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by PageTech

Platform(s): N/A
License: Commercial

Application type: Desktop
Editing & Management
Searching & Indexing


FormView is a limited-time program that Indexes, Searches, Retrieves, Converts, Views and Prints Hewlett Packard Printer Control Language (PCL®) print files. It contains a subset of the features contained in PCLTools and PCLTools SDK. FormView can be installed as a web browser helper application to facilitate the storing of PCL printed output on the web.

Key Benefits

  • Converts, Views and Prints laser printer documents in their native, smaller, printer-ready format.
  • Turns laser printer output files into portable documents without the need of proprietary drivers, authoring kits, viewers, etc.
  • Indispensible in the development of Windows electronic form applications that use HP PCL form overlays.


Preview PCL and Print to Non-PCL Printers - Integrate into your Windows applications that use PCL form overlays for previewing and printing to non-PCL printers like: HP DeskJets®, Canon BubbleJets®, GDI, PostScript®, Acrobat® PDF file format and other printers. You can also integrate with your DOS programs that print to PCL printers running out of a Windows DOS shell.

Portable Document Format - E-mail printer output as attachments to view with Browser Helper prior to printing to any Windows® printer driver or directly to a HP PCL printer.

Convert PCL to PDF format (PCL2PDF) - PCLTool promotes the use of HP PCL as a portable, viewable document format, especially due to it's size, speed and bandwidth advantages over PDF format. However, PCLTool will also convert PCL into PDF files. For PCL2PDF conversion, your default Windows printer driver must be the PDF Driver that is comes with Acrobat Exchange.

WEB Server Storage Format - Store high volume printer output "as is" on a web server for clients to browse and/or download. (The IRS tax forms in PCL format are not representative of the generally smaller files sizes of HP PCL documents)

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