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PDF/VT An Emerging Format For Print

Jeremy Koadlow

Aron Allenson, a veteran in the graphics industry has actively participated in PODi's High Impact Personalization with PDF/VT webinar earlier this year in May. PDF/VT (ISO 16612-2.) is the standard for sending the PDF format, which has been optimized for variable and transactional printing. PDF/VT allows for the management of pages for High Volume Transaction Output print data.

Creative & Print   July 10, 2013

PDF Associations Europe Technical Conference A Success, Now For North America

Jeremy Koadlow

The first of a two part, multinational event tour by the PDF Association has been touted as a success. The event discussed a number of PDF related topics and celebrated the mile stone of 20 years for the PDF format. Participants gained a fully-grounded insight into all the different PDF standards from PDF/A and PDF/UA to PDF/X, PDF/E, PDF/VT and of course PDF itself. The second conference is being held in North America on the 14th and 15th of August.

Developer   July 09, 2013

ABCpdf PDF Library updates to Version 9.1

Jeremy Koadlow

ABCpdf by WebSuperGoo is a PDF library for Microsoft users has undergone a major update to version 9.1.

Developer   July 05, 2013

Portable PDF Scanner for iOS, Android or Windows Mobile

Jeremy Koadlow

With the advent of the smart phone, increase internet connectivity, popularity of app stores and increased processing power with decreased size. Mobile devices are now getting the functionality to create electronic copies of receipts, books, or anything else for that matter. And so much more! Smart scanners converting image to PDF are now appearing on the market

Creative & Print   July 03, 2013

Debenu PDF Maximus Unrivaled PDF Productivity

Jeremy Koadlow

Debenu released their batch processing and workflow automation software, Debenu PDF Maximus 2.0 earlier in the month. With a range of broad and specific features that can be added to action lists, PDF Maximus provides the benefit of removing hundres of hours and human error from tedious tasks relating to PDF the core promise is unrivaled PDF productivity.

Enterprise & Government   July 02, 2013

PDF Stacker New Organizer and Reader on the market

Jeremy Koadlow

PDF Stacker is a new, cheap, robust reader and organizer that sorts through PDF collating them based on Meta-data. Similar to an MP3 organizer/player or email client.

Enterprise & Government   July 01, 2013

The PDF Association Technical Conference

Jeremy Koadlow

On August 14th there will be a 2 day technical conference in Seattle Washington put on by the PDF Association. Focusing on a broad range of technical education issues it will showcase three key speakers and be an exciting learning and networking opportunity for those in the PDF industry.

Developer   June 28, 2013

BeamAir: photos and PDF from your iPhone To your Desktop or Laptop

Jeremy Koadlow

BeamAir: photos and PDF from your iPhone to your PC, Mac or Projector

Creative & Print   June 28, 2013

Adobe Releases PDF App for Windows 8 Mobile OS

Jeremy Koadlow

Adobe has finally created a PDF Reader PDF app for Windows 8 on mobile devices (Windows 8 was released in 2012). The free app has a range of basic functions for PDF.

Enterprise & Government   June 24, 2013

OfficeSuite Updated To v7.2: Additional PDF Export Options

Jeremy Koadlow

OfficeSuite And OfficeSuite Pro Updated To v7.2: Additional PDF Export Options, HP ePrint Support, And More

Creative & Print   June 20, 2013

Top PDF Challenges Solved for Lower Costs, Increased Productivity and Greater Security

Jeremy Koadlow

In a webcast hosted by CIO and sponsored by Foxit. The VP of Marketing gives a presentation titled - Top PDF Challenges Solved...for Lower Costs, Increased Productivity and Greater Security

Enterprise & Government   June 19, 2013

PDF Association Technical Conference Europe 2013

Jeremy Koadlow

The PDF Association this month is hosting a European PDF Technical Conference in Königswinter (Germany). The European leg of the tour, members are invited to attend the technical conference. The event spans two days over June 18-19.

Developer   June 03, 2013

Freightgate Releases New PDF to Excel Converter

Jeremy Koadlow

Freightgate has released a new PDF to Excel converter for businesses involved in shipping, logistics and transportation

Enterprise & Government   May 30, 2013

Improved Version of eFlip Standard for E-book Publisher

Jeremy Koadlow

eFlip has released an improved version of eFlip Standard for e-book publisher.

Creative & Print   May 29, 2013

Sony 13.3 Inch Prototype E-Reader

Jeremy Koadlow

Sony announced a new 13.3 inch e-reader last week at SID Display Week in Vancouver. In a demonstration the Mobius' flexibility and paper like qualities are shown. Allegedly it provides the best experience of any PDF e-reader on the market.

Creative & Print   May 23, 2013

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