-to-Word Conversion: Why it's so hard to do

Richard Crocker

When a file is converted to PDF, it loses its meaning. On the surface all the information is there, and to your eyes it looks exactly the same, but underneath that, all the method, structure and intelligence used when designing the original document has been lost.† This forms the heart of the challenge faced when attempting to convert PDF files back to formats like DOC (Microsoft Word), RTF and HTML, and is not dissimilar to those faced when OCRing paper-based documents.

Enterprise & Government   March 19, 2009

What do PDF and social media have in common?

Nettie Hartsock

In the early days of PDF, most non-PDF people did not understand how much benefit this new technology was going to bring across all verticals in terms of changing how we all use content on a daily basis. And there really still is no way to predict in the next five or ten or twenty years all the new things that are going to emerge from the PDF world.

Enterprise & Government   March 12, 2009

Sponsor Article: Five interesting things you can do with PDF

Jean Haney

Leveraging fifteen years of experience converting PDF into other formats, Visual Integrity Co-Founder Jean Haney outlines some of her favourite uses of PDF.

Enterprise & Government   November 13, 2008

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