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Root River Delta

by Root River Systems, LLC

Platform(s): N/A
License: Commercial

Application type: Server-side


Server-side report generation, plain and simple.

Today's e-businesses are under constant pressure from competitors and customers to provide the most effective web environment possible. Customers and partners want the familiarity and accessibility of old-fashioned paper documents but with the convenience and timeliness of e-mail.

The technology to create electronic documents has been around for some time, but unfortunately the tools available to the web developer have been severely limited. The first-generation tools were often complex, difficult to integrate, limited in platform and language support, big, and bloated.

Root River Delta was designed to change all that. Root River Delta is a simple-to-learn JavaTM class library designed to make it easy for the web developer to produce attractive electronic reports and documents. Root River Delta can be used to deliver reports as PDF documents, HTML pages, ASCII text files, or even as a Java applet.

Best of all, Root River Delta is simple yet powerful. It's simple because it is deployed as a single class library, which means it will work with any development tool from EMACS and "make" files to the latest integrated development environments. It's powerful because it gives you full access to all the resources of the Java environment. Unlike other tools that pretend to be a programming language, Root River Delta doesn't pretend because it need to.

Root River Delta is compact and simple because it does just one thing -- it generates attractive, printer-ready reports. The key features and benefits of the Delta product are:

  • The class library is completely data independent. Use JDBC or EJB's or regular Java objects as your situation requires. Report formatting and output is not a problem that depends on a specific data source, and neither should your reporting tool.
  • Report output is independent from report construction. Generate output to a bitmap image, a Java-compatible printer, or an output stream formatted as PDF, HTML, PCL5, ASCII or CSV text.
  • For applications that require online viewing, use the included viewer applet or standalone viewer. For even more customization, embed the viewer panel right in your own window.
  • Runs in any JDK 1.1 or J2EE-compatible runtime environment. AWT is not required except for certain optional features.
  • Multiple fonts, styles, and sizes are supported. Text color and style are completely under your control.
  • Use embedded bitmaps to add logos, signatures, and other graphical elements to your reports.
  • Use the built-in persistence features to generate reports for later viewing or to generate very large reports while consuming minimal memory.
  • Helper classes and callbacks are provided to simplify the implementation of common report features like page headers and footers, group headers and footers, and group totals.

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