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PDF Organizer

by Shira

Platform(s): Win Mac
License: Commercial

Application type: Desktop
Color & Imposition
Editing & Management


This new imposition tool was designed to work with PDF 1.2 and PDF/X documents. Unlike other imposition software it does not convert the PDF format into PostScript to generate the imposition output. It works with PDF files and creates a PDF files - it is designed entirely for PDF workflow no matter what type of PostScript you work with. Once distilled into PDF pages from any computer and any software can be mixed and placed into the same imposition plate without worry about missing fonts or other graphics resources. Together with Merge-It OPI server it provides a complete workflow solution for the new millennium.

Main features:

  • Allows you to insert pages into imposition virtually from any PDF document created on MAC or PC as a PostScript file and distilled to PDF format. PdfOrganizer allows you to import an EPSF, TIFF or JPEG file automatically converted into PDF/X Object.
  • Hierarchical structure of Page List. Allows you to insert any selection of source pages from attached input documents. Selected pages can be entered in any sequence, can be repeated or mixed with pages from other documents or just with empty pages. The pages can be grouped together. A group of pages provides a powerful way of changing the page parameters. Within a group you can:
    • change the scale or orientation of source pages
    • crop source pages for odd and even pages separately
    • add or remove additional margins around cropped pages, differently for odd and even pages
    • repeat sequence of pages which appear in the group.
  • Pages from a page list are inserted into the imposition layout based on signature template. A signature template defines imposition layout, gutters between pages, folding and cutting markers, all color calibration and text markers necessary for press. An imposition layout can be selected from predefined templates or defined based on the way the press sheet is folded and collected for finishing. PDF Organizer provides signatures for labels (both single and double sided) and folded documents for perfect bound or stitched finishing. For stitched documents the program provides adjustment for creeping gutters.
  • At every step it is possible to preview and inspect the source pages from any page group, from the Page List or selected output plate. The program uses Adobe® Acrobat Reader™ or Adobe® Acrobat Exchange™ to render the preview using ActiveX or OLE automation technique. When used with Adobe Acrobat Exchange the preview option allows you to measure, zoom and pane previewed objects. All or selected plates with imposed pages can be saved as a new PDF document or converted to PostScript with Acrobat Reader or Exchange.
  • PDF Organizer provides color management and color separation options. Composite plates can be separated on RIP or by PDF Organizer. It recognizes separated color plates including spot colors. It supports PDF/X format and recognizes ICC based color spaces.
  • PDF Organizer provides tiling features when outputting plates exceed the final output format, and combining options to output more then one plate on the same output format if it is sufficiently large.
  • PDF Organizer supports OPI comments that are preserved when transferring pages from the source document to the imposition plate. When used with Merge-It OPI server, this feature significantly reduces output time and size of the final PDF file.
  • The imposition scheme can be exported into PJTF (Portable Job Ticket Format) to be used with high-end workflow systems such us Agfa Apogee or Heidelberg Prinergy. The PJTF file can also be forwarded to the job placement tool PDF Place-It or to Merge-It OPI with the Job Ticket Processing Option installed.
  • The program supports partial pages - a partial page containing one or more partial objects can be defined with PDF Personalizer as a PJTF file.

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