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PDF Pairer

by Shira

Platform(s): Win
License: Commercial

Application type: Desktop
Color & Imposition
Editing & Management


PDF Pairer provides an affordable workflow tool for PDF-based newspaper production. It combines features of PDF Organizer imposition software and Merge-It OPI server.

This new page pairing and imposition tool is designed to work with PDF 1.2 and PDF/X documents. Unlike other page pairing software, it does not convert the PDF format into PostScript to generate the imposition output. It works with PDF files and creates PDF files - it is designed entirely for PDF workflow. Incoming pages are organized through hot folders, where they are preflighted. When all pages to build an imposition are in place, the plate is processed and sent to an output device. During processign, external OPI images and fonts can be attached to the final plate.

Main features:

  • Support for an unlimited number of input (hot) folders. Incoming files may be single or multiple page PDF documents.
  • Data output to RIP through spool folder, print queue, TCP/IP socked or named pipe channel.
  • Extensive preflight options to check validity of incoming pages.
  • OPI image and font inclusion.
  • ICC color management for job separation and color correction.
  • User definable reset and completion conditions.
  • Additional output features controlled by job tickets.
  • Remote progress control through log file published through Internet.
  • Support for both composite and preseparated documents.

Additional features:

  • Compatibility with PDF Organizer imposition software. A pairing configuration of input folders provides:
    • Document template list to define imposition documents containing input pages necessary to build the imposition plates.
    • Page list to specify page order in final document, page orientation, cropping and bleeding margins.
    • Plate list automatically created when an imposition signature is selected or created. Plate order in the Plate list can be changed and selected plates can be outputed alone or together with other plates.
  • At every step it is possible to preview and inspect the source pages from any page group, from the Page List or from the selected output plate. The program uses Adobe Acrobat Reader or Adobe Exchange to render the preview using the ActiveX or OLE automation technique. When used with Adobe Acrobat Exchange, the preview options allows you to measure, zoom and pane previewed objects.
  • Cascading features. Source documents can be directed from one Pairing folder into another. Imposed documents from one folder can be redirected to a proofing device, and if done, the input jobs can be moved to another, final folder, where they are collected for final output. Both folders can be configured differently to optimize output format and quality.
  • OPI features allow you to include external images during imposition process. PDF Pairer can include TIFF, JPEG, EPSE, SCitexCT and DCSF 1.0/2.0 images. It recognizes embedded clipping paths and merges DCS separated files back to composite output.
  • Fully utilizes Windows NT features: true multitasking and multithreading, event-driven hot folders, named pipes and TCP/IP sockets, context menu and drag and drop features.

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