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Importing and Exporting forms data from a PDF form

Karl De Abrew

There are many reasons to export and import PDF forms data within a company. One way to do this is to use an FDF (Forms Data Format) file, which is a simple file format that can be used to store the data from within a PDF form.

Enterprise & Government   April 03, 2018

Convert scanned PDFs to text documents using Google Drive

Rowan Hanna

Converting a scanned PDF to text hasn't always been easy or cheap, but with the optical character recognition (OCR) technology to Google Drive, it is now free and pretty easy to boot. In this article Rowan Hanna takes a closer look at how to convert scanned PDFs to text documents using Google Drive.

Enterprise & Government   April 15, 2014

Reordering pages in Acrobat

Jeremy Koadlow

Reordering pages in a PDF document is basically as easy and dragging and dropping. It is something that comes in handy when a document has been saved as a PDF and just needs slight reordering to make it perfect. Here is a step by step guide to do it in Adobe Acrobat 11.

Enterprise & Government   November 12, 2013

Slimming PDF bookmarks with JavaScript

Karl De Abrew

PDF bookmarks are a must for the usability and navigability of longer documents. When these bookmarks are created programmatically, they are based on a template created using a combination of user settings and the content of the source document or web page. Since not all such documents were created with PDF bookmarks in mind, cleaning up the resulting bookmark titles can become an important part of the QA process. In this tip, Karl De Abrew takes some of the pain out of this process.

Developer   June 26, 2012

PDF Optimizer feature in Acrobat X Pro

Rowan Hanna

Version X introduced a brand new user interface for Adobe Acrobat, but the absence of a menu for finding all the features in Acrobat meant that some features where harder to find than others. Find out where the PDF Optimizer feature now lives.

Enterprise & Government   May 23, 2012

Securing PDF documents in Acrobat

Dan Shea

Sometimes, you want to stop other people from opening, editing, copying or printing your PDF documents. This tip explains how to do just that using Acrobat.

Enterprise & Government   March 06, 2009

Editing document information and metadata

Dan Shea

When you want to store a PDF document in an archive or simply provide more information, it is useful to update its document information or metadata. This includes things such as the author's name, and keywords relating to the document's content. Including appropriate metadata makes it that much easier to index your PDFs, and hence, easier to find them again later. This tip explains how to update a PDF document's metadata in Acrobat.

Enterprise & Government   March 06, 2009

Importing and exporting form data in Acrobat

Dan Shea

When using PDF forms, it's possible to export, store and import the data in Form Data Format (FDF). Since an FDF file only includes the form data and not the form itself, it is much smaller and more lightweight that the complete PDF form, making it more efficient to manipulate. This tip explains how to export and import FDF data using Acrobat.

Enterprise & Government   January 23, 2007

Add document information in Acrobat 7

Dan Shea

One handy feature of Acrobat 7 is that it allows users to add 'Document Information' (AKA metadata) such as title, subject, author name and a selection of keywords to PDF documents for simpler categorization and archival. Better yet, adding document metadata is a quick and easy way to take the pain out of tracking down your PDF documents the next time you need them.

Enterprise & Government   August 16, 2006

Creating PDF Document Collections

Dan Shea

Tired of losing track of your PDFs? Why not build a document collection in Acrobat? The Collections feature in Acrobat's Organizer allows users to group PDFs arbitrarily, arranged by project, type of content, client, etc.

Enterprise & Government   April 04, 2006

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Adding a PDF Stamp Comment

OK, so you want to stamp your document. Maybe you need to give reviewers some advice about the document's status or sensitivity. This tip from author Ted Padova demonstrates how to add stamps with the Stamp Tool along with related comments.