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FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers

by MicroType

Platform(s): Win
License: Commercial

Application type: Plug-in
Creation & Conversion
Editing & Management


MicroType’s SP TimeSavers, FrameMaker Edition (formerly marketed as FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers) is an integrated set of platform-independent utilities which control and/or enhance various aspects of the conversion from FrameMaker (5.x 6.0) to Acrobat 4.0x-5.0x. These utilities are designed for users of FrameMaker who create and maintain high-quality, interactive PDF files. SP TimeSavers enable you to define Acrobat features in your source FrameMaker file so that they are automatically and consistently reproduced in the PDF when the source is updated, circumventing the tedious and repetitive use of Acrobat to set or adjust these features. New in version 3: SP TimeSavers settings can now be controlled through a Configuration Panel. Specific settings can also be embedded in FrameMaker files using hypertext markers.

Bookmark Controller

Bookmark-related functions help make your bookmarks neater and easier to identify:

  • CollapseBookmarks automatically collapses Acrobat bookmarks , making your bookmark structure easier to understand, more readable on small screens and faster to load in Acrobat Reader. With SP TimeSavers, you can choose to collapse to the first or second hierarchical level.
  • ParaNumOut automatically removes the paragraph numbers from bookmarks (carried over from FrameMaker’s autonumbers). The resulting bookmarks are more suitable to an interactive screen format, and allow more space for meaningful text.
  • MergeBookmarks merges a bookmark, such as a chapter number, with the following one.
    ExtractFigureBookmarks and ExtractTableBookmarks collate bookmarks for figures and tables and place them either at the beginning or at the end of the bookmark list, under a corresponding heading, initially expanded or collapsed as needed.
  • FixSpecialCharsInBmk handles various special spaces and hyphens in bookmark text, so that they are displayed meaningfully.
  • ReOrderCustomBookmarks will force your custom bookmarks to be at the top or bottom of the list of bookmarks.
  • BookmarkStylerByText and BookmarkStylerByLevel enable you to define bookmark color and font properties (Acrobat 5.0x) so that they are automatically created in the PDF, based on bookmark text and/or level.
  • ChangeBmkStart enables you to specify up to 10 from-to replacements, so that repetitive text can be reduced to an abbreviation (or eliminated entirely). For example, instead of "Appendix A: Technical Specifications", the bookmark will be "App A: Technical Specifications", with more space left for meaningful text.
  • RemoveRedundantBmkStart enables you to specify up to 10 strings of redundant text that will be removed from the beginning of the bookmark, so that bookmarks will have a unique beginning and be easier to identify.

Link Controller

Link Controller enables you to globally control the way FrameMaker links are displayed, printed, or behave in Acrobat:

  • VisLinks controls highlighting style, border color and width. You can also automatically adjust the link area’s size. Visible links can be useful either in diagnostic versions or in the distribution PDFs. Internal and external links can be colored differently. If VisLinksPrint is activated, link borders will be printed when the PDF is printed.
  • ForceNewWindow automatically displays each externally-linked PDF file in a separate window, overriding the Acrobat Reader local preference of "open cross-document links in the same window".
  • ChangeFileNameCase translates all file names used in FrameMaker links to lower case or all caps, which may be useful when developing interactive PDFs to be viewed in platforms where file names are case-sensitive.

FM Controls

PDFmarker enables the use of regular FrameMaker markers to specify PDF features in your FrameMaker file (thus avoiding the limitations of using text frames tagged as PostScript Code for this purpose). Common pdfmark commands or fragments thereof are easily accessible as pre-defined shortcuts. Using PDFmarker, you can:

  • inherit FrameMaker’s hypertext marker active area within your regular text flow; this is important for buttons, pop-ups and notes (with control over title, color and size)
  • anchor location-sensitive pdfmark commands to the appropriate location
  • insert many useful pdfmark commands which are not location-sensitive, hiding the "noise" of the code
  • insert setdistillerparams commands
  • specify a job-specific epilogue file to be processed in conjunction with your file
  • take advantage of pre-defined shortcuts (which you can use as is or customize for your needs). These include:
    • bookmark to a file, URL, e-mail
    • base URL
    • titled Acrobat notes with icons
    • various DocView settings
    • page-based transitions
    • index attachment
    • link with JavaScript action
    • movies
    • "page open" action
    • Acrobat named action template (all Acrobat actions supported)
    • specific Acrobat actions, such as Search
    • general link template

PDFmarker supports references to external files, which is useful when you need to reference similar sets of commands in different files, or as a way to overcome the FrameMaker limit of 255-characters in marker text.

  • ConvertFMnewlink makes it easy to use FrameMaker’s newlink marker to create "clean" named destinations used by external applications to access a specific location in the PDF file.
  • IgnoreDOCINFO, IgnoreDOCVIEW, IgnorePAGE enable you to suppress specific pdfmark commands issued by FrameMaker, which otherwise gain precedence over your own commands (specific options depending on the FrameMaker release used).
  • ManageArticle enables you to convert each "Flow A" text frame into a separate, single-bead article thread, a useful setting in some page-based catalogs.
  • UnBloat removes redundant named destinations written by FrameMaker for each and every paragraph, typically reducing PDF file size by 15% to 25%, depending on contents and original size. In complex publications, with many multi-cell tables and multiple columns, size reduction is much higher.

Please download the FrameMaker-to-Acrobat TimeSavers documentation for more information.

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