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Add document information in Acrobat 7

Dan Shea

One handy feature of Acrobat 7 is that it allows users to add 'Document Information' (AKA metadata) such as title, subject, author name and a selection of keywords to PDF documents for simpler categorization and archival. Better yet, adding document metadata is a quick and easy way to take the pain out of tracking down your PDF documents the next time you need them.

Enterprise & Government   August 16, 2006

Add a file attachment with Acrobat 7

Dan Shea

Many is the time that you will want to attach a PDF or other file to your primary PDF document before sending it on or for archival purposes. For instance, you may want to attach a copy of the document's original source file, companion documents or other related materials. Luckily, the PDF format allows for just this, via Acrobat 7's attachment features.

Enterprise & Government   August 09, 2006

PDF readability shortcuts in Acrobat 7

Dan Shea

To streamline Acrobat's interface, why not pick up a few simple keyboard shortcuts? This tip covers several shortcuts related to adjusting the zoom level for a more personalized and immersive reading experience.

Enterprise & Government   July 18, 2006

Manipulating pages in Acrobat 7

Dan Shea

Adobe Acrobat 7 allows users a great deal of control when it comes to manipulating pages in your PDF documents. Acrobat 7's Document tab includes a range of useful functions such as insertion, extraction and deletion of pages.

Enterprise & Government   June 22, 2006

Flatten PDF documents in Acrobat

Dan Shea

One long-standing benefit of the PDF format is that it allows users to send documents for review in an uneditable format, so what happens to this property when editable objects like form fields, text annotations, comments and stamps are added to the document? Luckily, it's still possible to distribute the files in an uneditable format by flattening these objects to become part of the document.

Enterprise & Government   June 07, 2006

Tiling PDF documents across two screens in Acrobat

Dan Shea

One way to save time, particularly if you find yourself needing to cross-reference documents is to view multiple documents concurrently. Unfortunately, this can be unwieldy if you only use one screen. Luckily, dual monitor users have another powerful option at their disposal. They can use the 'Acrobat Monitors' option to tile two or more documents across the full width of their desktops.

Enterprise & Government   May 25, 2006

Quickly open PDF Web links

Dan Shea

Did you know that Acrobat 7 allows users to open Web links within either Acrobat (effectively capturing the Web page on-the-fly) or a Web browser like Internet Explorer or Firefox? What's more, users can open Web links in a flash with some nifty keyboard shortcuts.

Enterprise & Government   April 27, 2006

Creating PDF Document Collections

Dan Shea

Tired of losing track of your PDFs? Why not build a document collection in Acrobat? The Collections feature in Acrobat's Organizer allows users to group PDFs arbitrarily, arranged by project, type of content, client, etc.

Enterprise & Government   April 04, 2006

Attach a file to your PDF document

Dan Shea

One underrated feature of PDF is its ability to act as a container for other files. One example of where this could be useful would be attaching the original Word, Excel or other source files to the final PDF document, allowing it to be more readily updated. Since it's possible to attach literally any type of file, the PDF can also act as a secure delivery medium for sensitive or commercial content.

Enterprise & Government   February 06, 2006

Creating a bookmark tree in Acrobat 7

Dan Shea

One of the best things about reading documents is convenience. In particular, a bookmark tree is an excellent addition that provides both a navigational aid and a convenient document overview. This tip explains how to create and modify a bookmark tree.

Enterprise & Government   January 24, 2006

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.