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Custom stamps in Acrobat

Dan Shea

While Acrobat comes pre-loaded with a selection of stamps, including 'Approved', 'Declined' and 'Accepted', users can also create custom stamps of such things as company logos for use on their PDF documents. Complex or graphically rich stamps can be created or prepared in imaging applications before being added to Acrobat's selection. This tip explains how to create a custom stamp using an existing file.

Enterprise & Government   February 06, 2007

Importing and exporting form data in Acrobat

Dan Shea

When using PDF forms, it's possible to export, store and import the data in Form Data Format (FDF). Since an FDF file only includes the form data and not the form itself, it is much smaller and more lightweight that the complete PDF form, making it more efficient to manipulate. This tip explains how to export and import FDF data using Acrobat.

Enterprise & Government   January 23, 2007

Applying page numbers and the date in Acrobat

Dan Shea

You may often find yourself needing to add page numbers to a PDF document to enhance navigability or stamp a date for version tracking purposes. This tip explains how to perform these functions in Acrobat.

Enterprise & Government   December 20, 2006

Cropping pages to highlight areas in Acrobat

Dan Shea

When you receive a PDF that contains, say, an image that is surrounded by text, how do you highlight the image? One way is to export the graphic to an imaging application such as Photoshop, but that involves additional applications and the associated loading times. A great "quick and dirty" fix here is to use the "Crop" tool to hide the content that surrounds the image, leaving you with PDF which displays only an image, just the way you wanted it. This tip explains how.

Enterprise & Government   December 06, 2006

Apply a watermark in Acrobat

Dan Shea

When you need to produce documents on company letterhead but don't want to save on the expense and hassle of pre-printed paper, you might want to apply PDF watermarks and either send the document via email or print the document contents and letterhead at once. A watermark allows you to insert text and graphics across one or more pages in a document and place them in front of or behind page content.

Enterprise & Government   November 21, 2006

Emailing PDF documents

Dan Shea

OK, so you're done creating your PDF document and have it looking just the way you want, but you want to send it off for a second opinion, or perhaps you need someone to sign-off on it. Never fear, sending PDF documents via email is a piece of cake in Acrobat 7.

Enterprise & Government   November 08, 2006

Sticky notes in Acrobat

Dan Shea

Perhaps the most intuitive way to annotate a PDF document is to add an electronic sticky note. While physical sticky notes are useful with hard-copy documents, electronic sticky notes are more efficient and provide a natural and familiar means by which to add and share comments on PDF documents without obscuring their content.

Enterprise & Government   October 25, 2006

Print to PDF from any application

Dan Shea

Perhaps the simplest way to create PDF documents using Acrobat is via the Print command. Any application that features such a command will include an 'Adobe PDF' entry in its list of printers upon installation of Adobe Acrobat and this can be used to 'print' a PDF version of the active document.

Enterprise & Government   October 11, 2006

Extract pages from a PDF in Acrobat

Dan Shea

Acrobat allows users to extract individual pages from PDF documents. This is a very convenient function for users looking to obtain excerpts of longer documents.

Enterprise & Government   October 03, 2006

Copy images in Acrobat 7

Dan Shea

Acrobat allows users to copy and re-use images from PDF documents when this is not specifically prohibited by the file's security settings.

Enterprise & Government   September 13, 2006

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