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Name It

by Merlin Open Systems

Platform(s): Win
License: Commercial

Application type: Plug-in
Editing & Management


Name It enables your PDF documents to be navigated more easily on the Web and is also invaluable for on-line manuals and help documentation.

Name It is an Acrobat plug-in which makes the creation of Acrobat named destinations easy with a simple user interface just like that used for creating links. Named destinations enable a user to name a view on a page of a document with a text name such as introduction, in a similar way to a bookmark referring to a particular view. But, these named destinations can then be set to be the views of links or bookmarks when Name It is installed.

Name It makes it easy to create multiple named destinations in one go. With one button click you can create named destinations for all bookmarks in a PDF file, for each page, or apply them to multiple files in batch mode!

The real benefit of using named destinations is when you are using PDF documents in conjunction with the World-Wide Web or on-line help systems. Normally if you link to a PDF document (and you are using Acrobat within your Web browser) you will see the first page. However, if you have named destinations in the document and you link to doc.pdf#introduction the browser will open the PDF at the named destination called `introduction' -- wherever it is in the document.

Name It also provides a mechanism for converting links which use named destinations to normal Acrobat links. This may sound bizarre, but has proved to be very useful for some systems where people are merging multiple PDF documents containing named destinations, which happen to use the same names in different documents.

To install Name It:

  1. Unpack the ZIP file with WinZIP or "pkunzip -d".
  2. From the Start>Run menu item select the disk1/setup.exe file from where you unpacked the software and run it.
  3. The Name It installer will install the plug-in and Name It On-line Guide.
  4. Re-start Acrobat to start trying your new software.

The Name It On-line Guide can be accessed from Acrobat Exchange's Help>Plug-ins Help>Name It menu item.

Limitations of the Evaluation Version

Note that the evaluation version of Name It is restricted to only allow processing of a few named destinations per file. Destinations created using it will also only work when the plug-in is installed.

The full version has no such restrictions, and named destinations created will work whether the plug-in is installed or not.

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