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PDF Conference preview and must-see sessions

Dan Shea

With mere days to go until the Crystal City Hilton opens its doors for the 2005 PDF Conference, PDF luminaries and neophytes alike are preparing to make their way to the US capital for a dose of PDF education. In this piece, Dan Shea previews key sessions from the show's program.

Enterprise & Government   September 21, 2005

PDF security: Digital signatures

Dan Shea

Part three in a series on PDF security, this article covers the key issue of digital signatures. "What are they?" "How are they used?" "When should they be used?" This article tackles these questions and more in order to further de-mystify PDF security.

Enterprise & Government   August 31, 2005

Quality Assurance in PDF -- Business critical files may not be legible in the future

Roger Reeves

If you bake a cake, you start by checking the "best before" date on the cake mix, smelling the milk to ensure it's still good, and looking at the eggs when cracking them open. If any of the ingredients are bad or have reached their expiry date, you won't use them. In comparison, how many companies check the PDF documents they receive from external (or other internal) sources before entering them into business processes, where the cost of failure is considerably higher? Roger Reeves of PDF Tools AG explains.

Enterprise & Government   July 15, 2005

Editorial: Community becomes Industry

Dan Shea

Back in early 2001, the PDF community was a very different animal. Competition was taboo, profits were secondary, and PDF was viewed as primarily a print format. Dan Shea takes a slightly nostalgic look back to that more innocent time in his latest editorial.

Enterprise & Government   July 13, 2005

Editorial: Turf Wars

Dan Shea

Is the turf war between PDF and Microsoft's Metro the title fight of the decade? Who will win? What the heck is Metro, anyway? Whatever happened to Xdocs? Dan Shea tackles these questions and more in his latest editorial.

Enterprise & Government   June 29, 2005

Editorial: Quality before quantity

Dan Shea

Much has been said about PDF type, but what about quality? It's a bit scary to think that there are processes out there creating bad PDF files capable of choking workflows due to minor errors that nevertheless still result in incompatibilities. Read more in this editorial.

Enterprise & Government   June 08, 2005

Editorial: Horses for courses -- Making the right PDF

Dan Shea

Due to the many options available to PDF document authors, it's no longer appropriate to say, "Looks like a job for PDF!" It's now more important to know which PDF. Dan Shea discusses the differing requirements of various PDF workflows. Read more in his editorial.

Creative & Print   June 01, 2005

Editorial: PDF under fire (again)

Dan Shea

Dan Shea discusses threats to the PDF format past, present and future. After enduring years of supposed "PDF killers," he believes that the greatest threat to PDF comes from within. Read more in his editorial.

Enterprise & Government   May 26, 2005

Q&A: Ted Padova talks about 'Reader 7 Revealed' book

Dan Shea

Q&A with Ted Padova on his Adobe Reader 7 Revealed: Working Effectively with Acrobat PDF Files which publisher Peachpit Press calls "the first-ever book on this wildly popular PDF viewer." Read the full interview at Planet PDF.

Enterprise & Government   April 26, 2005

Leonard Rosenthol: First Impressions of Acrobat 7.0

Dan Shea

When Leonard Rosenthol co-founded PDF Sages, he was already one of the most well known and respected software developers for the Apple Macintosh, with a strong pedigree in PDF after noteworthy stints at Adobe and Appligent. Planet PDF recently caught up with this seasoned speaker and true PDF sage to get his take on Adobe's latest Acrobat offering.

Developer   February 03, 2005

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.