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Most users running obsolete versions of Adobe Reader

Dan Shea

Security firm Avast Software has released a report revealing that most users are running outdated versions of Adobe Reader. These older versions don't have all of the neat security bells and whistles (e.g., sandbox tech) that have been built into the latest versions of the free software. As such, they may still contain the security holes that these innovations later closed.

Enterprise & Government   July 17, 2011

Ubiquitous PDF: Guide to making "realistic" PDF books

Dan Shea

Joel Friedlander has posted an article at about making good PDF books. As he points out, the PDF version of a book is important at every stage of the production workflow. It can be used for proofing, printing, eBook conversion, archiving and retailing. Friedlander's article gives readers a few tips about how to produce PDF books that look like their paper equivalents.

Enterprise & Government   July 15, 2011

This week in PDF: Bluebeam patents Compare Documents feature

Dan Shea

This week in PDF, a patent has been granted, while the latest version of an established document management product can now handle encrypted PDF documents.

Enterprise & Government   July 12, 2011

callas releases an improved pdfToolbox 5

Rowan Hanna

callas software has announced a new maintenance release of callas pdfToolbox, its PDF preflight and correction software. The new version of callas pdfToolbox 5 is packed with improvements and fixes to known-problems with page sizes, page orientation and bleed.

Enterprise & Government   July 04, 2011

ISO publishes version 2 of the PDF/A standard

Rowan Hanna

The PDF/A Competence Center (PDFACC) has announced that the International Standards Organization (ISO) has published an update to the PDF/A standard. Formally known as ISO 19005-2, the new version is referred as PDF/A-2. The latest standard supports compression, transparency effects and layers, embedding OpenType fonts, digital signatures.

Enterprise & Government   July 03, 2011

Assorted newsbits: A freebie, an update and a PDF-HTML5 converter

Dan Shea

This article covers a pair of announcements from ARTS PDF; meanwhile, a new PDF-to-HTML5 conversion product from IDRsolutions commences its (invitation-only) public beta.

Enterprise & Government   June 30, 2011

Eltima updates Recover PDF Password for Mac

Rowan Hanna

Eltima Software has announced the release of version 3.0 of Recover PDF Password for Mac, its software for recovering passwords for PDF documents. Eltima Software has improved the speed of password recovery software and has enhanced the password-search process.

Enterprise & Government   June 27, 2011

Translia can now translate PDF documents

Karl De Abrew

Translia has announced that now it supports the translation of PDF and image documents. The new PDF and image translation services will enable Translia to extend and improve its online offerings. Translia supports a number of document types, including DOC, DOCX, PPT and TXT.

Enterprise & Government   June 26, 2011

Thomson Reuters EndNote now supports PDF annotations

Karl De Abrew

Thomson Reuters has released a major upgrade to Thomson Reuters EndNote for Windows, its bibliographic management and publishing solution. The new EndNote X5 now allows researchers, librarians and students to view and annotate PDFs. In addition to PDF annotations, EndNote X5 includes several new and improved features to help users save valuable time managing their reference collections.

Enterprise & Government   June 20, 2011

Mozilla to build PDF viewing into Firefox

Dan Shea

In the "new and exciting" category, word has it that Mozilla is currently working on built-in PDF viewing functionality for Firefox. Once complete, the technology will make Firefox the second major web browser (after Google's Chrome) to include its own PDF viewer and eliminate the need for users to install Adobe's Reader plug-in. Work on the PDF renderer known as "pdf.js" began on the QT about a month ago, and could be completed within three more, according to Andreas Gal, a Mozilla researcher.

Enterprise & Government   June 19, 2011

Maestro enhanced for high-volume PDF conversion

Rowan Hanna

CVISION Technologies has announced the release of new version 5.0 of Maestro Recognition Server, its software for server-based PDF conversion. The Maestro Recognition Server 5.0 supports high-volume PDF conversion and features a powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine.

Enterprise & Government   June 16, 2011

SmartSoft launches PDF Stamps

Karl De Abrew

SmartSoft has announced the release of PDF Stamps, its new software for placing stamps within PDF documents. PDF Stamps is the latest addition to SmartSoft's existing portfolio of PDF solutions, which also includes Smart PDF Creator, Smart PDF Editor, Smart PDF Tools and PDF Bookmarks.

Enterprise & Government   June 10, 2011

PDF Expert 2.5 for signing the PDFs on iPad

Rowan Hanna

Readdle has announced a new version of PDF Expert 2.5 for iPad. PDF Expert allows users to read and annotate PDF documents, highlight text, write notes and draw. The update adds the ability to sign PDF-based agreements and contracts on the iPad. It also supports signature fields in PDF forms.

Enterprise & Government   June 10, 2011

callas releases enhanced pdfaPilot 2.4

Karl De Abrew

callas software has announced an enhanced version 2.4 of pdfaPilot, its flagship PDF/A creation software. The new pdfaPilot 2.4 supports the conversion of additional file formats such as PostScript/EPS, JPEG, TIFF and PNG into PDF/A files. pdfaPilot 2.4 also includes PDF/VT validation feature. Overall, the new version of pdfaPilot increases its suitability for high-volume transactional printing workflows.

Enterprise & Government   June 08, 2011

National Academies Press PDF eBooks now free for download

Dan Shea

In an impressive move, the National Academies Press (NAP) has opened the door for making its content truly ubiquitous. It has made all PDF versions of its books freely available for download from its website. This announcement affects both the NAP's existing catalog of more than 4,000 PDF eBooks and future reports.

Enterprise & Government   June 08, 2011

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