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PDF Tips & Tricks Archive

Our tips articles are archived in a series of categories for easy access. Select the category to the left to display only the articles related to that category.

Adding dynamic stamps to PDFs when printing

Sean Stewart

Do you need to add stamps to hard copies of your PDF documents? This JavaScript tip from ARTS PDF's Sean Stewart allows for the addition of time and date stamps, expiry dates or other information to give you even greater control of your sensitive PDF documents.

Developer   January 19, 2005

Finding user screen resolution with JavaScript

Chris Dahl

PDF's cross-platform nature makes it very portable, but it also means that there are many different kinds of users and setup configurations. This JavaScript tip explains how to find the user's screen resolution, which can then be used to perform operations such as setting the PDF's initial zoom settings.

Developer   January 12, 2005

Knowledge Base: Linking to bookmarks from web pages

Linking to specific locations within PDF documents provides a great deal of flexibility. Content creators can not only link through to pages within PDFs, but specific views within those pages by defining page locations and zoom levels. This Knowledge Base article outlines how to make use of these features.

Enterprise & Government   January 11, 2005

Acrobat WebDav Demonstration - Share your Acrobat Comments

Dan Shea

A chance to share your Acrobat PDF Comments -- literally!

Planet PDF has setup a publicly accessible WebDav server to allow users to test drive Adobe Acrobat's capabilities for reviewing and sharing comments online.

Developer   January 08, 2005

Modifying link properties using JavaScript

Maryanne Montes

When creating interactive PDF documents, links are an integral tool, so what do you do if you find that your links don't match or you need to change link styles throughout a long document? Updating each link manually is often unfeasible due to time constraints, but Acrobat JavaScript may provide the solution. In this tip, ARTS PDF Product Manager Maryanne Montes sheds some light on this great time-saver.

Developer   January 05, 2005

Removing filename bookmarks created by Acrobat

Sean Stewart

Acrobat 6 added the ability to create composite PDF documents from multiple files -- including PDFs. This function is very useful, but it breaks up the bookmark tree of the final document, which can be a highly manual task to correct. This tip from Sean Stewart explains how to remove the unnecessary bookmarks for a seamless viewing experience.

Developer   December 21, 2004

Printing page ranges quickly with JavaScript

Sean Stewart

If you want to print ranges of pages from Acrobat, your options are a somewhat limited. You have the choice of setting a single, continuous page range (e.g. pages 1-10), all even pages, or all odd pages. While this may be sufficient for most purposes, what can you do if you need to print multiple page ranges? Help is at hand! This JavaScript tip from ARTS PDF's Sean Stewart explains how.

Developer   December 15, 2004

Collating PDFs using JavaScript

Sean Stewart

Despite the numerous benefits, there can be potential issues with the conversion of paper documents into electronic archives. When scanning paper pages into PDF, it's possible to end up with the odd- and even-numbered pages in separate PDF files. It can be very time-consuming to collate them manually, but there is an easier way. Sean Stewart explains.

Developer   December 08, 2004

Using Bookmarks to open files and other tricks

Ernest Svenson

Acrobat bookmarks are capable of far more than just pointing to chapter headings in PDF eContent. What about the idea of linking to related resources from a master document? "Trial notebook," anyone? In this tip, founder Ernest Svenson explains how to get more out of your Acrobat bookmarks.

Enterprise & Government   December 01, 2004

Searching PDF files with Adobe Reader

Adam Behringer

A major benefit of PDF documents over their hard-copy counterparts is their electronic nature. This makes them both simple to transmit via email or the web and capable of being automatically searched. Bee Documents CEO Adam Behringer explains how to use Adobe Reader 6.0 to search PDF document sets.

Enterprise & Government   November 23, 2004

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.