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Feature(s) you'd like to see in future Acrobat?

Kurt Foss

You don't need to be an official Adobe beta tester to be able offer feature suggestions on future product releases, including Acrobat or the free Reader. Provide your feedback -- description and reasoning -- via an form (HTML).

Enterprise & Government   January 16, 2004

Belated Rose betting admission fuels thorny baseball debate

Kurt Foss

Banished baseball legend Pete Rose hoped the long missing-in-action confession in his new book admitting that he did bet on games in the mid-1980s would resolve the debate and enhance his chances of getting into the sport's Hall of Fame. But the 225-page report that led to Rose being banned -- made available for downloading in PDF by the lead investigator -- also makes for great reading as we report.

Enterprise & Government   January 14, 2004

Recent Acrobat 6 books offer tips, in-depth instruction

Kurt Foss

Watch for our upcoming double promotion and contest featuring two recently released Acrobat 6 books, both by Donna Baker (one in collaboration with Tom Carson.

Enterprise & Government   January 13, 2004

Jan. 16 is early reg. deadline for Microtype's PDF-oriented seminars

Kurt Foss

Friday is the deadline for early discounted registration for a pair of multi-city and multi-date seminars led by Shlomo Perets of Microtype. 'Interactive PDFs with InDesign CS' and 'FrameMaker-to-Acrobat Advanced Techniques' will be held at various locations over the next few months. Perets is also the author of our 'PDF Best Practices' series of columns.

Creative & Print   January 12, 2004

Top 25 Acrobat/PDF products for 2003 at PDF Store

We've expanded our monthly Top 10 best-selling products list to highlight the 25 top-selling Acrobat/PDF-oriented plug-ins, applications and solutions for the past year. Free demos are available of most products, so you can test drive them yourself to see why they're popular with many users.

Enterprise & Government   January 07, 2004

Las Vegas-area district court offers interactive PDF forms

Kurt Foss

Discounting the apparent joke wedding and annulment that made news in Las Vegas last weekend, the popular tourist area is considered one of the top destinations for getting hitched. The local district court does its part, making a wide assortment of relevant information -- including PDF-based marriage application forms -- available online.

Enterprise & Government   January 07, 2004

Mad Cow Disease authors offer free book in PDF

Kurt Foss

Following a recently confirmed case of Mad Cow Disease in the US, authors of a 1997 book on the topic are rushing to get a paperback version printed and released. In the meantime, they're offering free downloads of a PDF version of "Mad Cow USA: Could the Nightmare Happen Here?" as we highlight.

Enterprise & Government   January 07, 2004

PDF-based horoscope explains Britney's marital miscue

Kurt Foss

Had musical pop tart Britney Spears taken time to consult a freely available, PDF-based horoscope before marrying a boyfriend on the spur of the moment in Las Vegas this past weekend, she might have spared herself the embarrassment of now holding the record for the shortest celebrity marriage of the millennium.

Enterprise & Government   January 05, 2004

Chizen on Q4, Analysts and Microsoft

Kurt Foss

Following Adobe's recent announcement of record quarterly and annual revenue, company CEO and president Bruce Chizen talked with about the financial success, about the apparent confusion among some analysts on the wisdom of investing in Adobe shares and about concerns over potential competition from Microsoft.

Enterprise & Government   December 12, 2003

Re-building Iraq with PDF

Kurt Foss

While the US government reaches out to solicit assistance from some allies that initially opposed the war in Iraq, it issues a PDF-based declaration that seems likely to undermine its own efforts to win back the support of key allies.

Enterprise & Government   December 10, 2003

Making Sense of BCS Rankings in PDF

Kurt Foss

Some fans of the year-end college football bowls in the U.S. were shocked by the results of the final Bowl Championship Series rankings, a computer-based system that is designed to pit the two best teams in a championship game. The developer of the mathematical formula explains the methodology in a detailed PDF, as we detail.

Enterprise & Government   December 09, 2003

Read a PDF, Feed a Christmas Tree

Kurt Foss

If cutting and decorating a Christmas tree is part of your year-end holiday ritual, someone will need to make sure throughout the festive season that the tree gets supplied periodically with water. Or you can download a PDF-based brochure describing a commercially available option for being reminded.

Enterprise & Government   December 05, 2003

Cut the Holiday Fat with PDF

Kurt Foss

'Tis the season ... for overconsumption. A better choice, as espoused in a series of weekly columns in The Washington Post dubbed the "Lean Plate Club," is to end the current year with a pledge to cut the fat and to be physically active -- with PDF-based charts to help on both fronts.

Enterprise & Government   December 04, 2003

PDF goes to College

Kurt Foss

It's that time of year in the U.S. for many high school seniors and juniors and their families to be contemplating educational life after graduation. Whether it's boning up for pre-college examinations or actually applying to specific colleges, access to the free Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat will prove useful, as we illustrate.

Enterprise & Government   December 03, 2003

Embedding SVG in PDF

Kurt Foss

The interactive PDF file of a US Census 2000 map -- containing an embedded SVG file -- shows the country by ethnic and age distribution. The map contains interactive hotspots on each state -- moving the cursor to different hotspots reveals data specific to that state about its relevant statistics.

Enterprise & Government   December 02, 2003

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