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PDF Master: The world according to Zipper

Dan Shea

Celebrated author and speaker, ZIPCON Media and pdfnews.de head Bernd Zipper, takes some time out of his busy schedule to talk PDF.

Creative & Print   May 13, 2004

PDF Master: Stephan Jaeggi talks with Planet PDF

Dan Shea

Renowned Swiss PDF guru Stephan Jaeggi takes some time out to talk PDF and prepress.

Creative & Print   May 10, 2004

Interview with Seybold Amsterdam Keynote Jan Hein Koningsveld

Dan Shea

Following his keynote presentation, Jan Hein Koningsveld talked with Dan Shea of Planet PDF about the state of Acrobat/PDF for print workflows.

Creative & Print   April 20, 2004

Ted Padova discusses new Acrobat 6 book, PDF usage

Kurt Foss

Prolific author Ted Padova talks about his latest educational resource for Acrobat 6 users, as well as his own PDF use in a book production workflow and for commercial printing.

Creative & Print   March 01, 2004

PitStop Professional 6: Preflighting with Panache

Susan Glinert

In this review, CreativePro.com contributing Editor Susan Glinert takes an in-depth look at PDF preflighting with powerful prepress plug-in Enfocus PitStop Professional.

Creative & Print   January 20, 2004

Under the Desktop: JDF and Other Musings

David Morgenstern

At September's Seybold expo in San Francisco, David Morgenstern looked at several technologies, including digital job ticketing. These tickets and now even content management are being added to file transfer services aimed at creative pros.

Creative & Print   November 19, 2003

Adobe's Bob Wulff knows Acrobat and PDF -- inside and out

Kurt Foss

Adobe Acrobat and PDF officially turned 10 years of age this past Sunday, June 15 -- Father's Day, quite appropriately. Former Adobe CEO and co-founder John Warnock is widely and rightly credited as being the 'father of Acrobat and PDF.' In the years since the technology was publicly launched in mid-1993, the software and format have had a number of other mentors and guiding spirits who have continued to nurture and build on the original concept. One of those is Bob Wulff, who was lured by Warnock in a hallway encounter in 1990 to lend some technical assistance to the fledgling project 'for a couple weeks.' More than a dozen years later, Wulff has become not only one of the firm believers, but also one of the main keepers of the faith. We talked with him early this week to discuss the recent technological milestone and his role in it.

Enterprise & Government   June 19, 2003

Adobe's Jim King talks about first Acrobat and PDF decade

Kurt Foss

This Thursday morning at the Seybold PDF Summit in Amsterdam, Adobe's James C. King will deliver a keynote that reflects on the "twists and turns that Acrobat and PDF have taken" during the past decade. We caught up with King shortly before he caught a flight to Europe to talk about his upcoming talk, about some of his past presentations on related themes -- including a still-relevant 1998 primer on 'what's inside a PDF' -- and about his work as A Principal Scientist for Adobe Systems. Planet PDF is a co-sponsor of the Seybold PDF Summit.

Enterprise & Government   June 10, 2003

What's going on with the PDF/X standards in 2003?

Martin Bailey

In late May, the most recent revisions of the PDF/X standards -- prepress-oriented subsets of PDF -- were approved, and new tools for authoring and verifying the newly named PDF/X-1a:2001 & PDF/X-3:2002 are expected to become available soon. Martin Bailey of Global Graphics, chair of the PDF/X standards committee, provides this timely update.

Creative & Print   June 09, 2003

PDF Best Practices #7: Graphics

Shlomo Perets

In the latest in his ongoing series of 'PDF Best Practices' articles, Shlomo Perets of MicroType.com explores and explains issues related to the use of graphics in PDF files -- a matter of compromises and trade-offs.

Creative & Print   June 03, 2003

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.