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Sonar Bookends Professional

by Virginia Systems, Inc.

Platform(s): Win Mac
License: Commercial

Application type: Desktop
Editing & Management
Searching & Indexing


Sonar Bookends Professional is an automatic index and table of contents generator for a variety of file formats, including PDF files. It can make an index without doing any marking in 4 ways:

  • With a user-supplied list of words and phrases to be indexed.
  • With a list of subjects generated and filtered using various criteria.
  • With a list of words filtered by frequency.
  • Any combination of the above.

Sonar Bookends Professional, using a proprietary English parsing-engine, can examine your documents and produce a suggested list of subjects for indexing. The list can be filtered using various criteria, including frequency, number of words in subject, and capitalization.

One file, or an entire folder of files, can be indexed at one time. Indices can be single-level or multiple-level. Sonar Bookends Professional can sort a word/phrase list, convert it from a single-level to a multple-level list automatically, reverse first and last names, and sort both single-level or multiple-level word/phrase lists.

The index can be formatted in several ways. The index is saved as a text only file so that it can be flowed into any word processor or desktop publishing program.

Sonar Bookends Professional has more intelligence than regular Sonar Bookends when it comes to reversing and sorting names - personal titles and two-word last names are taken into account.

Another powerful feature of Sonar Bookends Professional is its "preview" mode. Each occurrence of each item being indexed can be viewed in one line of context. You can then decide which occurrences are to be indexed and which are not to be indexed. Individual occurrences can be viewed in three lines of context, if more information is required. The preview mode is interruptable, so that previewing can continue at a later time. Once the preview is completed, Sonar Bookends Professional remembers the choices and applies them to future indices. New items or items that have been changed substantially since the last index are automatically displayed to allow their occurrences to be resellected.

The product includes a copy of Sonar Bookends Activate for automatic hypertext linking of PDF files.

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