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Creating PDF Page Links

Ted Padova

In addition to the tools used for navigation in the Status Bar, you can add interactive elements to a PDF document to assist a user in navigating pages in open PDF documents and in navigating among a collection of different PDF documents. The Link tool is used to create hyperactive links. In this tip, Ted Padova shows you how to add interactive links with the Link tool.

Enterprise & Government   September 07, 2004

Saving PDF Files and Loading Toolbars

Ted Padova

If you want to save a file with a new name or to rewrite and optimize the document, you use the Save As command. The default tools appearing in the Toolbar Well are only some of the many tools and toolbars you have available in Acrobat. In this tip, Ted Padova shows you how to open toolbars, add them to the Toolbar Well and demonstrates the use of the Save As command.

Enterprise & Government   September 02, 2004

Appending PDF Pages

Ted Padova

You might need to create a single PDF document from several documents already in PDF format. In this tip, Ted Padova teaches you to insert pages in the open document from files located on your hard drive.

Enterprise & Government   August 24, 2004

Converting an Image File to PDF

Ted Padova

In addition to using the Acrobat Distiller software, Acrobat can convert many file formats to PDF. In this tip, Author Ted Pavoda teaches you to use the Convert PDF From File command to convert image formatted files.

Creative & Print   August 19, 2004

Opening and Navigating a PDF Document

Ted Padova

Acrobat provides many means for page navigation and viewing. In this tip, author Ted Padova teaches you to set a zoom level and scroll through pages with tools located in the Toolbar Well and in the Status Bar.

Enterprise & Government   August 12, 2004

Converting a PostScript File to PDF

Ted Padova

One way to convert to PDF is to first print a PostScript file to disk, and then convert the PostScript file to PDF with Acrobat Distiller. In this tip, author Ted Padova describes how to use the Acrobat Distiller software to convert a PostScript file to PDF.

Enterprise & Government   August 06, 2004

Reusing Table Information

Donna Baker

Although tables are not generally considered to be exciting, they are a necessary part of business. Until now, it's been difficult to deal with tables in PDFs, but Acrobat's new Select Table tool is a real timesaver. Author Donna Baker explains how to take advantage of this feature.

Enterprise & Government   July 27, 2004

Modifying Text Attributes

Donna Baker

If you've ever wanted to tweak the appearance of text in your PDF documents, then this tip is for you. It's now possible to modify attributes such as font and size of text with Acrobat 6. In fact, it even works on both existing and inserted text! Author Donna Baker explains how.

Enterprise & Government   July 22, 2004

Editing Text in a PDF

Donna Baker

Do you need to make minor textual updates to a PDF file? If you don't have the time or inclination to go back to the source file and regenerate the PDF from scratch, Author Donna Baker offers an alternative: text editing from within Acrobat.

Enterprise & Government   July 20, 2004

Reusing PDF Page Elements in Acrobat

Donna Baker

Love that illustration, or want to quote a block of text from a PDF? With the growing number of "orphaned" PDF documents whose source files have either been lost or are unavailable, how do you get at that content? Author Donna Baker explains how to accomplish this right from within the familiar Acrobat interface.

Enterprise & Government   June 24, 2004

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.