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Instant Printing From a JavaScript PopUpMenu

Dave Wraight

The following JavaScript code can be added to a button, bookmark or even link. When the user activates the button / bookmark / link a popup menu will be displayed on screen listing the page numbers (in page blocks of 20). If the user selects a page number that page will be silently printed to the default printer, no dialog boxes will be displayed.

Developer   April 14, 2004

Adding Articles to your PDFs with Acrobat

Dave Wraight

Have you ever tried out the Article tool in Acrobat? In many cases it enhances the online reading experience by guiding the reader through content spread over multiple columns and pages. We show you how it can be used.

Enterprise & Government   April 13, 2004

Converting HTML Web Pages to PDF

Dave Wraight

Acrobat's Web Capture Plugin converts Web pages or entire Web sites into a single PDF file, including graphics and links. We explore two modes for converting HTML files: local HTML and online HTML.

Enterprise & Government   April 08, 2004

Editing Text from PDF Files

Ted Padova

When individual characters in a line of text needs to be edited, you can easily change characters with the TouchUp text tool. However, when paragraphs of text need to be edited, an external editor is required.

Enterprise & Government   April 03, 2004

Adding Page Number to PDFs

Ted Padova

When creating PDFs from a layout application, you can easily place page numbers on each page. However, when using different producer applications and merging PDF files, you won't have a chance to add page numbers unless they are uniquely added in the right order in each program that produces the PDFs to be merged together.

Enterprise & Government   April 01, 2004

Organizing Your PDF Documents Using Acrobat

Ted Padova

In a traditional filing system, you might create labels, stick them to tabs on manilla folders, then find the alphabetical order and file the folders in cabinets. This tip is for those searching for a better means of organizing files, papers, articles, and other important documents.

Enterprise & Government   March 17, 2004

Auto Generating Form Fields in Acrobat

Ted Padova

To create a table array where multiple columns or rows need individual form fields, begin by manually creating a field for each row or column.

Developer   March 08, 2004

Organizing Your Passwords Using a Secure PDF

Ted Padova

It seems the Web has gone berserk with denying you access to even browse a site. In some cases, you need to enter a password to appear as a guest. You enter your user ID and password only to find out that the required number of characters exceed the number used for your password of choice. Acrobat can help you manage them.

Enterprise & Government   February 12, 2004

Redistilling PDFs for Smaller File Sizes

Ted Padova

Acrobat's Optimize for Fast Web view will create pointers for common background data instead of embedding all the data separately on each page.

Enterprise & Government   February 10, 2004

Getting Form Fields in Order

Dave Wraight

In previous versions of Acrobat, users could simply choose a menu item from the Form fields menu to change the Tab order of Form fields. When version 6 hit the streets this option simply vanished! We get to the bottom of this functionality in Acrobat 6.

Developer   January 15, 2004

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.