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Flatten PDF documents in Acrobat

Dan Shea

One long-standing benefit of the PDF format is that it allows users to send documents for review in an uneditable format, so what happens to this property when editable objects like form fields, text annotations, comments and stamps are added to the document? Luckily, it's still possible to distribute the files in an uneditable format by flattening these objects to become part of the document.

Enterprise & Government   June 07, 2006

Spell Check your PDF Comments & Form Fields

Dan Shea

Acrobat 7 allows users to spell check the text contained in form fields and comments, and performing such a check is a great final step before submitting a form or returning an annotated document after a review. After all, it can prevent potential confusion and embarrassment if all of your outgoing comments are error-free.

Enterprise & Government   March 16, 2006

Sending PDFs via email for review

Dan Shea

PDFs are all around us. They can be used as final-form documents, electronic forms, or prepress workflows. One workflow that sees extremely heavy use of PDF is that of document review. This PDF tip explains how to quickly and easily send a PDF document for review via email in Acrobat 7.

Enterprise & Government   October 28, 2005

Highlighting important PDF elements

Dan Shea

When you are reading through a document for research in the hard copy world, you will generally make a copy that you can annotate, to highlight important passages and make your own comments in the margins. Luckily, it's a cinch to translate this into a PDF-driven electronic workflow. This PDF tip explains.

Enterprise & Government   September 06, 2005

Including Reader users in email reviews

Dan Shea

Perhaps the best things about PDF is its portability. This portability makes it an ideal document interchange format, and allows users to establish streamlined, intuitive review processes. With Acrobat 7 Professional, it's even possible to bring users of the free Adobe Reader into the loop to make comments or corrections directly to the PDF file. This PDF tip explains how.

Enterprise & Government   August 04, 2005

Creating Backward Compatible PDFs in Acrobat

Dan Shea

PDF is now a very mature technology. After having been around for over a decade, one issue comes up repeatedly: backwards compatibility. If you have taken the plunge and upgraded to Acrobat 7, great! You have access to the latest and greatest in functionality; unfortunately, it doesn't necessarily follow that everyone in your audience is so lucky. What if they are running Reader 6, 5 or even 4? This PDF tip explains how to overcome this common problem.

Enterprise & Government   July 15, 2005

Combining multiple files into a single PDF

Dan Shea

There are many times when you might want to create a single PDF from multiple files. Perhaps you want to submit a report consisting of textual Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, graphs and digital photographs after adding a PDF cover sheet? Luckily, this is quick and easy to achieve using Acrobat -- assuming you have version 6 or 7, that is! This PDF tip explains how.

Enterprise & Government   July 14, 2005

More immersive reading in Acrobat

Dan Shea

Clutter is the natural enemy of immersive on-screen reading. Toolbars, icons and menus can really get in the way if you are settling down with a good eBook or giving that document a final read-through before sending it out. This PDF tip explains how to reduce on-screen clutter and make the reading process as painless and distraction-free as possible.

Enterprise & Government   July 07, 2005

Comparing differences between PDF documents

Dan Shea

During a document review process, it's often necessary to compare different versions of the same document. The good news is that Acrobat takes a lot of the pain out of this process with its automated document comparison feature. Read more in this tip.

Creative & Print   June 23, 2005

Round-trip Editing an Image with Acrobat 7

Donna Baker

What if you have a terrific document and it is ready to send to a client when you realize you should have tweaked an image or added a text layer? Can you still make your deadline in time? You can if you are working in Acrobat, which supports round-trip editing! Author Donna Baker explains how to accomplish this quickly and easily in Acrobat 7.

Creative & Print   June 16, 2005

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.