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PDF Tips & Tricks Archive

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Find Acrobat toolbar tools. Where did they go?

We show you where to find those extra toolbar tools when they go missing.

Enterprise & Government   March 13, 2003

Create Multiple Identical Links with with PDF Forms

Acrobat's Touch Up Object tool not only lets you edit images in your PDF, it lets you copy and paste these between pages and PDFs.

Enterprise & Government   February 13, 2003

Create Multiple Identical Links with with PDF Forms

You could use Acrobat's link tool to create the link on every page, but that's tedious if more than a few links are to be created. And unfortunately, you can't copy and paste links. We show you how to use forms to create multiple identical links.

Enterprise & Government   February 08, 2003

Creating Page Templates in Acrobat

Ted Padova

Page templates can be used for many different purposes with Acrobat forms. Among other uses, pages can be added to a PDF from a page template.

Enterprise & Government   February 08, 2003

Using Links in Acrobat

Richard Crocker

Adjusting the properties of your links is a great way to give your PDFs a style of their own. Some can be just for looks and some can help improve the usability of your PDFs. Link properties include settings such as type, highlight, color, style and magnification.

Enterprise & Government   December 07, 2002

Turning Paper Into Searchable PDFs

Richard Crocker

While Acrobat's Paper Capture plug-in is not going to give you the power to turn an office completely paperless, it's particularly useful for making key data and info available across a network. For example, imagine having information like commonly accessed contracts and documentation on a computer network, instead of locked away as paper in a filing cabinet. This tip introduces you to using Acrobat's Paper Capture plug-in.

Enterprise & Government   December 03, 2002

Using Full Screen Mode in Acrobat

Richard Crocker

If you weren't already aware, Acrobat provide a feature that allows you to view PDFs in 'Full Screen mode.' Going into Full Screen hides some of the general clutter of Acrobat such as toolbars, the titlebar and the menubar. It is particularly useful if you would like to read a document online, if you are using Acrobat to do a presentation, or if you are considering publishing a visually rich document, you want to contain its navigation on the document pages rather than through the use of bookmarks and the Navigation toolbar.

Enterprise & Government   November 21, 2002

Change field shading with JavaScript when printing

Lori DeFurio

What if you want to display shaded fields to assist with on screen filling out of forms, but when you print the final version, you want the fields to be unshaded. And, you want to use your own custom color to shade the fields? Adobe's Lori DeFurio shows us how.

Developer   November 15, 2002

Adding Voice Comments to Your PDFs

Richard Crocker

Sometimes its easier to speak something than to write it down -- that's the principle behind the Sound Attachment Tool, one of Acrobat's comment tools. For example, lawyers are renowned for their love of dictaphones, which they wield in place of a pen or a keyboard to update legal documents. After recording their alterations, an assistant will work with this tape and the source document, updating for it for another review process. Generally speaking voice comments can be useful for proofing documents.

Enterprise & Government   October 26, 2002

Opening Acrobat Faster II

Richard Crocker

The all or nothing approach of our recent tip on opening Acrobat faster was, as we said, only really useful when you wanted to read or view a PDF file -- the main problem with it was that your manipulation of the PDF became impossible because it turned Acrobat into little more than an Acrobat Reader-like application. So what if you want to open Acrobat faster but still have access to your favorite tools?

Enterprise & Government   October 22, 2002

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.